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  1. In today's world (which is nothing like it was years past) potential buyers of vintage cars are not as interested in 80+ year old engines and mechanical brakes like years past. Unless you are a part-time mechanic or very wealthy and can afford to pay labor rates to visit your garage often many if not most potential buyers have little interest. Rather than allow a "gem" to slowly rot and rust away I would prefer someone investing in a RestoRod that at least keeps an appearance of stock (if only from the outside). That RestoRod might just get others interested in the restoration Hobby to preserv
  2. Had a client come to the office yesterday. In Oregon last week (September 9th) some idiot without insurance came barreling around the corner on a Highway at excess speeds. The knucklehead hit my client's 18-wheeler "head-on". Obviously the occupants were killed instantly. The truck was towed and the truck's trailer was towed. The tow company picked up the pieces (some of which had blood on them) and placed them in a box truck and placed everything in their TOW YARD 6 miles away. They demanded over $20,000 just to tow the items and clean up the Highway and charged $2,000 a DAY or $$60,000 a mo
  3. How does the saying from Latin go? "Caveat emptor".
  4. Sincerely hope that "29 Chandler" survives these fires with all his vehicles. I am in Sacramento and the air quality is horrible. The smoke is so bad that if you stay outside more than 2 hours you smell like a "smoked ham".
  5. Price? Last year was the vehicle restored? Model number of the vehicle? Images of the car from more than 2 feet?
  6. Although I have looked far and wide for the last 35 years I have yet to see a single St Regis 2-door Brougham President that has survived. I assume they have all been lost to history.
  7. Very good price for the 1933 Buick coupe with the 127 inch wheelbase. Is it a special coupe at 1,000 units made for $1,270 per unit FOB or a regular coupe at 2,887 units made for $1,310 per unit FOB? I think "regular coupe" is the Victoria coupe with a back seat that sits 5 passengers. Either way few survive and looks like a solid car and not a "rust bucket". Is the vehicle 100% complete?
  8. It sure is not California. California has about 7,000 people a day move out. Yes, about the same move into CA a day but the ones leaving have money to bring with them. SOUTH CAROLINA has I think the best deals on registration of old cars. Further, the property is affordable. However, the humid conditions can be problematic.
  9. Incorrect headlights. Assume this incorrect headlight exchange was done to allow sealed beams. If I were selling the car I would at least place the correct headlights on the vehicle to give it more "curb appeal".
  10. How many units of this model were manufactured? How many still exist? How many of the ones that exist were made into HotRods? What is missing as far as parts?
  11. Great looking car. Query?: EBAY says the owner in his restoration placed a 1940 Engine in the vehicle. What does placing a 1940 engine in the car do to the value when everything else done on the car appears to be restored correct and with a high quality restoration? With all the 1939 Buick engines that I suppose are available since the last 10 years for use including ones located in various "parts cars" why did the owner not install a 1939 Engine? Or is the 1940 Engine a mirror of the 1939 Engine?
  12. The car is a 1933 Buick Restorod, Model 97 Series 90. Nice car. Where are the images of the engine compartment? The front of the car images? The roof area? Is this vehicle on local Craig's List?
  13. Wish I was a mechanic with knowledge of the Auburn's pick for manufacture of its engine. Sadly since I am not and I have little time to educate myself as to how to repair these engines and any other mechanical parts I will have to pass on this vehicle. However, the asking price of this car with the super rare correct fog light attachments is a very fair price even if the upholstery may not be leather. The cost to restore a 1937 CORD is high. Old rusty parts that need attention cost so much as to scare the average buyer.
  14. So when was the last time that the "list" was expanded ? Last I heard Buick 80 series were added, but so few 80 series Buick vehicles survived I assume it does not make much of a difference. If the club can expand the list can they also delete vehicles that were added in the past?
  15. Everything on this behemoth cries wealth. $7,000 car back in the day when for a few dollars more you could purchase a fully loaded Mercedes 500K. I would rather pay a little more and have the Mercedes. Henry Ford's son Edsel had to hide the "books" on these vehicles to keep his father from knowing that the Model K cars for 1937 and 1938 cost so much more to produce than they fetched from the few buyers that had the money to buy.
  16. 1,881 units made in 1933, with a 127.5 inch wheelbase, and $2,250 FOB price-tag (base with no additions). How many of these rolling pieces of ART are still in existence? What exactly is missing and needed to put the vehicle together? If seller can finish the vehicle what is the estimate (window to get job done and not a binding hold-your-feet to the fire BID) to finish the job?
  17. Was 1930 the last year Pierce Arrow made a club sedan without the built in trunk? The 1933 vehicles I have seen had built in trunks.
  18. Since it was marketed in Belgium there should be some photos. Because it was stashed away in some museum the condition should not be all that bad.
  19. 11,883 is more than the 7,500 Lincoln Continentals that were made so far for the year 2020. What percent of these 2-door sedans survived?
  20. How does the saying go? "A picture is worth a thousand words". With this vehicle a few images may be worth four thousand words.
  21. A very rare vehicle. Assume only a very few examples of this once expensive car.
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