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  1. I agree with the repair problems as far as cost to repair making it prohibitive to conduct the repairs. For me with all my Buicks? I am waiting for someone to invent a "repair robot" that can do all the work for a small fee. Yet, when they invent those robots some do-gooder will want to organize them into a Union and charge union wages.
  2. "Around the World" might mean as follows: Fat man on the left is Mr. "Around" while fat man on the right is Jackie Gleason's older brother Mr. "World". The man in the middle standing with his arms crossed and no tie or hat is named Mr. "the".
  3. Possibly when you press the horn button the car sings "Whatever will be, will be" ? Not sure but I would opine that if she sold that car in the 1970s when she was still a "star" (albeit a fading star) the vehicle likely would have brought in more money at auction?
  4. If a refrigerator then what manufacturer uses a "tank" and a WW2 fighter plane as part of its symbol? The name is "CHIODO" which is an Italian surname. The item appears too old to be associated with the "Chiodo Brothers".
  5. How many "unknown" collectors are out there that have sizable vehicle collections that have been hidden for decades?
  6. The man by the door must be at least 6 foot 3 . Were the vents able to be chromed by the factory? I have not heard of a factory option for REO to have the side-mount covers chromed. If these were options from REO does anyone know the cost back when that was an option?
  7. My father kept his 1933 Buick until his death in the early 2000s. He also kept his 1954 Ford Ranch Wagon aka "old shaky" which he purchased new back in 1954 also until his death. I and my three siblings had plenty of rides in those vehicles. The good ole days when kids and adults did not wear seatbelts.
  8. Your Studebaker appears to me to be a correct 1929 President. Did you measure the wheelbase? It should be 125 inch. PRICE: $1,875 new. I think 17,527 units made. Studebaker did not make President roadsters in the longer 135 inch wheelbase in the year 1929.
  9. Where is that damn crystal ball when you need it?
  10. Was the Phaeton a recent restoration? Was it a 2nd restoration from an earlier restoration or original that was brought back to life? Super looking vehicle.
  11. If you can afford to pay and maintain and enjoy the ride as well as carve away hours and hours of your precious life in solitary confinement knowing that when you die your relatives as your coffin is in the ground place a "For Sale" sign in front of your precious "rolling art" then yes.
  12. Truly a head turner. The front appearance and grill are very attractive. When finished it would look stock and only the few Packard purist would be able to tell otherwise. As far as the masses they would only see that this is what a 13 year old boy would say to his pals at school: SICK ALL OVER TOWN. [For the old crowd that is the lexicon for "cool"].
  13. I believe the auction house's estimate on hammer price to be low by about $10,000 or more. Such a magnificent beast. How many units have survived of this vintage? Anyone aware what happened to the sidemounts?
  14. Will his Estate keep his sizable and magnificent private museum or sell them with one of the premier auction houses?
  15. Not that many grill shells painted a different color than the body. With the color scheme in the photo the vehicle looks shorter.
  16. A very substantial restoration. An investment of significant time no doubt.
  17. Other than "Bringing up Baby" in the 1930s was a 1933 Buick in any other movie?
  18. Opps did not see Billy's post earlier.
  19. The first Marvel Captain America movie vehicle was a 1939 Buick Special or possibly a Roadmaster to my memory.
  20. The mystery car has some new brass polished headlights that are very appealing.
  21. Mr. Bulgari also owns a 1933 Buick Magenta colored 4-door sedan 90 series with built in trunk, a club sedan. Go to YouTube and you can see a short film on the car. Remember N. Bulgari is a Billionaire many times over and not some poor down and out millionaire with only a measly 900 hundred millions of dollars in his pocket to spend while having to pick out from his wallet his Red AARP card when he eats at "Denney's" so he can get the 15% discount. Mr. Bulgari makes Mr. Burns look poor. His classic car collection is immense and significant.
  22. 100% N. Bulgari owns a red 1933 Buick Model 96. I have spoken to the manager of his museum and further if you "Google" the phrase Bulgari and 1933 Buick Model 96" you can see it for yourself in images.
  23. This post about the 1933 Buick Victoria Coupe was posted in the FOR SALE listing. Yet, no price or location was posted. If FOR SALE, what is the asking price?