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Duesenberg price guide


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Hey Bob,

does this price reflect the car's current value in 1933 or was that MSRP? 

It seems unbelievable that these cars could drop in value to only $100 in 6 years?





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I've seen similar numbers of tremendous depreciation.

During the Depression, money was scarce, and even the

many that had jobs had had to take pay cuts.  

High living wasn't in vogue, and for many wasn't

possible.  Therefore, the many luxury cars of the

previous few years had very little value.


Thank you, both, for posting from these value guides.

If you would like to post some other pages--such as

Packards, Pierces, Marmons, Cadillacs, etc., it would

be very interesting.

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Bear in mind $8,500 is chassis price Mercer! 🤔😁


Interesting for sure.  Thumbing through some publications from 1954 by a local car club in upstate NY I picked up over the weekend.  Extensive write up on the restoration of a 30 Packard with "several hundred dollars" invested, but well worth it.  Along with a classified section some of us would certainly be glad to pay Double the asking prices today! 😁😁


Will take a pic or two and post.  One issue listed August Duesenberg's obit, he died in '54 at age 75.

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In 1933 when the Chicago Worlds Fair Duesenberg Arlington......aka.....the twenty grand was for sale, Rolls Royce in Springfield quietly delivered a nice one off Brewster Sport Sedan for $28,300.  The Model J was a bargain!

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1 hour ago, mercer09 said:

Bear in mind $8,500 is chassis price Mercer! 🤔😁


Like I said Steve- still a million dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Most Duesey owners had 20k tied up in the car when bodied.

Compare this to a coach-style diesel-pusher motorhome today. 


One purchases the bare shell from MCI, or Prevost, etc, for a figure like $650,000 (or more, if one wants slide-outs), and then the buyer can go well into the millions to have the interior done 'his way'.


If you can afford it, have fun! If not, dream on!  https://www.marathoncoach.com/custom-luxury-rv/



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On 1/28/2020 at 7:15 AM, mercer09 said:

8500 in 1933?


still a million dollars..................... model As were 485 for a roadster new.


as to dropping in price, no parts, obsolete and ww2 coming................  have never seen one sell for under 500. in the 40s 50s.............

The $485 Roadster was a Ford,. the bottom end of the "food chain".  We're talking about Model A Duesenbergs here, quite the opposite!

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