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Went to take the bush trimmings out and saw this 1941 Studebaker....


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Went around the corner from my home to put out the bush trimmings for pickup and saw this 1941 Studebaker lurking across the street from my Mother-in-law's home. A few guys from the old car club that I used to belong to were meeting at the local museum. It was the only old car there. Don't know why I had my camera with me just for that. Oh....now I remember. I wanted to take the "before" and  "after" photo of the bush I trimmed....

Picture 10142.jpg

Picture 10139.jpg

Picture 10141.jpg

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3 hours ago, ragtop4two said:

Keiser, first of all that's a good job on the bush. Secondly I think you would come across great cars even if you took up deep sea diving, mountain climbing or even space travel!

I bet if they ever wanted to find the lunar module they left on the moon,  we could just send Keiser up somewhere on the planet and he would stumble across it while out for a stroll or planting the new flag. 

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My neighbor had a 41 just like this, even same color, that he bought new and last time I saw it in the 60's it was still like new. He was an engineer on a STEAM locomotive for the Illinois Central railroad and walked a mile to work rather than get in the Studebaker with dirty clothes. When he and his wife went shopping and to church once a week they covered the seat with a bed sheet. I was through college and moved away by then but often wondered what happened to the car since they had no children.

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