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  1. I'm not doubting Dennis Gage is a great, down to earth guy and his enthusiasm on his show is part of what makes his show stand out. I just was thinking he must have some of his own, and what he may have. If anyone here meets him in the future is there any reason why you wouldn't ask him to check out this website?
  2. I occasionally watch My Classic Car, and recently I wondered what cars Dennis Gage owns personally. Every episode he seems over eager to drive someone else's cars, and I thought he must have a collection of his own. An internet search didn't seem to help much.
  3. As mentioned above you should have had your head checked for warpage and cracks. Also when bolting the head down did you torque the bolts properly with a torque wrench and in the right pattern?
  4. I did a google search because I am originally from Chatham Ontario and never heàrd of this company. I did find a website for Castle cranes that had several copys of original documents of the weaver auto crane
  5. I wonder if Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars has a friend who could verify this signature and give an appraisal
  6. I was also thinking tractor as soon as I saw it before scrolling down to keisers post
  7. It could mean different things to many different people. I once knew a person who had a"mint" condition camaro. An argument started when I said new camaros did not come with unicorns painted on them like yours, therefore I wouldn't consider it"mint"
  8. I once had a power steering hose come apart at the fitting. Mechanic said it would cost $1500 because they had to pull the motor. This was back in 1988 and the car cost me not much more than that. I fixed the problem myself with a new clip and o-ring. It cost me less than $1.00 and I didn't pull the motor. When mechanics quote a high price, shop around.
  9. That's a good looking car. My advice is to take the wife for an evening out and buy her flowers before telling her about it. Joining a Buick club would also be a good idea.
  10. I would think that if ants were big enough to throw the balance off you would need a shot gun instead of insecticide.
  11. I feel like I need a tetanus shot just for looking at that picture
  12. I read the story in the Loñdon Free Press the other day and wanted to share it also but I don't know how with this tablet. Thanks for doing it.
  13. I have heard that is how to get worms to come out of the ground. Plug the metal in the ground and the plug in the wall and you will have enough for fishing in seconds. I've never tried it or knew anyone who has so I cannot guarantee it will work.
  14. Canada switched to kms from mph in the mid 70s. A canadian car from 1957 would have come with a mph speedometer
  15. I seem to remember someone on here who was restoring a doodle bug a few months back. I hope that person sees this post
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