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  1. I am interested in buying set no. 12. Are they for sale?
  2. The up side to this is the discomfort doesn’t last very long.
  3. I would not use Champion plugs if they were free. You want autolite plugs. Don’t know number for that engine.
  4. Hey Mike, remember the length of the trip isn’t near as important as the quality of the work done. Good luck with your Durant and enjoy your trip.
  5. Sad to see this wheel and cap scrapped. I’m quite certain if you walked in there with 10 crisp, new hundred dollar bills, they would immediately be for sale.
  6. When these young people come to my door selling magazines, boxes of fruit, greeting cards, etc., I always buy something to support them. Car washes, no. They are too busy talking with their friends to do it right. No kidding, I have come home with mud smeared all over my car . But I am sure they are not all that way. They just need better supervision. I know, I used to be one of them. 🤪
  7. In my experience, if it’s high school kids it’s not a car wash it’s a mud smear.
  8. Probably my favorite car of the modern era. I once owned a 73, and I loved that car. Took a trip to Wyoming, and drove 55 mph to conserve fuel. She got 14.8 mpg. On the return trip, I kicked her up to 85 mph and set the cruise. Lots of open road in Wyoming. Gas mileage at 85 mph ? 14.8 mpg. That big ol 455 was still loafing !
  9. Marcy, keep digging. The rest of the Jewett may be down there !
  10. More bad news for you, sedans do not bring as much money as coupes. But there are people that want them. I would sell it where it sits.
  11. I don’t think this film was shot in San Francisco. With that many old cars in one place, that has to be the street by Keisers house, 😀
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