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  1. Mike36

    Coker Tire - FYI

    Does anyone remember the growth explosion of Harley Davidson in the early 80’s when this same thing happened there?
  2. Mike36

    1916 studebaker engine four replacement

    What hospital is he In?
  3. Keiser! Get over there with a shovel! The rest of that DB may be down there!
  4. Mike36

    Got a new car for my birthday today!

    Happy Birthday Mr Keiser !
  5. Mike36

    Optima 6V discontinued!

    Very good to hear. Optima batteries are great!
  6. Mike36

    So whom would you sell it to?

    An old saying comes to mind. A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.
  7. Mike36

    1929 Essex Super Sedan 4 suicide doors

    If that’s a 2 dr. sedan, you did a lot of work. Wow, looks like you could pay football in the back seat! Nice car.
  8. Hey Keiser! Why do you call it a mini Ford tour? They all look like standard size cars to me. ???
  9. Mike36

    Does anybody have a time machine?

    Stop it !!! You’re making me cry !!!
  10. Mike36

    Does anybody have a time machine?

    My first trip to a junk yard was in 1950 or 1951. I was with Dad. It was Ott Conley’s, in Lincoln, Illinois. It looked just like that picture. I have often wondered what treasures I walked by, as I knew nothing about cars at that young age. Why can I remember that day of so long ago, but have no idea what I ate for breakfast?
  11. Mike36

    What's your most 'unexpected' part find?

    In 1957 I purchased my first tool. I was 11 years old. It was a screwdriver with different size bits that were stored in the handle. A common thing today, but unusual at that time. The body was plastic with a curved smooth panel on all 4 sides. With the point of my Boy Scout pocket knife, I scratched my initials in each panel. Somewhere along the way I lost the screwdriver, no idea when or where. As time passed I forgot all about it. Many years later I was at a salvage yard looking for a part for my car. When I located a model car similar to mine, I went over and opened the door. Surprise! Lying on the floor was a screwdriver identical to the one I had purchased with my paper route money many years before, and then lost. I picked it up and surprise again! There were my initials carved in 4 sides of the handle! I lived in a small farming community where you knew everyone, and what car they drove. As I stood there looking at the car, I realized I did not know who had owned it, or how my screwdriver had gotten in it.
  12. Mike36

    1940 Olds got my head spinning....

    I recently had a new coil that was defective. Took a long time to find it because I kept checking everything else.
  13. Mike36

    Bring a Battery......and Maybe Some Gas.

    That should buff out ok.?
  14. I was in the 6th grade when the Edsel debuted. We boys were excited when our teacher bought one, and ran outside at the final bell to see it. If I remember correctly, we liked it. In the following years, I remember them being referred to as a lemon sucking an egg.
  15. Mike36

    Dad and some of his cars

    Enjoyed your pics.