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  1. It looks like a nice '63 Riviera that is cosmetically in good shape judging by the pictures. If it checks out mechanically IMHO looks like a very good deal.
  2. When I was in High School in the early 60's. I had a friend who had a Crosley wagon very much like this car. His father had just bought it for him. It was in great cosmetic and mechanical condition. I got a ride to school with him a few times and unfortunately He was very hard on this little gem. Every time he accelerated from a stop he wound the engine up as high as it would go and slammed it into 2nd and third speed shift style. It was a real shame and he probably destroyed that little car.
  3. That is beautiful '41 Super. Great color paint and interior!
  4. It looks like it could be a driveable dream car for some one with not a lot of funds.
  5. My '40 Roadmaster has the antenna mounted on the top centered over the windshield.
  6. A good friend of mine has 1995 Roadmaster wagon with the LT1 engine and it is a comfortable and good performing car. I have driven it many times on the the Baltimore beltway and is a great highway cruiser. It also gets very good on gas and always gets 20+MPG. I think you made an excellent choice.
  7. I think it's worth the $500 gamble. The timing belt needs to be changed about every 60,00 miles. Honda engines are very reliable and last a long time with proper maintenance. I drive a '95 Accord that my wife bought new with 250k and the engine has never been rebuilt. It runs good and never needs oil added between changes. I have changed the timing belt and water pump every 60k. That CRX would make fun driver!
  8. This is beautiful '60 Thunderbird that looks like a time capsule from1960!
  9. The VW video was really interesting and I enjoyed seeing the top view of the bare chassis with all the mechanical components in place. IMHO that is elegant practical design. Thanks for posting Mike.
  10. Beautiful restoration of a historic car that was built for many years without many changes. I had a '65 VW that I drove and enjoyed for many years. I would still like to have one as a daily driver now. With the pace of today's traffic it might not be practical.
  11. Tuning the engine and doing the brakes was the right thing to do first. The next move, if you have not done so would be to change the oil and filter and do a lube job. Then I would clean it up and do a gentle polishing and wax. You may be surprised what a difference it makes. I would keep the car completely stock and IMHO do not put on big custom wheels!
  12. My Mom traded in her '52 Packard 400 for a new '58 Packard 2 door Hardtop. They were a hard to sell car at that time and she probably got a good deal on it. I was not crazy about the styling especially the front end. It was a very good car though and she loved it. I turned 16 in 1960 and got to drive it sometimes and found that the car was quite fast. I used to surprise a few Tri Five Chevys at stop light drags. I took it to the York PA drags and it did pretty well. I got beat by a '59 Pontiac with Tri-Power but not by much! The next morning my Mom saw the white shoe polish drag strip class marking on the windshield and she was not happy!
  13. If possible store the car in a dry garage. Old cars deteriorate quickly if left out in the weather. Make sure to at least check the antifreeze level of freeze protection. Changing the oil and filter would be a good idea. I'm not sure where you live but I start and drive my '40 Buick at least once a month and drive 10 miles or more so it is completely warmed up. Even in the winter if the roads are dry and salt free it helps to keep it running. If you are in a state like Minnesota you won't be able to do this. Get a 6v battery tender to keep the battery charged. I think its better to drive the car which keeps the rear end and transmission lubricated rather than letting it sit idling.
  14. Howard was a good friend of mine that I will miss. He was always ready to help me with my 1940 Buick and he had a great knowledge of straight eight Buick's. He restored his 1941 Super convertible that was a basket case and it was driven to many Buick Nationals. He will be missed by all his many friends. Rest in peace Howard.