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Krit for sale

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post-31482-143142813942_thumb.jpgMany of you know this, but for those who don't, there's an interesting side story about the KRIT.

The Krit company used the swastika as the radiator emblem for their cars. The word "swastika" is a Sanskrit work (svasktika) meaning "Well Being", "Good Existence", and "Good Luck". The symbol itself can be traced to ancient times.

There's speculation that the use of the symbol on the KRIT car may have lead to the use of the symbol by the Germans, and it's subsequent association with one of the most evil men to have ever lived, due to the fact that many KRITS were exported to Europe. Seems farfetched, but one never knows.

I do know that the first KRIT I saw, in a collection in Texas, took me aback for a second when I saw the symbol, it's that deeply now associated with evil.

There's some interesting reading in the link attached, if anyone is inclined to learn more.


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This is very interesting stuff! I have been around the hobby for well over 40 years and I never heard about the Krit motor car or it's logo. Again thinking about the Nazi symbol is not the most popular logo associated to be with. Even some 75 years after the fact I wonder how well received one of these vehicles would be today on a show field just do to the symbol of the logo? When vehicles of this era were falling to attrition, and the few visionary people were saving them I wonder if the symbol of the Krit logo detered them from doing so? Just to avoid the link of possibly being associated to the Nazi's by having the vehicle in their possesion. Whatever was being saved in the early 50's we need to remember that WWII was recent history. Makes me wonder why the radiator is missing as well as the shell from the car that is for sale, when I first looked at the link I figured it went for scrap, but now I don't know.

Great stuff and thanks for sharing it!

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When the Krit was made, the swastika symbol had nothing

to do with Germany's National Socialist (Nazi) party.

That symbol has been very widely used, until Hitler corrupted it,

as a good-fortune symbol. I've seen it carved in stone on

pre-war buildings, used in architectural motifs, and even sewn

as a repetitive decoration on a quilt!

Considering the symbol's very wide usage, I think it's preposterous

to think that a major European government would have

adopted the symbol from the radiator of a low-distribution American car.

Documentation of such a claim would be needed. I suspect that's

a rumor hardly worth repeating.

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By the way, here's the text of the seller's ad--

likely useful long after the Craig's List ad expires:

"101 year old car! In very good shape considering age. These cars were custom built for each owner and are VERY VERY RARE!!!!! Serious inquiries only and sold as is, cash only and must inspect before purchasing. You may call the contact above and leave message."

The ad lists the asking price as $12,500. Appears to be a #4 condition car.

The phone number (Louisiana) is (985) 215-4079.

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I believe New Mexico highway signs used to have a swastika on them, an American Indian symbol. One sees them in old photographs from the 30s, they are long gone now, I expect they didn't survive as signs through WWII. Does anyone know the story?


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My father (who is Jewish) and I were just discussing this car. We were talking about how people would react to the Krit logo at car shows. The swastika brings such feelings. Even though this car was made when Hitler was still painting houses for a living, some people will still be outraged. It would definitely be an interesting conversation starter.

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post-33891-143142822403_thumb.jpgJust to show you how people need to think before they react. This is part of my Samurai collection and I at first thought it was from the time when Germany and Japan were allied in WWII. Have since found out it is much older and the symbol can represent both a family crest from centuries earlier and/or a Buddhist religious symbol from the same period.

Howard Dennis

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The swastika is over 3000 years old and pre dates the Egyptians-was used in many cultures and was of positive meaning.

yes Hitler did destroy its meaning, but much of modern culture has destroyed the poetic language of America from the mere 20's.

People used to write properly and with eloquence. Not any longer............ cars used to be beautiful, but ........................ :)

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