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  1. I have an old simple cotton cover for my 19 ‘Dodge. Searched for years for something similar and have not found anything like it. Tag is completely lost all ink. Wish I could find another...
  2. Looks like the panel that covers the top gap from the core support to the top of the radiator. Can’t help with age / model.
  3. Thanks. It looks like one of my insulator had perished. I have procured another and will hopefully be on the road soon.
  4. Went to fire her up and everything was spinning but no spark. I have this happen before and a little twist behind the dash of the amp gauge did the trick. This time a ‘pop’ , a whiff of ozone, and the needle when hard left. Question is: Are these rebuildable? Seems like a sealed unit.
  5. Also keep in mind that most people lease today. The negotiate a payment number not a purchase number. Some car loans go for 7-8 years now. No one keep s are car for more than 3 years it seems. When used cars were in demand some dealerships were calling the people with leases offering to let them out early in exchange for a new car with the same payment just so they could make money on the used car.
  6. @AntiqueTags Sorry, I dont know what happened after this was posted for sale.
  7. This one looks like it has the original interior... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2796538243915130/
  8. Pretty rough and $15K https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/261875042029748/
  9. Location would help people decide if the price and cost of shipping (vs local) is in their budget.
  10. These are generally referred to as ‘top saddles’. I am sure someone can give you the casting numbers that work for your car. As mentioned the number of top sockets and mounting point and angle of these were specific to auto makers.
  11. I actually went the opposite direction. My father was a VW man. We had a van and many bugs. Learned to work on them and do everything you can to such a simple car but I would never own one again...
  12. I second that..every panel photo I see I copy to my disk drive
  13. I’m in North Alabama. If you don’t get someone that wants this for their car and you need/want it gone. Let me know and I will pick these up and store until a home is found.
  14. Growing up my friends dad had a root beer brown 66 mustang GT, with brown/tan pony interior, basically all the options, with a light tan vinyl top. There were not many GTs around so never really thought about what a unique color combination it was. Later his dad restored it and went with the typical red/white. It became ‘common’ when he did that IMO
  15. Basically you provide everything to purchase the car, sometimes you can get a test drive but depends on location, if they delivered etc. After 7 days they process the paperwork and your payment. You get up X amount of miles in those 7 days to either stop the deal, try a different car....not sure how you cancel. Never heard anyone cancelling. Most I know that have used Carvana have been very happy. Everything disclosed. They even highlight blemishes and dings if the car has them on their site.
  16. The window on the house says it all!
  17. Mikefit this thread is really old (4 years), you may have better luck using the Private Message option to the original poster of the top frame images. Just click on their name and you should see how to contact them directly.
  18. Looks like you answered your own question. Cadillac used a similar style on their bumpers around that same time frame. Suspect this would be center front of a Mopar bumper.
  19. IMO Tesla is a technology company, they just happen to make cars to get the tech out the door and to fund the other efforts. The solar roof, soon to be home battery storage of that solar electricity, COULD BE a real change for all. They could then sell or licensing that technology to other companies or countries. The upside is very high. Having traveled around the globe a few times, I can attest that the US takes the availability of power for granted. Many countries struggle to get their people electricity or do not have access to water or fuel fired plants but the sun will always shine (at least for a few more million years or so).
  20. Maybe tan with orange? Would love to see this in color.
  21. Cant agree more. I live in a town of about 150K people. Expanded area, maybe 250K. Most of the dealerships are family owned. These families support our Arts and community without question. I know them since I went to high school with them, my kids went to school with their kids and most of the time the families made sure that their kids worked their way up to ownership. They are stand-up citizens and proud of our community and try to help when they can.
  22. I heard zoom is removing the 40 minute time cap for Thanksgiving Day. it is very simple to set-up, but someone has to initial the mtg time and then that needs to be distributed to the people that will join as you get a 'link' to the meeting. This is best by email but if you post it here, then everyone would just need to copy/paste it into their browser at the right time....believe Zoom will prompt to install if the person does not have it already loaded on their computer (don't quote me...been awhile). Never fear you do not have to have a camera or use a camera if you don't want to.
  23. i think you helped out with the proper numbers many, many years ago on this very forum. Just was unable to find a set. At this point the car may never have a top under my stewardship and at least these keep the bows from bouncing around when their was only the straight support bar...
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