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  1. This is my current indulgence. A 2015 GT Premium convertible. Rollbar is cosmetic and is really a 'lightbar' as it has a taillight in the center. Borla X-pipe and a few other performance goodies but nothing exterior that would give it away. Thank goodness it has rain, sport, and track modes. In the rain it can be a challenge with that much horsepower (~500). Turning off the nannie controls (track mode) turns it into a fire-breathing, hold on tight, and you better be on your game ride. Not for the faint of heart or those with weak driving skills as it is a heavy car and bigger than you realize. Heated and Cooled seats just extend the top down season. Hard to beat for the money for power, safety, and size. Agree the back seat is a stretch for the Mustang but it isn't really for hauling 4 friends around anyway.
  2. Super Beetle front ends rounded under the car (and had fake vents). My 74 also had front struts instead of the front beam axle. This meant you couldn't make a dune buggy out of it. The standard seemed a much more flexible platform for doing any modifications.
  3. Maybe old news to some of you but I find this handy when looking at old photos or barn find ads where the poster has no idea what they really have.
  4. With everyone home from university it is hard to get a good picture. I'll spare you the clutter of the back shop!
  5. Purely a guess but probably a car alarm
  6. Do you think it would be the same as a 1919? I can take some measurements tomorrow but these are very basic boxes.
  7. Kept tabs on a friends grandfathers 1927 Ghost, even 20 years after my friend died in a car wreck. Always willing to offer a going market price. Car never moved for 30-35 years. Grandmother passes and I contact one of the sons. “Someone at a restoration shop” told him it was worth $200K restored. At that time the market was about $100K-125K for an open US bodied RR. Keep in mind it had not run in many many years and painted the wrong color. He wouldn’t sell it for anything less than the restored price. Wanted to sell a 1914 T that was also in the garage instead. He then graciously offered me the opportunity to get it started for him for free since he had no idea how the dual magnetos worked or how to start it.
  8. When I first purchased my 19 it would idle, but sputtered and backfired if I revved the engine. Then one day "bang!!!" Blew the seam in the muffler...very loud in a garage. So I was checking everything, pulled the distributor cap and just happened to notice that the cap had the cylinder numbers on top by each plug wire. Decided it couldn't be that simple. Sure enough, the PO had crossed two of the spark plug wires. Simple switch and all was good...until the next issue....
  9. Jay did some videos where he talks about what cars mean to people. In that video he talks about a 55, or so, Buick he drove all over the US when starting his career. At the end he pulls up in a early 70's Truimph Spitfire that was his late brothers. You could tell by his voice, that car was much more than a car and he stated it will always be his favorite.
  10. Sorry, got very busy yesterday.... https://nashville.craigslist.org/cto/d/lewisburg-antique-classic-cars-1/7069352840.html
  11. There is a 1929 Chrysler Model 75 rumble seat roaster in my neck of the woods (Craigslist) . $44 obo
  12. You can get a free phone app that translates the text in real time using the camera function. I use it al the time n menus in other countries...not perfect but good enough.
  13. I like the fact my Caddy clock is broken and the 19' does not have a clock. On the rare occasion I have the time to drive these, time does not matter.
  14. I saw this today and it quickly got me over thinking about insurance and space I have spent or consumed for housing cars I rarely drive. https://flip.it/j05gJL Granted my cars are not super cars, but the numbers that are casually mentioned make me realize that even collections of older high quality cars have higher up keep costs than I realized.
  15. My father who wore glasses all his life had his eyes done and marveled at the difference. This was 10 years ago. Now that I have cataract in both eyes, but not bad enough for surgery, I worry about what I am missing....