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  1. There is a 1929 Chrysler Model 75 rumble seat roaster in my neck of the woods (Craigslist) . $44 obo
  2. You can get a free phone app that translates the text in real time using the camera function. I use it al the time n menus in other countries...not perfect but good enough.
  3. I like the fact my Caddy clock is broken and the 19' does not have a clock. On the rare occasion I have the time to drive these, time does not matter.
  4. I saw this today and it quickly got me over thinking about insurance and space I have spent or consumed for housing cars I rarely drive. https://flip.it/j05gJL Granted my cars are not super cars, but the numbers that are casually mentioned make me realize that even collections of older high quality cars have higher up keep costs than I realized.
  5. My father who wore glasses all his life had his eyes done and marveled at the difference. This was 10 years ago. Now that I have cataract in both eyes, but not bad enough for surgery, I worry about what I am missing....
  6. I started collecting these about 30 years ago when you had only a handful of people dealing with them. Managed to get one of every casting of the first series (Lesney - up to 69). Back then color variations were rare and typically only happened when they ran out of paint! I have a few color variations but stopped collection no once I had each model. eBay helped round out the collection when I needed about 100+ . Total of 384 if memory serves...all in display cases, in the garage...
  7. For the club and forum to survive (gain new members, make advert money) I think it should also look at a new classification structure that could be both more inclusive as well as useful to a wider audience of similiar interests. I am a member of many different forums and see how some others segregate the topics. This is one of the few that does not categorize makes or models by model year. Why not have a "1895-1914", "Brass Car", "1917-1936", "1965 - 1978 Modified", areas on the forum so that users see the topics of interest and can jump around as they want. Some even have sections for part suppliers that post group discount codes and group buys, which I have benefited. I know this has one as well, but make specific or original verses modification type vendors could be separated as well. I would love to be able to find topics on my old and newer cars in the same place instead of 5 different forums (and logins and passwords) Agree with many on here - Just because someone posts a topic you do not care for does not mean you have to read or respond.
  8. No affiliation. Listed on the Huntsville Al craigslist. Listed as a rare item, thought someone could benefit.
  9. Love the 45 star flag...
  10. Whatever it is they sure have enough spares!
  11. This will be an interesting auction. Lots and of speculation over what it will go to, so I thought we could do own 😀 If McQueen is a 5X factor (past items related to him) plus movie provenance I'll say $1.5M Opinions?
  12. Just use a special fastener to secure the tag. If you can find the right size barrel fastener that also requires a special tool all the better.
  13. What is the latch, just behind the drivers door, for? Does this one have the spare tire mount on the passenger side? Love those old broncos. Walk by a green one every evening (sitting on flats) but under a shed...
  14. Nice 1963 Nova, 4 speed, triple 2-carb, 327 convertible, 18k in my hometown. I know it isn't the same body style as the 1965, but looks like a very nice car. Cherry red, black interior, white top. Not affiliated. I keep looking at it but have no more space😩
  15. I was going to post the same as above. Never mind.