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  1. Carefully push in with both hands on the chrome/nickel headlight bezel. The bezel has 3 hooks on the inside that secure the ring, lense and headlight bucket. The lense will try to drop out and crash on the ground, so take your time when pulling off the bezel. The bulb and reflector will come out as a unit.
  2. The Book of Information has some text on how high the top of the float rod should be - as compared to the range of the rod itself. I have seen that newer cars had casting lines on the block (mine does not). Not sure of the '20.
  3. I would buy the Caddy if it was closer. 😞
  4. 71s had the plate off to the side and not the middle. IMO the best year of the boat-tail...
  5. Most bumpers in this era were aftermarket items. The mounting brackets look correct for the period (attaching to the front horns of the frame where the front of the spring shackle is also mounted). It look adjustable in the width of the brackets, so again probably multiple applications.
  6. No. 7 is the D version Lesney Matchbox or maybe a Dinky. The wheels make me think dinky but they could be change pretty easily. Late 60s to early 70s.
  7. 72caddy

    What is it..

    This. So one person can bleed it themselves. I have one just like it.
  8. I must be an oddball for currently owning a DB, Cadillac, Ford, Mercedes, Nissan, Honda, Kawasaki, and Acura...
  9. There is a 1948 DeSoto for sale near me. Craiglist in Huntsville, Al. Price is $1500. States it has the motor but no photos of the motor. Or interior. Not affiliated. Hope this helps.
  10. You could probably go to the marine tracker web site and enter the ships name and find out exactly where it is. It's a neat site that shows all marine traffic....
  11. Believe this is a 69. The 68 is on my wish lis.
  12. Pass on this. VWs used a body pan and this one needs replacing. Patching won't be that safe. The door bottoms should be checked as I suspect they are shot. The roof will never be the same since the metal has stretched. Sorry to be a wet blanket but this is a real challenge. For $2500 - $4000 for a better car may seem like a lot but you would be way more into this one in parts and time very quickly.
  13. This. This is the one thread I immediately go to when I am online. Hands down one of the most impressive skill sets I have seen.