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  1. i have some parts, headlight bezels ,rings ,mounts, side window frames , distributors 3rd member ASK for what i may have?? Rick
  2. I have a 1935? chrysler exhaust manifold ,that i guy wanted? lost his re ply part no# starts666 376?
  3. Hello i need a wiring diagram to test a1960 Cadillac Lasalle air ride suspension compressor
  4. Need info on how vacuum system works ? i do not have a correct vacuum switch ,so using toggle style air off and on valves too control doors and locking dog release.does the vacuum pots require constant vacuum source or can the vacuum be held in (close the valve) to keep door closed? when i release the vacuum the doors open and the locking dog kicks in and has to be vacuum released to close the door
  5. Hello i have a need to get info on how the hiding headlights vacuum system works/ does the vacuum pots require full time vacuum supply or do doors stay closed if vacuum is held in the pot by just stopping vacuum source and holding vacuum in the pot? I know when vacuum is released the piston rod jumps out to open the doors. and when vacuum is on the door closes and th locking dog holds the doors open until dog is vacuum released and vacuum is applied to the pot. i do not have a vacuum switch at all so i have to use closing toggle valves to controll vacuum .
  6. selection of parts window frames distributors, 3rd member differential ask for what you want?
  7. 1968 Oldsmobile chassis service manual NOS like new. covers all models of 1968. , engine, drivetrain ,steering ,brakes elect ETC
  8. I want a 1962 Buick lasabre brake Vacuum booster
  9. selection of 1934 Chrysler airflow parts winndow /frames trim Etc
  10. wanted parts for 1961 Buick Lasabre. door arm rests. headlight switch ignition switch with key, front fender fake chrome ports. interior window winder handles interior sun visors.
  11. want 1961 Buick Lasabre parts a trunk latch also front fender fake chrome ports. seat covers door panels and headliner bows
  12. i want a trunk latch for a 1961 Buick lasabre not shown in my manual at all ? socket?pocket seems to be there no latch? have parts for a 1962 buick Lasabre hard top.
  13. want to put a 350 chev engine and turbo trans into a 1961 Buick Lasabre . any mount kits or info on making up mounts thanks Rick
  14. Want any fender vents available needs full set for 1961 Buick Lasabre.have possible parts to trade from a 1962 Buick Lasabre
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