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  1. Both my 32 and 34 Chevies had 6 holed wheels as well as through 1948 model year. These look great and I clearly see the " Bowtie" stamped in the back of a center section, so something is missing in my Chevrolet knowledge. Can someone elaborate.? Jim43
  2. A fellow 1914 Chalmers owner used an Oliver tractor 6 cylinder Delco distributor that used a bracket and was driven by the water pump, magneto shaft..I made a nice 3/8" aluminum bracket that used magneto holes for mounting. It worked fine for years until I finally got the Bosch magneto rebuilt so I could use 12 spark plugs. I never came across a Nash 6 cylinder 12 spark plug distributor or I would have tried that just for fun. The spark advance linkage needed to be hooked up too using separate parts so no modification was done at all to the original linkage. I easily replaced the magneto years later. Jim43
  3. I am not sure which series you have, here is a reproduction for a 41 series on Ebay. If not the right one you are probably in the ballpark and know how to make what you want. Jim43 https://www.ebay.com/itm/1938-Buick-Chrome-Center-Hood-Hinge-Strip-40-Series-NEW/402248042510?hash=item5da7da080e:g:fNAAAOSwiFheqa79
  4. There is an original condition, driving ready to go 1925 Suburban in the Cad/LaSalle Club " Self-Starter" this month in Boise ,Idaho for $19,900 or best offer. Well maintained, nice in and out. New tires. Not mine, but I like these cars. Too far away from New England for interest though. I can see with the drag car and the Hupp that is a plateful , too bad you can't keep it and just reassemble and spruce up the mechanics as needed. Jim43
  5. Wayne; Back in 1967 I owned and drove a 1931 Cadillac sedan. As I recall the wipers worked like a "Yankee Screwdriver" They worked very well, the wiper blade carriers traveled down their groove one way and back on the other grove. The driving shaft only had to turn one direction, the back and forth was accomplished elegantly by the Yankee Screwdriver shaft. Is this the type that is being discussed here? Jim43
  6. I have some 16" tires from my 37 Cadillac and a wheel or two which are Buick I believe but were in the Cadillac. The wheels are nice painted wheels but I replaced them with LaSalle wheels with the correct center hole. The tires if I recall are probably drive around town OK. Some tubes too. I am in New Hampshire, not exactly close. Jim43
  7. Did you search "Truckstell Overdrive " on this forum? It has been a topic of discussion here before. I grew up up 6 cylinder 30s-50s Chevrolets. I had never heard of the Ruckstell until this forum several years ago. Then a few weeks later I saw one for sale at a swap meet in NH. I almost bought it just to look at for awhile but passed. Jim43
  8. I have a set of 1953-54 Buick Skylark wheels, not sure if they are 53s or 54s but they are Driver quality I would say. I don't know if the Skylark wheels were ever available as an option on the 1955s, Jim43
  9. Bailey Brothers in West Lebanon was a great resource. Gone now for about 15 years. Not too long before they went out I needed a vacuum advance for a Chevy V-8 from around 1960. No dealership or parts store had one until I called Baileys. I gave him the part number and in a minute he replied; " I have seven, how many do you want? " Missed but not forgotten. Jim43
  10. jim43

    muffler for 1907

    You may be looking for cast iron ends, inlet and outlet. The sheetmetal for the body is easily replaceable . Jim43
  11. " I know you don't want to sell the car, but if you did what would you want for it ? " For some reason that sort of takes the pressure off. Often the number is even realistic. Jim43
  12. My first car, in 1960, was a 1942 Chevrolet blackout 4 door sedan. 85,000 miles and it ran very well and was a clean totally original car. Painted bumpers, grill, chrome, stainless, hubcaps, a very green car. I wire brushed the paint off the hubcaps and the skin underneath was brass. No radio, Only an 18 year old car at that time. I still have the title to the car, which is titled as a 1948. The California DMV said that was the first year it was ever registered, since it was a military surplus car. " Herbie" named after the 85 year old fellow who sold it to me, was where I learned the hard way about replacing non-detergent oil in an old engine that is running fine, with high detergent oil. Herbie went from a car that didn't smoke or use oil, to a total smoke bomb in just a few days. I killed it with kindness, so to speak. Jim43
  13. Egge Machine in California has made up valves for me. Jim43
  14. It looks to me it may part of good memories for 2 or 3 generations people, who, as kids remember summers and 4th of July parades, family reunions at the park, rides to the lake for swimming and picnics. Just guessing, but I think this car was made for the enjoyment of others as well as the builder. It looks fairly well made too. Jim 43
  15. Hello; Where are you located? Do you have a dollar figure in mind? Thanks;; Jim 43