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  1. I have had good luck looking for help in the trade, that is, wholesalers close to the company. A salesman for a wire (coil) spring company, present them with a " I really need help on this problem " and people will rise to the challenge. Automotive seals and bearings all have measurements, these people go by measurements rather than specific applications. You have all the measurements they need to help you out or help with a close substitute, you just need to find someone willing to take a few minutes, be clear you are not looking for wholesale quantities. Jim43
  2. I have several, though they may not be much better than what you have. Are you looking for very nice ones? Jim43
  3. Didn't GMC use Pontiac V-8s during the last half of the 50s? 380 something in cu. in. When did the overhead valve GMC 6 cylinder start? Most definitely not the Chevy stove bolt 6. The GMC overhead 6s enjoyed considerable success in racing in the 50s with considerable speed equipment made for them as well as individual experimenting. Dirt trackers and sprint cars. JIm43
  4. The two US Senate underground Studebaker electric shuttle cars still exist and and are really something. A very long career. They may be a few years later, maybe 1910, not sure. Jim43
  5. Is there a safe way to buy something from a dubious seller abroad? I don't know. Purchasing a language interpreter device from Eastern Europe turned out to be a bad idea. Nothing in the ad said I needed a smart phone for it to function. I don't have one. I made a complaint to Visa, the seller had a month to protest, which they did not do, nor did they want the device back. $125 thing. It pays to be a bit more cautious I think. On the other hand, PayPal has been great for selling old parts that I have decided I would never need. They pay PP with their credit card to my account. It ha
  6. I plow snow with a 6 wheel John Deere " Gator " About half of the plowing is backing up. After a couple years I bought a $42 backup camera with a 7" screen. I run it off of a smaller 12V riding mower battery all independent of the vehicle charging system. I put the charger on it every once in awhile. It will run a long time unless I leave its toggle switch on between plows. Building a " C " cab for the Gator put me in out of the weather and provided a place for the viewing screen which is also rear view mirror when the power is off. As an additional benefit I can back into th
  7. A " built" flathead could about double the stock HP this Ford. Jim43
  8. I have been starting 6V cars with 12V for 60 years. The only explosion I experienced was early one hot, humid 100 degree New Hampshire morning I jumped my 9N Ford tractor with a 12V battery sitting on the ground. I usually take the caps off, but being hot and in a hurry I just hooked it up and hit the starter. There was a spark and an explosion much like the report of a large pistol two feet in front of me. I was sitting there in the seat, stunned looking at the cap less battery when all of a sudden the caps ( three made together, not singly) came down and landed right back in their holes in
  9. You could get a 409 Chevy in 1962 so they knew how to make a power glide that could take some power, how much of that went into this car I wouldn't know, but we are not talking about power that pulls you back in the seat like a 409. It might be a bit more useful for the super charger than a four speed that interrupts the power cycle through shifting more often. Jim43
  10. I am 77 now. Five years ago I had five days in the hospital with a serious gut infection. I came home and recovered completely. What was missing was my ambition for doing the work on my projects, a 40 LaSalle convertible sedan and 37 Cadillac coupe. Neither has what I call problems (rust) . They run and can drive, they have their needs, I am so glad they are not in pieces as some I have bought have been. Oh wait, there is my 1942 9N Ford tractor I have owned nearly 50 years 1/2 restored but now back in a corner, pushed out by another project. I do want to finish that, it gave good
  11. It looks like a " Moon" automobile radiator to me. Jim43
  12. Send email address to lasalleguy39@gmail.com Thanks; jim43
  13. bullrun ; Skipping one hole 4 3/4" prewar hotrods; no safety beads, if you mean the bead that snugs the inside of the tire bead. I hosed them off and took some pictures this AM. PM me your email address for pictures. I noticed one wheel has pitting, I would use it for a spare, the other should clean up nice. I bead blast my own down to bare metal when I bring another wheel into service. Worth the effort. These do have rivets so may not be tubeless. Jim43
  14. I have two 16" x 5" pickup 6 lug wheels. Three wider hubcap clips each ( a bit wider than the clips of the 1940s I think. Non riveted, so post tubeless introduction I think. $20 each plus UPS if they need to be sent. I will take some pictures and send them direct if anyone is interested. In New Hampshire. jim43
  15. Egge Machine, in California. Jim43
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