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  1. It looks to me it may part of good memories for 2 or 3 generations people, who, as kids remember summers and 4th of July parades, family reunions at the park, rides to the lake for swimming and picnics. Just guessing, but I think this car was made for the enjoyment of others as well as the builder. It looks fairly well made too. Jim 43
  2. Hello; Where are you located? Do you have a dollar figure in mind? Thanks;; Jim 43
  3. Model T I believe, wouldn't know what year. I am sure someone will know that too. Jim43
  4. I like authenticity in cars, look at pictures of parking lots during this time period. Black or mostly dark colors predominate. Black is good but I don't need to see it everywhere. Maybe black was the cheapest to use, I don't know, but it can become boring unless taken in moderation. I have owned a few black cars. Didn't E L Cord get control of Auburn about 1927 by taking boring unsold black cars and re-painting them in colors that made made them interesting and took advantage of the lines of the cars? An early case of color change, Some companies allowed the customer to order color schemes of their choosing. So I am not terribly offended when I see a non black car as long it is in colors that might reasonably have been used during the time. I like the look of this Elgin; Jim43
  5. If my memory is working the rubber matting with the French FdL flower, Mr. LaSalle was French, was used on the firewall under the dash as a mat for sound and heat exclusion from the engine compartment. By 1930 it may have become a floor covering with the flower fleur. Do a search on the CLC site. It seems to me someone had something like this reproduced a few years ago. Jim43
  6. Visit tha CadLasalle site, ask any questions, there is nothing new, someone knows the answer you want. Buy a copy of " LaSalle, Cadillacs companion car" by Ron vanGelderen and Matt Larsen. The club probably has them to sell. I have been driving LaSalles 50 years. Jim43
  7. jim43

    1939 lasalle

    Check with Bob's Automobilia in California. Old Buick restoration supplies, new and wrecking yard too I believe. The LaSalle is a shared body shell with Buick and Cadillac. They have a lot of stuff. I bought a floor mat for my 39 LaSalle convertible sedan. GM logo applies to all, not marked Buick. Jim43
  8. In my opinion starting an older engine like this is a bit risky. The ether, I believe, is going to have about the effect of bumping the compression ratio from maybe 4-1 up to maybe 10-1 or so. perhaps not that much, I don't know, someone else here may know more about ether. But babbit or poured rod and main bearings are not at all suitable those kinds of forces. The industry needed shell bearings to move onto higher compression engines. Babbit beating I have heard this abuse called. I think getting some fuel in though the carburetors air intake or even a vacuum line fitting if there is one , and squirting some gas in with an oil squirt can, with a length of rubber tubing to get down under the manifold where the Johnson lives. Have someone turn the engine over while you introduce a small bit of gas into the carb or manifold. I wouldn't get too liberal with the gas, if the engine is turning over and there is spark and air and all else is well you will get a reaction and it shouldn't take a lot. If it wants to sputter you can set about curing the fuel delivery troubles. You have isolated the problem to fuel. My guess is the accelerator pump is bad. 20 years ago I hand made the internal parts for the Johnson in my 1927 LaSalle phaeton. After much effort the car started and ran well, something it had not done before I bought it. I short time later I heard of a fellow making rebuild kits for Johnsons. The fellow has since died but I heard someone took over his niche retirement business. In my opinion that $125 kit was the best rebuild kit of any kind I have ever used. The very cleanest of brass work. And if it isn't that, good luck, not to fear, it's still fixable once you find it. Jim43
  9. Some rust on cast iron is no big deal, the question of whether it is useful depends on if it is broken, freeze cracks from winter cold, cracked cylinders or cracks in or between valve seats, probably the most common reason a block is rejected for rebuilding, which is not a rare circumstance. So has this block and heads been checked out? Maybe not, but magna fluxing would tell the tale. If the block is deemed good someone whose rebuilder has just condemned his block is going to want a good one badly. A bit of a gamble investing in the testing but if good someone absolutely will buy it sooner or later on the Cad LaSalle Club site. Anything not cast iron is ruined at this point. My opinion. Jim 43
  10. My rear fenders are for a sedan. I will look up the clock. Jim43
  11. I think I have a nice clock, what fenders? What else do you need? I have some repairable fronts and a radiator surround. Where are you located ? Fenders are awkward JIm43
  12. I have well over 100 old Cars and Parts magazines . I haven't counted them mostly complete years from about 1996- 2006 or 7. $1.00 apiece if you want them all, plus shipping. Maybe two large fixed rate PO boxes. Anyone interested get in touch and I will count and box them and get the postage price to your location. Jim 43 lasalleguy39@gmail.com
  13. jim43


    I think it is the real deal, body plate and all. They have mistaken the Bendix pre-selector shifter for an automatic. I think that is what they are called. It is visible in an interior photo, and has the correct Lycoming V-8 engine. Jim43
  14. 1939 LaSalle grille. Jim43
  15. The gauge on the right is not correct, temperature possibly and the ignition switch is parts store replacement. The others all look correct to me. I owned a 29 Cadillac, same body style. I consider the dashes in these cars to be the least inspired of about any more expensive car. Very soon after they adopted the oval containing the gauges with the sunburst lines set in the center of the dash which is one of their best dashes in my opinion. Jim43