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  1. Reliability issues stem from the rudimentary EFI system they came with, the vast majority were refitted with a carburetor when near new. Aside from that they are a great car, I have enjoy mine for several years. I loved them when they were new but I didn't have a spare $18,000 in grade 10.
  2. Do you have a photo of the Caribbean with the top attached ? Looks well built.
  3. Yes. If it's like last year you will need a wide brimmed hat and lots of sunscreen. The day after that you will need rubber boots and well fitted rain gear.
  4. It's near the top of the 2020 bucket list for me. That's my preferred era with the big wheels and square bodies, oh ya.
  5. PolyAll 2000 as mentioned previously sounds like a very similar product to KwikPoly. It's available online, $39.99 Cdn. minibucks.
  6. The Buick ornament inspired by dancer Isadora Duncan with long, flowing scarf, the item that contributed directly to her death.
  7. I keep a Bowler hat in the '27 Chrysler and the '30 Hudson and usually wear a newsboy hat when I drive the T's. It amuses the regular folks.
  8. This well-traveled couple from Ontario has a nice fitted garment for their 1905 Northern
  9. Not sure who built this car, my random guess is EMF but the chains go along nicely with the side curtains. Personally, I have been glad to have the side curtains with our 1915 Ford, you appreciate the relative comfort during a cold, sideways rainstorm.
  10. Looks like good value to me. Lots of parts for 1937 Hudson products out there and the HET club is a great club for support and advice.
  11. Looks done to me, just sit on the gas tank and go. Very nice.
  12. Nice sporting unit this Maxwell. "The Good Maxwell" is one of my all time favourite advertising lines, a lot of honesty for Maxwell to admit that the prior examples were not good.
  13. That is amazing, thanks for posting.
  14. Here is our set up, the photo was taken in Jasper National Park, Alberta on the way back from picking up our newly acquired 1920 model 'T' from the Kamloops, British Columbia area a few weeks ago. 2000 km round trip. Ya, the Dodge has a Hemi, plenty of power but it's a little thirsty.