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  1. On older brake systems, often the modern brake linings are too hard to be effective. We spent many years and dollars and visits to a couple of experts with our 1958 Olds 98. We installed organic shoes, now it stops as good as it goes.
  2. Nice job Matt. Great description for those of us who love to drive or ride in just about anything that moves.
  3. Very nicely styled sedan and with Chrysler engineering likely a nice driving automobile.
  4. We used to have this old barn in the background shown here. The barn swallows would fly out as soon as you walked in the doorway and as a habit we would just naturally duck down.
  5. I have just a photo of a 1924 Biddle and Smart sedan if it helps at all.
  6. The Hudson Super Six is a popular choice for many participants in the Great Race, and a number of winners too.
  7. May be of interest to someone here. As seen on Kijiji in Ontario, Canada (border ?) and should be reasonable value at $24.000 USA dollars. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/kingston-on/classic-car/1505713168?undefined 1919 Buick Six roadster.
  8. Well done sir and like Frank Burns on MASH said "It's nice to be nice to the nice".
  9. Looks to be the Brougham body style (close coupled sedan) built by Biddle & Smart.
  10. Not a real basket case but it has changed. 1927 Chrysler "50"
  11. Travelling in a tight group on busy roads is a fools game. Clear directions allows you to tour on your own, enjoy the drive and arrive at the next stop in a good mood. Stressed out people are not fun to tour with. We are blessed with many back roads in Alberta where we don't interfere with regular folks.