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  1. Don't forget about where to locate the wall decorations. Carpet flooring optional but it is warmer than concrete and it came with the building, a portable school.
  2. Have been in some minor productions and wasn't worth it. I don't care for other people deciding what to do with my car. However. did get a couple of seconds look in the program. Fear itself 2008.
  3. Hope all goes well, these Imperials are awesome, especially the FS.
  4. I could probably get by with this 1924 Marmon Speedster. Well engineered and gorgeous.
  5. Model 50 is a 1927 Chrysler 4 cylinder, the model 52 is the 1928 version, they have somewhat minor cosmetic differences but mechanically they are the same.
  6. Now you tell me you can have people standing in front of an old car, I did find a couple pictures though. First one is from 1999 with my siblings (I'm second from the left), taken at the farm where my Father grew up near Speers, Saskatchewan with my first old car that I bought in 1983 when I was 19, it's a 1937 Terraplane. Photo #2 is a couple years ago with Dad's (ours ?) 1915 T touring, when we were a one 'T' family.
  7. Do you have a photo of the Caribbean with the top attached ? Looks well built.
  8. Yes. If it's like last year you will need a wide brimmed hat and lots of sunscreen. The day after that you will need rubber boots and well fitted rain gear.
  9. It's near the top of the 2020 bucket list for me. That's my preferred era with the big wheels and square bodies, oh ya.
  10. PolyAll 2000 as mentioned previously sounds like a very similar product to KwikPoly. It's available online, $39.99 Cdn. minibucks.
  11. The Buick ornament inspired by dancer Isadora Duncan with long, flowing scarf, the item that contributed directly to her death.
  12. I keep a Bowler hat in the '27 Chrysler and the '30 Hudson and usually wear a newsboy hat when I drive the T's. It amuses the regular folks.
  13. This well-traveled couple from Ontario has a nice fitted garment for their 1905 Northern