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  1. There is nothing like the sights, sounds and smells of this event and was fortunate to be a spectator in 2008.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/forgottenpartsandprojects/permalink/1894331914042115/?sale_post_id=1894331914042115
  3. Several years ago some car buddies and I got to ride around a bit on the replica cars for the locally produced film "The Greatest Auto Race on Earth" 2008. Even being movie cars it was still a really cool thrill. The Protos is on my right. The cars now reside at the Reynolds Museum in Wetaskiwin, Alberta.
  4. That is a good looking coupe indeed. It looks to me like a 1928, smooth fenders and big drum headlights.
  5. And then I took the 1915 touring out afterwards, very fortunate to live in a rural area with many great backroads just out my front door. I hope you like the picture with the round hay bale, that field was rough!
  6. Took the 1915 runabout out for a drive after work, we are having a nice September this year in central Alberta. I thought the big stack of square straw bales would make a good backdrop.
  7. Tire kicker - Someone who appears to be interested in buying something, asks a lot of questions but doesn't buy anything. This pertains to nobody on this site I presume.
  8. They are traveling in a Franklin, a great choice. This is a fantastic snippet of the time period, and pretty good quality too. I liked the Nash with the side window sunshades and the Kenosha script on the rad. at 16:35. Thanks for posting.
  9. I did my '27 Chrysler with The Striper a few years ago and found it very user friendly, I would think almost anyone could do a nice job with it. Proper pinstriping massively improves the visual appeal of an automobile.
  10. We bought this 1920 Ford in Ashcroft B.C. last year from the estate of long time VCCC member Stallard McConnell. According to his son, the car had been in the area since new and he bought it from that family.
  11. Wildrick Rubber Products has them for $ 500. Hudson Built Steel Body emblem
  12. Nice work to get a great looking car completed.
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