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  1. That is amazing, thanks for posting.
  2. Here is our set up, the photo was taken in Jasper National Park, Alberta on the way back from picking up our newly acquired 1920 model 'T' from the Kamloops, British Columbia area a few weeks ago. 2000 km round trip. Ya, the Dodge has a Hemi, plenty of power but it's a little thirsty.
  3. Here is a recent addition to the C&C Garage, a 1920 model T, we are just working out a few minor bugs before it hits the road.
  4. Can't offer any further advice on the wind wings but dang, that's a nice looking automobile!
  5. Can't be more than a handful of cabriolets left but being the first year of the famous Super Six engine they are quite collectable, broadly there would be more examples in other body styles. Folks familiar with these cars would be found in the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane club.
  6. Agree, that is a nice car and appears to be a decent price. Somebody needs this beauty.
  7. That is a lovely steamer. Nice work there.
  8. I really liked the angular styling of these (P)Imperials since their debut. Here is the black beauty I bought for not much money in 2014. It"s a very nice driving, comfortable and quiet riding automobile.
  9. Here in Edmonton, Alberta "The Freeman Company" - Alberta distributors for Hudson and later Essex and Terraplane opened in 1912 and eventually ended up at this location 1933 until it's demise in 1939. In 1975 Bill Comrie's "Big Brick Warehouse" moved into this building, it's now called "The Brick" and has 135 stores across Canada. Pictures from back then and just a few hours ago.
  10. That looks like a great car at a nice price, not something you will see too often.
  11. We had this issue with our 1958 Olds 98, rebuilt the entire system and had good pedal but the car didn't stop well. We had the modern brake lining replaced with a softer material and it works fine now. It took u$ a long time to nail the problem down. All brake linings are not created equal.
  12. Excellent advice. Often, you can pull the dipstick and it will be clean oil, that doesn't tell the story of what lies below. I like to pull the pan and clean it every few years on the older cars without oil filters.
  13. Here is our 1915 Ford and my friends' 1911 Cadillac out for a recent fall run, not many leaves left on the trees here in Alberta. The temperature was fine but heading into a very stiff breeze it took all 20 horses to keep the 'T' movin' , fortunately we had the tops down for aerodynamic purposes.
  14. It may not work for your application but one of my car buddies had billet aluminum rods for his 1932 Packard made by R & R Racing Products in Florida. They are a thing of beauty, too bad they are hidden inside the engine. (Photo is off their website)
  15. There were some really interesting cars in the sale, many in the multi-cylinder category. If I had more $$ I would be happy with this 1930 Lincoln Town sedan at $51,000.