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  1. Which cars did not have the compressor under the hood??
  2. That's OFF, DIM and FLICKER
  3. ACIDUC dETRITUS, didn't they open for THE SEX PISTOLS at Madison Square Garden??
  4. There was a small outfit, somewhere in the midwest as I recall, that was building and selling exact replicas of 57 Chevys. They couldn't be told from the real deal except for one very minor difference. They had small block MoPar engines. I believe GM had them shut down for various copyright and patent infringements. I think all of the cars were supposed to be recalled and crushed but they still show up at shows all the time
  5. How does the dampness defeat the plastic battery case?
  6. A bunch of non car types on FB are trying to identify this car. Some of the guesses are funny. A few insist it is a Morgan, obviously not
  7. I remember the guy that wrote his wife a letter and told he that he had run off with his secretary. He instructed her to sell his car and to keep half for herself. Several weeks passed and an envelope came in the mail with a crisp five dollar bill in it. She had sold his Ferrari as instructed
  8. There was a guy in my town who's car was so fast that he would tape a hundred dollar bill on the dash and if you could pull it off under full acceleration you could keep it. No one ever did. I think it might have been one of the steel Corvettes
  9. There is also the old chestnut about the Cadillac with the Coke bottle in the quarter panel with the note inside asking "How long did it take you to find it, rich bastard?" Always a Coke bottle, never 7up or Dad's Root Beer. I have encountered a number of people over the years who claim to be the body man that discovered this heinous act of domestic terrorism. We have liars and damned liars. I prefer to term them as the latter
  10. It was a Corvette in my town also. There must be hundreds of stinky Vettes out there, languishing.
  11. I HAVE HEARD VARIOUS Explanations over the years but they all are based on this mysterious phenomenon known as "grounding". The grounding effect circumvents the plastic case which is electrically inert at which the little "E"s find their way to their doom. Concrete plays a vital role in this battery suicide as setting the unit on the dirt is a benign act since I have never been warned of any ill effects. The steel rack at my auto parts store, sitting directly on the concrete floor. Again, direct contact with the killer concrete is essential. I suspect a coat of paint on the slab could save the lives of many innocent piles.
  12. A year and a half ago we moved from SoCal to Central Texas. We moved everything ourselves so we made 6 round trips. On I 10 we saw this many times. Usually it was one POS towing two POSs. I figured it had to be unwanted trade ins going to Mexico. Good riddance to all of them
  13. Rolls Royce hoods are factory sealed and, of course, Model Ts were originally designed to run on alcohol but JD Rockefeller and the oil barons forced the gubment to institute prohibition. foiling the evil plot of Henry Ford to control the nation's fuel supply
  14. With the recent statement made by Jeff Bezos, he and his company will never see another penny of my money. I will not elaborate, you can research it for yourselves
  15. A stroke takes the wind out of your sails. BTW I have some family in Roscoe SD
  16. I have been very impressed by the quality of HF's tool chests. Perhaps they are not up to Snap On standards but are head and shoulders above the junk being sold by those who once offered good stuff. I wouldn't trade my 1972 Craftsman roll away with it''s two stacking upper boxes for a new matching Crapsman set even if they tossed in $500 to sweeten the deal. I almost pulled the pin on a full HF set but realized that age and declining health has told me that I have far too many tools and limited desire to use them
  17. I always thought the basic idea was sound but the execution was poor. Too expensive, too heavy, too much to go wrong with the gyro, computer, etc. To me a motorized Razor scooter makes more sense. Put bigger wheels on it for extra stability or maybe three wheels
  18. Try Moss Motors in Goleta CA. 99% of all Brit cars from that era used the same Lucas points and condenser. Toss in a set of NGK BP6ES plugs and you're good
  19. By your own admission, you are unfamiliar with this subject. My question is, do you have the skill set the tools, the time and the money needed to do something like this. Some think that you can just "stick" an engine in whatever you have and drive merrily off. Well, good luck with that. The only thing that engine will slip into is another 71 Cad
  20. )h God!!!!! Not this crap again??? What exactly are your intentions? An engine swap or a body swap onto the Cad chassis? FWIW, I swapped a Cad 500 into a 56 Ford F100. It was a very nice truck. Also I included a Volare suspension swap which was very popular 25 or 30 year ago
  21. I thought date codes on tires was a relatively new thing. Were tires in 1944 date coded?
  22. I know this is a bit OT, but another of mine is "Hot water heater" Why would you want to heat hot water? Dumb, I know but it still bugs me
  23. Sometimes I'm sorry that I bring things up. All steering wheels have a rim just as all road wheels have rims as well. I think I want to jump off of the wheel of The Grand Canyon if this lunacy continues