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  1. I know this is a bit OT, but another of mine is "Hot water heater" Why would you want to heat hot water? Dumb, I know but it still bugs me
  2. Sometimes I'm sorry that I bring things up. All steering wheels have a rim just as all road wheels have rims as well. I think I want to jump off of the wheel of The Grand Canyon if this lunacy continues
  3. Like Wily's. Ol' Willy owned a lot of cars. Try to make the argument that is pronounced "Willis" then you're in a loosing battle
  4. And, the always popular, Cummings Diesel
  5. My list is long. Breaks is near the top. Axel is a man's name. Fellows instead of Felloe though felly is an alternate term but rarely used. Front windshield is another. The one in the rear is a backlight. Calling wheels "rims" drives me nuts. Does your car have a steering rim?
  6. I cannot believe some of the BS that I see every day on line. On many of the sites that I frequent OT crap like this ill conceived future disaster would have been deleted by the moderators in a heart beat. A frame swap thread will last one nano second on the HAMB, for instance. C'mon guys, lets stick to the focus of the ACCA
  7. Feel free to cut and paste this for your upcoming C/L ad. "For Sell 1954 Buick street rod project car. 93 Cadillac drive line and chassis. Does not run but all the hard work is done, Bring a trailer, I might help load. $100.00 OBO trades considered"
  8. My advise is DON"T!!!!!!!! unless you have deep pockets, serious skills and a couple of years worth of spare time
  9. I prefer a fifth wheel trailer. We've had two of them. They tow very well with none of the ball hitch trailer problems like swaying. When we're home I still have a truck to use for every day driving and hauling same when we are parked at a campground. To me, a motorhome is a useless lump that sits around deteriorating 90% of the time while you continue to pay insurance premiums. As to costs of rebuilding the engine it doesn't matter what brand it still is going to cost thousands
  10. 360 Subaru. A perfectly absurd car, but a hoot to drive around town, with it's silly lsdybug styling, ring a ding ding exhaust note, suicide doors and oddball shift pattern
  11. Granted, I only served one enlistment so maybe the boats and ships with wheels came after wooden ships and the iron men that sailed on them
  12. This thread makes my brain hurt. Some of the "so called" solutions are, or border, on the edges of idiocy and danger. Even if some of them actually work and the car starts but few of them would solve the underlying problem which is undoubtedly a bad switch or a dead battery
  13. This may seem far fetched with all this talk of backward fans, reverse rotation cams, push button starters and advanced timing, PT boats and other mythical gremlins but my money is on dead battery
  14. I decided to eliminate the use of the word "Cummings" from the language a number of years ago, like getting people to stop calling wheels "rims', it proved futile so I surrendered