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  1. I have a Dalton Combination Machine. A big old beast. I recently moved it from SoCal to Central Texas. Loaded and unloaded it by myself. Would have been tough at 40. A lot tougher at 71. It's in the shop and I have all my fingers and toes and a functioning spine
  2. ...and to further muddy the waters, Volkswagen calls this a Phaeton
  3. So many look at a car, like this one, and start thinking of astronomical restoration costs. This could be a car not to restore. If it is solid and complete, it is a good candidate to "fix up". Get it running and safe, toss some Mexican blankets on the seats, repair the body as much as time and talent allows, rent a compressor and get a Harbor Freight gun and shoot some tractor paint on it and drive it
  4. ??????????? The high performance industry is built upon the 350 Chevrolet engine. It is the benchmark engine. Summit, Jegs, everyone has everything you need to build one to any degree of horsepower you can imagine
  5. Drop the pan and check to see if it's a four bolt engine. If you're building a high performance engine, start with a solid base
  6. Tthe former Packard dealership in Santa Monica, CA is still there. Now a Mercedes dealer
  7. If push comes to shove, you can always remove a sealed beam and look at the back to see if it is 6 or 12 volt. But, as stated, it should be 6V positve
  8. The Lincoln Cosmopolitan was the top of the line, excluding the Continental
  9. I found that ironic, so I looked it up. Safety glass was invented by Edouard Benedictus. There seems to be no mention of his death or the circumstances of his passing. I suspect this might be myth
  10. But not unheard of. Quite a few did have numbers
  11. The oldest car in your entire country is a 68 Chevy?!?! Evidently, rust is the enemy where you are living
  12. Possibly British. Healey and MGB among others, I'm sure, had that shift pattern