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  1. In "Seabiscuit" in the opening scene the caption reads something like, "Pimlico" 1932" and up pulls a 36 Buick. I might be off on the dates. The car also has an Antique Automobile plate 0n the rear
  2. If you can convert a Corvair to electric power then seats should be child's play. Put Tesla seats in it or lawn chairs from Home Depot
  3. Yes, Model T auxilliary transmission two speed
  4. I doubt that anyone who is a regular member of this site and club would be interested in that device. What part of it was made in '23?
  5. I prefer the dehydrated units because shipping is far cheaper. They can be folded to fit into a flat rate box. Soak 'em in ATF for a week and Bob's yer uncle
  6. That is a very well done conversion, not some slapdash contraption built of available scrounged materials by someone escaping the dust bowl I think. A craftsman built that coach
  7. Mopar used those lug bolts for years and years. There must be a gazillion of them out there. Post on a Mopar specific forum
  8. The best thing to do right now is to find the pump and take pictures of it and any any plumbing going to the pump and engine and post them here so it can be determined what it is that you actually have
  9. Looks very British to me and it certainly is not a Delage. Do the tail lamps have any markings, like Lucas?
  10. That part seems decades newer than 1934
  11. The picture is the answer to your question. 1 1/8 inch. Any good parts store will have them
  12. The car is taking medication??
  13. Presumably, you do know how to drive a stick shift
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