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  1. CarlLaFong

    Trying to figure out what this car is

    The oldest car in your entire country is a 68 Chevy?!?! Evidently, rust is the enemy where you are living
  2. CarlLaFong

    Shifter Knob

    Possibly British. Healey and MGB among others, I'm sure, had that shift pattern
  3. CarlLaFong

    1886 Mercedes

    I feel the same way when I see ads for Indian motorcycles. They seem to be pretty good bikes, but when they begin blathering on and on about how "we" were the first American motorcycle manufacturer, or how "we" won at Daytona on such and such years, it's almost like stolen valor. Polaris bought the name, but they didn't buy the history. Funny they never mention Floyd Clymer, Sam Pierce, the Gilroy Indian and other failed attempts to resurrect the brand.
  4. CarlLaFong

    1886 Mercedes

    Mercedes came much later. That's a Benz
  5. CarlLaFong

    Alternator for 1961 Buick Special Skylark

    You're about three years late to the prom
  6. CarlLaFong

    1931 Ford Model A

    They say if you tell a lie often enough, eventually it will become the truth. All Model "T"s were black. Model "T"s were designed to run on alcohol. Rolls Royces have sealed hoods. The WWII car converted to a truck fable has become truth, I'm afraid. Gas ration coupons and sticker were issued to drivers, not vehicles. You were allotted a certain amount of gasoline depending upon your occupation or your contribution to the war effort, not the type of vehicle that you drove. Unfortunately, I can rant all day long about this and it is like a fart in a hurricane
  7. CarlLaFong

    What Year FoMoCo Rims?

    Just to clarify things a bit more, those aren't rims, they're wheels
  8. CarlLaFong

    1935 Super Charged Auburn

    I had the chance to buy a S/C Speedster for well under 500 bucks. Complete and probably running with some tinkering. Problem was, those were 1960 bucks and the 13 year old, budding old car nut, might have had 10 or 15 cents rattling about in his pocket if it was a good day. Probably bought an RC Cola and rode my bicycle home
  9. CarlLaFong

    Help identify this carb?

  10. CarlLaFong

    Man saves 32 roadster, 63 pickup, house burns

    California YOM 1928 plates
  11. CarlLaFong

    1948 Tucker #1057 on ebay

    I suspect the Pierce Arrow LSR car or the Model T Opera Car will resurface soon
  12. CarlLaFong

    Need id

    Custom builders will pay BIG BUCKS for those
  13. CarlLaFong

    Chrysler 323.5 Straight 8 Flathead

    I sure he's talking about the road draft tube
  14. CarlLaFong

    Chrysler 323.5 Straight 8 Flathead

    I know about the long and short sixes. Were there long and short eights, as well?