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  1. One of my great automotive regrets was my 47 Super Sedanette that I bought when I was dumb and young. Through Massive stupidity I killed that lovely car. I've always wanted another one to replace it. I loved that car.
  2. I have one in my pile of old tools without the duckbill things. It is a valve spring compressor for flathead engines. It worked a treat when I tore down my T engine
  3. In a former lifetime, I was an embalmer in California. We didn't have any special lighting or flags on any of the livery at any mortuary where I worked or encountered. Short processions were usually unescorted and the people were instructed to follow the hearse which in the trade is called a coach. Longer processions were escorted by private escorts on motorcycles. In the event of the death of a police officer or a fireman they would usually provide an escort
  4. Not a retractable. Deck is too low and no splits in the roof
  5. Twilight Zone Hocus Pocus and Frisby
  6. There are a few you tube videos about the sugar deal and in the ones that I saw, the engines ran just fine during and after the sugaring. There was also a good scientific explanation about why gas won't dissolve sugar. The Popular Mechanics article also concluded that it is a load of hooey. I suppose if people still want to believe in the Easter Bunny it is no big deal. Sorry if I find it quaintly amusing in spite of the alleged fact that someone "seen" it
  7. After the Myth Busters episode I had to try it. After several days of soaking and shaking the sugar remained in a pile in the bottom of the jar. Myth busted in my eyes. Most people are unable to give up old beliefs regardless of the facts that show that they have been duped. BTW, all Model "T"s were black. Rolls Royces have sealed hoods and returning Viietnam vets had to endure a gauntlet of angry filthy hippies hawking loogies on them at the airport. John Holmes played Eddie on Leave it to Beaver
  8. This was the subject of an episode of Myth Busters. They concluded that it is BS, Sugar will not dissolve in gasoline nor will it do any damage other than, maybe, clogging a fuel filter Popular Mechanics also debunked the legend also.
  9. Maybe not for that specific screw. I have to wonder why would a set of drivers, like the one pictured. come with a spoke wrench?? Does it come with a scaling tool so you can clean you own teeth? Those two pronged drivers wouldn't fit a bicycle spoke nipple.
  10. I have always avoided these gimmick tools. They invariably prove to be disappointing at best or junk at worst.
  11. Try to lose those horrible wheels as soon as you can
  12. We wore them in boot camp in the 60s but never saw another pair of them after graduation
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