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  1. Free advertising? How many crouch down, to look at a hubcap, and say, "Hey, it's a Ford. I think I'll go buy one." I guess all of those fake Levis, Gucci bags and designer sunglasses that "our friends", the Chinese send over here, by the container ship load, are free advertising too. Copyrights and patents are in place for a reason
  2. That's not a carriage. It is a hay wagon. As far a it being worth whatever someone will pay for it, I have to comment. That is the standard answer that people give, who don't know the correct one, but don't want to be left out of the conversation. It certainly has an established value. If you go to any rural antique shop, there will be one for sale, usually to be used a yard art. I would imagine it is worth north of 2-300 bucks. Just those two large wheels are worth 50-75 bucks, each, on eBay
  3. Lewis Nixon's widow, Grace, is a member of my church. Very sweet lady.
  4. It look like his thumb is tucked in, but I thought that the idea of the thumb being broken, or even torn off had been debunked. If you re cranking clockwise and the car backfires, the crank would be pulled loose from your grip, causing little or no damage. The problem arises when the crank continues in a counter clockwise direction and cracks you on the forearm at a high rate of speed. Same with pushing down on the crank
  5. Embrace your inner Homer. Mmmmmmmmmmm, Duff and donuts
  6. OK, How about a Lambert? File:1906 Lambert model A runabout.png - Wikimedia Commons I know the spoke count is off, but a lot of features seem to match. The lovers, the hatch on the hood. I still lean towards a friction drive setup
  7. The location of the muffler suggests an under hood engine. Could the "flywheel" be part of a friction drive setup? CarterCar?
  8. So, all of the cars, bikes, signs and assorted collectables/junk are just a part of the show? What, are they all CGI, or are they and the "actors" portraying the sellers placed there in advance? These guys had to make a living before the show came about and they will need to do so after it is history, so I believe it to be a fairly, realistic show. Yeah, not everything is, exactly, as it seems, but the bulk of the show is real
  9. It's an Onan opposed twin. It resembles an early Cushman engine in that it is a flathead and it runs on gasoline. I'm sorry, but it in no way looks like a Cub
  10. Cushman scooters never used the big, stationary engines like the Cushman Cub. They always used the smaller Husky engines until switching to the OMC engines in the 60s
  11. They look like Servicar transmissions to me. Drive in on the left, out on the right, unlike the BTs which were in and out on the left. Three speed and reverse also says HD trike to me.
  12. This article contains almost every lie and automotive urban myth in existence in one neat package. What a complete crock of nonsense and patent BS
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