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  1. I have to return to my first love. when I became interested in old cars at 12 years of age I loved them all but it's always been big and brass for me .probably a 6 60 Thomas Flyer.
  2. Still living in the house. he is famous for his invention and for being over200 years old. His patents were purchased by Ebeneezer Screwdriver. Much later R&B singer Piercy Sledge boughtE. Screwdriver Inc. With the fortune that he accumulated from the sales of his eponymous hammer
  3. I guess I am living in a different world than so many vets. it's been over 50 years since I stepped onto the tarmac at El Toro. Not one time since have I felt even the slightest bit of disrespect from anyone regarding my service. I have always received the finest treatment from the VA. Never been spit on or called a name and this was mostly in liberal SoCal, no less
  4. Every year,it's the same old rant from the Vietnam vets. ,we didn't get our parade ".guess what? There was no VJ Day andJohnny didn't come marching home. We came back a plane load at a time. of course there was no fanfare. my folks drove from north Hollywood to El Toro MCAS and picked me up and drove me home. Pretty good parade I think. My GF and now my wife of 50 years waited at the homecoming ever. Doc 1st Battalion 1st Marines RVN 67 68 Still glad to be back in the world
  5. Rotary tables are typically used on mills and drill presses not sure how or why you would set one up on a lathe
  6. Love those injected Corvair V6s
  7. Do you mean the gear position indicator?
  8. Not sure what your ultimate goal is. What is wrong with the 42 frame? Is it rotted out or bent or butchered,?
  9. Sell!!! Old wagons are very hot right now
  10. I hate to be overly pedantic but Ford built "tudors". That Chevy is a two door
  11. Bad enough to walk past my bike every day, Kills me😭. Seeing a Doozie parked in the garage would be much worse
  12. Rats!!! Finally I'm at a point, in life where I can write the check but a stroke has left me unable to drive
  13. 2016 Ram for me, 6 speed manual and Cummins Diesel
  14. Besides old cars, I love the old comedies, Laurel And Hardy, Our gang, WC Fields, hence my handle here, which I use on quite a few other boards. BTW, my real name is Mahatma Kane Jeeves