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  1. The nice touch with the well worn napkins was the stainless steel hose clamps used to hold the knife and fork wrapped in them. I'll bet there are a few of them that walk out of the place. Will most definitely go back and with the Special parking it for a picture or two in front of those gas pumps!
  2. Distraction today as we had to take our neighbours to the Metro Airport in Detroit for a 2pm flight. On the way back after saying goodbye I asked my wife if she wanted to try a restaurant I heard about for a late lunch. Since we were going by Dearborn pulled in to show her this. It's located on Michigan Ave near Oakwood Blvd in the heart of FORD Country. In fact, behind this building across the railroad tracks is The Henry Ford (Museum) and Greenfield Village. The Model A's parked there have darkened windows and don't have seats or door panels but sure l
  3. Something you might also check is the ground strap that goes from the block to the firewall. Mine was broken and had some effects. Your car is a Super right?
  4. Looks like Elvis is marking it out for you (or about to?).
  5. Looks very nice! And it's red. LOL
  6. Yup, been there with that once. Any pictures of your car Kevin? What model is it? Glad to hear it is running and on the road. I'm partial to '58's. LOL
  7. Called it a day and headed home to look at the dash cover. Pulled the speaker off to see what condition it was in after all these years. No cracks at all but should I be looking at replacement?
  8. There are two bolts that secure it to brackets that need to be removed. Then it is a matter of sliding it towards the windshield and turning it upwards to remove. With wiring tagged I decided to clean up the radio face a bit. This was a radio I took out of the Roadmaster since it worked. (for awhile) Having the Wonderbar feature was nice but not the Sonomatic that should be in there for the 40 Series cars. The dial knobs for the '58's are different from the '57's so will swap those out. They actually cleaned up well.
  9. Light rain with 50 degree weather is doable so after completing a few errands went back to the Special. The headlight switch is out and have it beside the shelf one. The '58 one has the rubber end whereas the '57 has the chromed knob. They are interchangeable so no worries there. This is a process but will move one step at a time. Figured I'd remove the radio next for more access. Nice thing about the huge glove box is that I could put a small radio inside and hide it.
  10. So... has the car gone to the crusher???
  11. John, The switch has contact issues regarding the dash lights and back seat courtesy lights and with having another one sitting on the shelf figured I'd try that one out. With also putting in a working speedometer and working radio figured now is the time with everything opened up. It's hard to see but there is a bracket below the switch and with my back still not 100%, laying on the floor reaching up and around it is more than I can deal with right now. I do have the switch out going from the top and working on the speedometer but thinking I will remove the radio next to acces
  12. I can tell you from experience to have the under body / front sub frame checked out thoroughly. My son bought a 94 LeSabre used several years ago and being in the Slat Belt here, should never have been given a pass on the Safety Check (required for insurance and ownership). It was so bad that he lost steering control two blocks from home when the body welds let go at the firewall! Can't say it is a common issue but... it is something to be aware of with all unibody vehicles. Good luck on your purchase.
  13. dei

    1957 76C

    Makes some sense regarding the extra centre body mount if one thinks about it. Without the solid metal roof helping to stiffen / distribute any frame flexing, having the body bolted more solidly would help I guess. Can tell you from experience though, keep your arm away from the door and body gap when cruising over a set of RR tracks! 🙁
  14. Yes Gary, we really get beat up on things ordered from the States, seems worse now more than ever. This and the fact our dollar exchange makes the 90.00 US purchase costs us 120.44 (as of today) just well... as you stated, It Is What It Is. I thought Amazon shipped free?
  15. Thanks Joe. Lot's more to do before applying some paint but will poke at it when I feel I can. I want to get the Special in order as soon as I can.
  16. Pete, Would it be possible to get contact information of your friend with this Buick? I can be reached via email (cwcltd@mdirect.net) or PM. Thanks in advance, Doug
  17. After dinner went out to the Limited and decided to work on cleaning up the frame a bit as sitting on a rolling stool wasn't as tough as bending over the dash. Doing what I can, when I can.
  18. Decided to tackle the Special today. Raised the top in the garage and looked at getting the headlight switch out first. Man is that thing buried down in there... It might look easy to reach down in there to get the electrical plug off but... I then thought to take out the speedometer with the hopes of gaining more access. That proved just as frustrating as the fourth nut (on the bottom lower left) is about as inaccessible. If the windshield was out MAYBE things would be easier so... laid things out making notes for the re-installa
  19. Hello Kevin, Welcome to '58 Buick ownership and these Forums! I can't say for sure that it is a vent but all my Buick's have the tube and no other hose connection to it so... Guess I should look in the Chassis manual and see if it explains the function. (not my specialty) Yours looks like it is spewing some fluid and might need some internal attention. Is your car on the road? Doug
  20. Pete, Looking for prices for a few things on the parts car. Could you reply to my PM's please. Thanks, Doug
  21. Replacing some dash instruments in 48 degree weather... Then 5 days later... There are better days ahead!
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