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  1. and.... Won't it be fun to have them "both" at the same showing. That's my plan one day.
  2. Well... I'm rebuilding the car albeit slowly, to put it back together and have both my '58's together at the same show. I've got a long way to go but motivated.
  3. To briefly answer your questions here, most of what you experienced I only had both the Limited and the Special speedometers quit recording the mileage but did have the wiring harness burn under the hood on the Special which my insurance covered also. I'll send you a PM for more discussion. What Dad & I experienced regarding water in the trunk on the Limited (he had it first) was the design of the rear render wells being the problem. Instead of a welded closed seam, they were two panels mated together with a rubber gasket which dried, shrunk or cracked allowing
  4. Mondays are always busy so finally went around to the Garage and low & behold didn't I catch someones pet cat. I knew it was a pet as it had a collar on. Obviously it wasn't as smart as the 'coon and get out but it ate all the small cat food tin I placed in there. What else would you do if you were trapped?? It was NOT happy and when opened the gate, took off like a shot from a gun! Lot's of 'coon tracks around in the snow but didn't hear anything when I went inside... Tomorrow is supposed to be almost 40 degrees so going to try and close up the place.
  5. Looking good Gary! Noticed the Willistead Classic car Show plate. I miss that show. Always thought Rod Larson, his dad and the committee did a nice job with it. Of course they had Hiram Walkers as sponsors then which really helped with the budget for very nice trophy's, the dinners and the announcers for the awards pass through. I brought Dad's Nash that year & the next which is now mine. I think he drove his Whippet also but this was 1991 with the wife of a fellow car owner of a 1928 Vellie sedan (Jim Onslow). Keep
  6. I have not heard of those wax products but might try one on one of my other cars to see how it compares to the Mothers California Gold. That car is black so if it livens up the old repaint like the red car, hooray!
  7. To expand on my earlier post, Since the inception of the Non-USA E-Membership (a lower membership cost) it has helped me to maintain my BCA Membership. Let me explain: With no reasonable distance Chapter to me in Ontario, Canada and living on the Canada - USA Border, the nearest Chapter to me is Flint, Michigan. That involves a crossing the Border cost of 12.50 CDN round trip plus travel fuel cost round trip. I highly value a membership in the BCA and this Forums but at the regular USA Membership (paid in USA dollars) plus the exchange rate the bank here charges for US Paym
  8. Your statement is exactly why I went for the E-membership! Being in Canada being considered Non-USA Member and with the exchange on the dollar PLUS the slow postal systems both yours & ours, then there is the issue of stacking/storing them, bugging the wife... the option of electronic viewing was the perfect solution for me! My local Car Club did this shortly after the BCA offered it (maybe influenced after my showing them what I received from the E-Bugle) and the simple costs involved mailing were noticed immediately. This has been discussed before so moving on...
  9. Guess I could have gone either way then with the seats being black & white. My top is white if that plays into the equation at all but understand by David's post he is looking to restore to factory specs and wanting advise on such.
  10. I'm no authority but can tell of my experience. I had my top done at RM Restorations in the 80's. When it came to the boot (cover) the shop foreman told me that it would be red like the body colour and I told him I'd think about it. The one being replaced (which already had been replaced at one point earlier) was black. With dash top and tops of doors being black I went with black and prefer it. I don't have the car judged or plan on it but you might check with the technical guys and see what they say if you don't get more advice here. Ya, Participa
  11. Maybe after I'm done eating as much as I can and have some left for the elusive bugger. Actually things didn't go as planed (again) as Mom has me busy with a few things... After replacing the pull down strap on the back hatch she says, I want to show you something" and moves to the front passenger corner pointing. Tells me she didn't notice it till cleaning off the snow we had yesterday and thinks it might have been done in the grocery store parking lot Friday... It could have as I found no scratch marks on the bumper but given a few more hearing and an
  12. Glad the project is moving along. Noticed it is a little breezy there. Hope the neighbours aren't getting over spray on their cars...
  13. With cautious mobility returning I have been checking on the trap hoping to take it for a ride out into the country but... Having recent light snow falls hasn't shown any tracks into or out of the over hang so tomorrow will grab a coffee and small box of Tim bits to close things up. (with a proper ladder naturally...) I also have a new box of staples for my staple gun and will see about getting the plastic back up as I want to remove the dash top on the Special to recover the top and change out the speedometer, light switch and radio. I put that
  14. WAX: My car was painted prior to my purchasing it in 1972. Red paint has a tendency to fade when exposed to the sun and with effort used Turtle Wax on it for years. A few years ago I was told to try this product. It really works well for my 50 year old repaint.
  15. Cleaning up Chrome: I've had great success with both Mothers liquid but more using Autosol metal polish This is the result using micro fibre cloth's by hand on original chrome pieces having sat for years. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon or evening.
  16. Just curious... Did you mean tax assessment/value increase for the "taxes to be paid" calculation? By the way, Nice setup.
  17. I put this out there at the risk of being open to some criticism but.... I bought it to save from heading to the scrapper due to a divorce pretty much as you see it. I added the visor, tonneau cover, door glass rain shields, headlight eyebrows and chromed the hood nose trim all of which could be taken off if wanting too. It has it's original flat head (albeit smoking) V8 (NOT a SBC!) with a three speed on the column transmission, rebuilt standard brake system and it's original 6 V "positive ground" wiring. It's a fun driver, not a street rod, good to 55
  18. Money for sure is always the deciding factor. I'm doing exactly as you are thinking taking steps at a time with what I can afford. I put in this pad at the back of my garage this past fall and as money loosens up will put in a sectional garage door opening up access to the pad possibly this year. My plan it to extend the garage to be able to park three of my antique cars there and once my Limited is mobile I can drive them out once cars are shifted out of the way. Will see how that plan works out given time & money.
  19. It's a good thing you're a young man Adam! Doing what you do without a lift makes my back hurt just thinking about it.😧 As usual, great job sir!
  20. Another reason tops will shrink (up if you will) is that they don't have the cables sewn in along the edge of the top. Going highway speed the top actually looks like it is raising up without the cables. If you follow behind it becomes very noticeable. Over time and use that will effect the top material. Ask me how I know.
  21. I went by today to check on the trap only to find it was over on it's side with the door shut and the cat food can outside cleaned out!!!! I think I need a bigger trap! I took JohnD1956's advise and started the Special up leaving it on high idle with all doors closed (but left the two entry holes open). Watched but didn't see anything scurry out but... maybe they moved faster than I do right now? The trap is baited again but on the ground outside till I get a the bigger one....
  22. Thanks Lance for following along and helping me out in the past Buick wise as with others here. Since joining the BCA and this Forums I have read many members postings saying they have their Buick's or wished to have one because they had one when they were young or the family had a particular model growing up. I have been fortunate to have had my '58 Limited since before I got my beginners permit at age 15 so they are ingrained and an integral part of my life. Sharing that and the purchase of my other '58's early on has been rewarding for me personally and thankful for the lik
  23. Thanks for looking Joe. I appreciate keeping an eye out knowing it would be a long shot but hey, you never know what swap meets have right. This is the mount I want for the Limited which I'm not in a hurry for but will need down the road as I used hers for the Special when I had the rebuilt transmission installed.. I know they can be ordered but thought why not ask? :Looks like a good show to put on my calendar next year.
  24. Getting a call from Mom yesterday needing my assistance with an issue I wrapped up my back and decided to stop at the garage with the Special (and raccoon) to see if the she was in the trap my son set. Opening the big door it suddenly stopped half way up! Went around to the side door and found this!! That's the panel I had just about tight in place when I lost my hold and balance falling on my back... Decided to walk around the back where the hole through the screen was chewed through and found this! When I went inside I found the plastic I s
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