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  1. Took an hour out of cutting lawns to make a pattern for recovering the dash top of my '58 Buick Special. With it painted up I bolted the speaker grill back in. Taped some old pop can boxes together and laid it on top to trace the dash and then cut off the excess. Instead of using cotton material for the actual padding I was able to get a material used for padded dashes from an upholstery place. I placed the pattern over it, traced it out and was able to cut it with regular scissors. Putting that aside for now I flipped the dash over an
  2. 😉😆🤐 Now, how would you get them apart without more damage? Back the Ford up with the wheels turned hard to the left and drive the Buick forward at the same time with the wheels turned hard to the right? Looks like the Buick is in need of a new front bumper and bumper bracket at the very least.
  3. I like that but it's not fair, there's no fan... but then you say it was for the humour of it didn't you. 😃
  4. You would be on my way Keith should John (and whoever else) agree to a BCA reunion and be able to meet when able so would enjoy the drive with you & Glenda. That hope most likely would be very late summer IMHO but there would be nothing wrong with a Fall Colour Tour now would there. 🙂
  5. Only time will tell for this year John but I look forward to that possibility. The good Lord knows we all will need a weekend sense of normality at some point and a photo op beside one of your cars would be a nice start!
  6. With the length of the trunk on this car is it a wonder I'm considering an addition to my garage?
  7. Checking email and the Forums with my morning coffee I read the Official notice that as of today the 2020 National Meet in Strongsville, Ohio has been cancelled not postponed. While the decision to attend or not was in the forefront of our minds, it is somewhat disappointing that it is now finished this year. However, with all the uncertainty of catching this potentially deadly virus I do agree with the decision made and can only imagine the disappointment felt by all the people involved organising what most likely would have been a great event. Thank you all for your tir
  8. Here in Windsor, Ontario I paid 68.9 cents per litre early last week. I just noticed it is up to 77.2 cents today. I have half a tank so will wait. This is Canadian guys and it takes 3.8 litres to equal 1 US gallon. Of course we are not supposed to be travelling anyways so...
  9. Glad to see you are keeping busy Gary! Luckily you have a project close to your heart to stay motivated. It might just be me but believe social engaging this year will be very limited till a vaccine puts our health in a better light so looking forward to that happening and getting to see your finished work in person as with others. Stay Well and keep posting your fine work. Doug.
  10. The reason for an addition (from my previous post) is with having two big Buick's there is just not enough room to work on them both and still park inside.
  11. Getting a start on the addition so not much to look at yet. This is a one step at a time project. Now that the pad is in a roll up door will be installed which will give access to the back for now. Need my accountant to work hard to find some more money...
  12. Couldn't resist. No I didn't drive it but dreaming of the day I actually do drive her again. 😍
  13. I headed home and cut the lawn for the 2nd time. It is really taking off this year and looks full. I went back into the garage finishing up the box I had a few things in and looked at the dash for the Special that has been sitting waiting for me to get at. Being almost 60 degrees I brought it outside and after scuffing up the top (I never finished painting it) I sprayed a light coat of black. I waited for it to get tacky and finished it up with a good second coat. Left it out to dry while I went back into the garage to organise the padding, sound i
  14. Busy day today: All building and hardware stores are not allowing people inside now so started my day after my 2nd cup of coffee by calling to order a can of paint to refinish my lawn roller. They called back to say I could come and wait outside to get it at 2 pm, they would bring it out to me with the debit machine while I sat in the truck. Made use of the time poking inside the garage at home moving a few things around, sorting what should go out and label a few boxes of the good stuff. After lunch headed to the store and when the girl finally came out, handed me a bag contai
  15. Glad you have the opportunity to drive you car out there. Back here in Ontario we are restricted to only essential outings subject to fines till who knows when in the effort to combat this Virus. Fortunately for me (at least looking at it that way...) my car is apart otherwise I would be challenging the fines thing (maybe). Looking forward to your adventure.
  16. I'd call it "Service". While there is still that in different areas today, it is rare to get it without attitude sometimes... But then, we are living in different times aren't we.
  17. With Car Event cancellations especially around here, called the Hotel in Strongsville to see if our reservations are still good and they replied that they were indeed good still. Guess that means I had better get into the garage to work on the Special after I pull out a sweater and zip the liner back into my coat. Made a provision run yesterday finding shelves stocked and things were orderly but had to deal with a long line-up to get in out in the cold wind. It was only 40 degrees so brrrr. With this being Easter weekend not surprising with the crowds and took it as a w
  18. I just got off the phone with the Super 8 desk and checked our reservation. I was told my reservation is still good and... they are open for business this very day so as long as the Border opens up in the next three months, technically I have a place to stay.
  19. With owning another property having a house originally built in 1908 it has 18 mature trees on it and some days things happen. Working carefully it took me 5 hours to get it down on the ground. Fortunately there wasn't any property damage. Unfortunately it's not going to make good firewood...
  20. Quick update: My son finished the lawn roller hitch and tested it doing his property before loading up and heading over to the Special property. Once there decided to clean up the side yard as the contractors left stones all over when they had to repair the busted sewer main (for the 3rd time...). Last thing I need to be doing is cutting the lawn and shooting stones at traffic whizzing by... Wonder how City Hall would feel if I send a bill for my time??? Now... time to check with the boss before I get back to the Buick's!
  21. With lawn work starting up I dragged out a Lawn roller from the side shed that was given to me to see if I could hook it up to my riding lawn mower and do Mom's lawn. She has been complaining all last year that her lawn was so bumpy to walk on and thought I'd give it a shot before having a professional do it. With out steady work, what the heck? Played around with what I had and jury rigged something knowing it was just that, jury rigged and tried my lawn first. Surprisingly it held so loaded things up and headed to Mom's. Once there my son calls wanting to borrow the tr
  22. Picked up a job normally done on the afternoon shift in the past that wanted me to clean again this spring. I was surprised but found out the evening has only 10 people in what was occupied by 300 and the 4 professional cleaning staff do a deep cleaning every night so, for the past three nights will be bringing in some money... (self employment in play) That has broken up some boredom. Then today went to my other property to save a complaint from my neighbour which I found on April Fools Day. That was a fun filled 5 hours. But... in all this we received
  23. Having had time to think about that tree limb while working alone at night, decided today to gather some things and head over after lunch to get at her. Fortunately as big as it is there was no damage to fence or shed roof that I could see but didn't want it coming down and really doing some or worse... hurt myself. Gathered up some cement blocks from behind the garage and placed them under to take some weight. Working carefully, ready to jump back should things not go well I was able to cut the top section resting a bit on the shed roof and the fence. Fortunately I
  24. Interesting! So was the engine built in Oshawa, Ontario in 1959? Did this engine by chance come out of your '57 convertible Lance?
  25. While there is three months till the event, for me and my other Canadian Buick friends, should the Border remain closed the decision is already made... Again, time will tell.
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