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  1. At the risk of boring you (since I brought it up) here are a few of Dad's wood turning projects. These are but only three of the many he made along with toys for my boys. This May the 4th he would have been 96.
  2. Made trip over to check in on Mom and with finding her out in the front flower beds seemingly good in the almost 70 degrees today, went into Dad's wood shop with intention to make a box for my padding mould. Dad was an amature wood worker mentored by a friend whose hobby was making fine antique looking furniture. He started late in life but really came to doing some fantastic projects including turning multi species bowls. Consequently there was plenty of wood pieces to choose from but used a piece of what looked like siding. I only ever used his equipment a few times myself so
  3. With a hearty lunch today and constant light rain I laid on the couch while the wife turned on the idiot box and literally cat napped! Woke up some time later seeing my 19 year old house cat sleeping on my lap. We/she has been dealing with a bladder infection and early signs of kidney failure for two weeks but has turned around some and seems to be her old self (for now). Vet says as long as she eats regular and not crying might be around for 6-12 months. Doing what needs to be done for her not to suffer. After I moved her to another chair went to the garage
  4. There might be a solution here other than "divorce" John. At some risk it might be to leave the wives at home and we share expenses together going in the big Electra. I haven't been to Banff or Lake Louis since 1969...
  5. I should be working on My Buick's but received a call from my buddy asking for help with his lawn since his riding lawn mower broke down. Using my rider and his equipment the afternoon went by quickly. Then he asked if I would help him look at an issue with the brakes on his '66 Lincoln. Moving his collection of cars was fun to gain access to his lift. Turns out the drivers side rear had self adjusted to the point it was dragging. Too much backing up and applying the brakes?
  6. What does one do when a long time fellow car buddy call and ask if I could help him out? While it was not with one of his cars at first, at the end of the day we did look over a problem he was having with his '66 Lincoln. (sorry for the quality of the picture - camera dropped too many times???) In order to get this beast on his hoist we had to move 6 of his cars first. Joe has a big garage but with these boats it is tight getting in and out. For a City property it is rather larger than normal (lucky for him) and due
  7. In an effort to better organise parts I was given parts of a 10x12 tube shed but no covering so dragged things out and sorted them. There was enough to make it a 10x10 and will need to buy a cover yet. This will be a temporary setup till I find enough funds for the garage extension but will help with much needed space. Sealed up properly and secured to the pad it could be a painting room for small parts.
  8. When I became a minority partner in my business the senior partner had an F100 pickup and a Dodge A100 truck. He started purchasing Ford pickups because as he would say, "They were cheap." Not that they were built cheaply just the cost of a Ford versus a Chev or a Dodge was less expensive. I have found them reasonable to repair over my 40 years using them for work trucks when things came up but in general are very dependable trucks. I did a comparison when I ordered this one and saved 1,600 dollars vs a Chev at that time. Then there were big savings like 1,000 dollar Costco memberships, f
  9. The boat is now gone but still have the truck.
  10. Yes Sebastien my truck is an F150. I ordered it new December 28th 2010 on promotional deal for the new 2011's. It is a regular cab 8 ft box with the 3.8 V6 (not the eco boost) and has the trailer package option. I use it for my business which unfortunately is now locked down due to the virus (not unlike a lot of people...). It has only 115,000 kms today and will be my last new truck. I have oil guarded it every fall since new and plan to keep it as long as I can. I've had a few offers to buy it (not any serious money though) as there are not many regular cab trucks made
  11. I think you are correct with it being Garnet Red Keith. I believe it must have been painted at one time in it's early life as when you look at the firewall it is white or that off white which I would believe was it's original colour. Yes it has been sitting for at least 20 years but always inside which as we all know still means lot's of work to bring a car back to road worthiness. I did move the engine a bit using the fan with pressure on the belt three years ago to test if it was not locked up. I didn't want to go completely around knowing the cylinder walls would be totally d
  12. It's your car Elpad so any decision is a good one. Since you asked, being in Florida and a black car, i'd lean towards the dark tint to cut down on UV and heat build up. It very likely was clear from the factory so if that is what your desire is (originality) that is a good decision. Looks really nice sir!
  13. I knew I could trust you Keith!! 😉 My Buick friend is pretty much alone and while I think he is not running scared, just finally thinking about the future. He has never been able to come to terms of selling his car (not unlike me...) so reached out to me and guessing it gives him some peace that it will be dealt with. This all would hinge on the fact I out live him but "I" don't want to go there with that right now!! I might have posted this before but here is the car in it's day. Here it is today behind my Roadmaster.
  14. I bought this '63 Dodge for 50 buck's in 1974 while living at home still, did all four non power brake shoe replacement myself and turned the front drums while dad patched the lower door and rocker rust using it as a winter beater to keep my '58 Buick Special convert off the road. With the slant six automatic it was no track winner but got me around while in College till,... Running late to my afternoon part time job I rush an advanced green light turning left and with bias ply tires either hit a slippery spot or was just going too fast (or both). The next thing I know I hit
  15. I didn't cruise Woodward Ave then as I lived across the Detroit River in Canada but bought this 1958 Buick convertible and did some cruising with the top down. Still have the car today and need to do the Woodward Cruise some day!
  16. Spoke with my supplier guy about the padding and he said they glue everything to avoid movement so will be getting to that when the weather co-operates. It is only 40 degrees today with winds around 30 miles an hour from the northwest making it feel around 32 degrees... I want to spray the contact cement outside and let it set out in the sun so with another 25 days and counting down to the hopeful end of the lock down, will pick a better day. Meantime, had a call from a friend who has a '57 Super that has been stored as long as my Limited. He has been thinking about what shoul
  17. Last night I worked on relaxing. Today I'm going to clean up a bit and sort through the wood pile. Found some of it has rotten wood...
  18. Thanks John. I might be over thinking this but looking for ideas on the heat / expanding / shrinking thing with regard to vinyl. Of course doing this now, will it be an issue some 60 plus years from now?? LOL Sat on it today and will make a call to the fellow that supplied me the padding and might also call a fellow that does restorations who started his business after working for RM Restorations just to get a consensus before moving forward. Meantime, spent the afternoon working around the back yard and needing to get out of the house since it was left last fall in a sta
  19. I can't say for sure regarding your application but can tell you when rebuilding the brakes on Dads 1951 Nash Statesman the wheel cylinders purchased cross referenced to early Chevrolet wheel cylinders around the years you asked about. While it was a few years ago now I do remember them being very reasonable. Measure your old ones and compare to the Chevs and let us know how you make out.
  20. With temps going into the upper 50's today want to continue with the dash top for the Special. I have a question; Taking the dash vinyl and old cotton padding off I can see they were glued to the metal and each other, using the new what I will call dense foam padding, should I glue it to the metal top and the vinyl or let one or the other float allowing some movement due to heat expansion and contraction? The vinyl is black and the original vinyl material (knowing it is over 60 years old) shrank and wrinkled looking shoddy. Appreciate any thoughts on t
  21. Beautiful Adam! Wish I could have you do my Limited...
  22. Today felt warmer by 11am and was actually able to cut the lawn again after a late lunch. After putting the mower in the trailer I went into the garage and saw the dash top sitting there and decided to put the speaker grill on. Turned up the radio and taped some pop can cases together to use as a pattern for both the padding and eventually the new vinyl covering to be put on. the padding is a soft molded covering used today which can be cut with scissors and glued to the metal top. Setting the padding aside I flipped the dash top over
  23. Yesterday was not a washout but a snow out! Started like this about 10 am and it was cold. Snowed all day and accumulated on everything but the roads fortunately. Amounted to 3 inches by days end (8pm). Too cold out in the garage so hunted up a few good movies on the box.
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