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  1. Have been evicting a raccoon from the garage with the Special putting soffit panels back in and covering the screened windows with heavy plastic then putting chicken wire over 8 windows to keep it out! When I finish stapling the plastic sheets on the open rafters inside back up, I will be opening up the dash to replace the radio, speedometer, headlight switch, small dash crash pad and re-covering the padded dash top.
  2. Due to necessity I backed the Special out and warmed it up while stapling plastic back up to the rafters inside. Hearing her run I decided to run the neighbourhood and blow off some winter dust (and critter nesting / chewing's from above). The whole trip might have totalled 5 miles (it was 30 degrees and sunny and NICE though) but this is the first time out for 2020. COME ON SPRING!
  3. After getting another length of chicken wire at Mom's I went and put it on the last of the back four and one of the side windows. There wasn't enough to do the other side window and decided I will bring my Work Mate bench over tomorrow to set the strapping on as bending over is a pain... (groan). Brought the few things inside and thought, might as well staple up enough plastic that I could to get out of the way of the door rollers. With that accomplished I opened the door and fired up the Special. Having started it a few times this past week she fired u
  4. So very sorry to hear of your loss Adam. May she rest in peace. Doug
  5. I'd like to ask Ron if it hasn't already been, what product / type of paint do you use on the frame? I would imagine it was quite rusty from all the years but looks like new now. Thanks in advance.
  6. I've posted this somewhere on the Forums before but will again relate an experience that happened to my Dad concerning the cameras on what was the new 407 toll road. He received an official looking letter from the 407 Toll Road Department and upon reading it read that he was fined 38 dollars for speeding and if not paid in full within 10 days of the date of the letter it would rise to 85 dollars! To put this in perspective, we live in the Southwestern most part of Ontario. If we were anymore south west we would be in Michigan! The 407 Highway takes one north of the
  7. Finally got over to "the garage" and after doing a walk around, finding nothing had tried to re-enter the premises, I took a more leisurely work pace. Managed to use up the last of the chicken wire so two more of the four back windows are wired up. I have to put the wood straps on them yet but will do that after I get more screen at Mom's place (the price is right anyway). I stapled and trimmed out the two side windows and a small window on the other side with new plastic. Feeling not so worn out today and stepped inside to listen, making sure the 'bane of my existence'
  8. Unfortunately our Florida getting away plans changed this year but as long as I'm here on the Forums, will let you know (and hope you do too if near me) to see if a meeting can be worked out. Guess you aren't coming to the National Meet in Strongsville, Ohio this year? It's a long haul for sure with our Buick's but sure they would make it given enough time. Your trips are a dream of mine in an RV one day. You will have to post some of your adventures. Especially if they include Car related shows and finds. Best of luck with the judging. She's a beaut!
  9. Good Morning my fellow Buick friend. We have to meet someday... I think I'd enjoy sharing a beer (or two) with you and your sense of humour... Thanks. (Laughter helps keep me out of the basement emotionally - what else can one do but persevere what is handed to you)
  10. The plastic centres are made new from CARS. Not cheap but definitely set a good cap off.
  11. WAG Possibly Willys Knight?
  12. I haven't seen a woodpecker here in over 10 years come to think of it. Hope you didn't send that annoyance my way Lance! Two experiences with raccoons and a possum (those things are blind as a bat during the day but present a vicious effort when confronted) is about all the critters I need in one of my garages. My future daughter-in-law had an experience last Fall. Here in Southern Ontario the region is experiencing an increased coyote population this past 5 years and with a big part of their habitat being taken away for the new Gordie Howe Bridge (crossing the Det
  13. I'm no expert but it might have some air in it still. When mine leaks down after awhile it growls to let me know I need to top it up. Even then I have to turn both left and right fully to get the fluid through and the air out. Not sure if this helps or not. I'm sure others will chime in.
  14. The trim clean up got side lined as I went to the garage to check out the trap hoping the beast was in there. Sadly it wasn't but noticed the hole where it scratched through the plastic, then the screen, was even bigger! That was it! Started on the soffit panel by the side door only this time with a proper step ladder... Even with that, man are those things a bugger to get together, especially after they have been bent but I managed. No wonder it fell through these as there is no structure underneath to hold them in place and quite a span. Th
  15. Got out to the garage this morning organising some things and found this on the floor. Put a little effort to clean it up and found it needs some more work. Heading over to Dad's work shop and see what his buffer wheel might offer...
  16. Very last minute entry for Tail-Light Tuesday.
  17. Thanks Adam! Looks like I will be pulling my drums and checking for the wear / contact pattern as I have moderate braking but not earth shattering. I also might try adjusting first as I have about 3,000 miles on the then new shoes and turned drums.
  18. So was it the shoe lining contact points on the drums that was not arched correctly Adam? Were you able to determine that visually or did you have to take the shoes off and place them inside the drum to check?
  19. After helping my son a bit I came home and slipped into the garage. Mobility is coming around but endurance well, I know when I've had enough. Thought I'd clean a bit of the frame and with a rattle can sitting there hit the tops to see whether I need to get more aggressive before final painting. I do know one thing, I'm not ready to lay on the ground yet to do the bottom of the frame!😧
  20. Went to my local Car Club's Indoor Swap Meet Saturday to get out of the house. They have a Diner there serving a good breakfast for $8. It fills a 5,000 square foot room which is used for events like this and weddings. Nothing there for '58 Buick's but saw many members and paid mine up for 2020. Met a fellow who has a 1928 McLaughlin Buick saying it was a project but he wants to tackle it and get it back to original. Turned out cxgvd (Gary) was there having a good really good conversation who actually told me of this fellow and his car. We both suggested the Forums to
  21. Sadly Dave the crash was pretty severe in their Lincoln Zepher which was just nicely restored almost killing them, destroying the car leaving them with years of therapy to recover. I had met Barry at a Ford Employee car show in Dearborn the summer before where he had both his Continental convertible and the Zepher there.
  22. I'm not there yet but imagine everything from here on in makes progress show even more seeing what the end result will be!
  23. Correct me it I'm wrong but this might be Barry Woelk's car?
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