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  1. Bill, Wondering how you made out on a new belt? Have to say I had the same problem on my order too with one belt being too short for the generator when I changed out my water pump and decided to put on new belts and such. Granted I have a Special vs your Roadmaster but dimensionally the block, fuel pump and generator are all the same. I ended going to our Auto Parts store and bought a Dayco you see in the photo which works quite well allowing the clearance required. Trust you are getting things back together.
  2. I'm sure you will have the issues you listed sorted out in no time Adam. I'm curious regarding the transmission Park issue. Is it not going into the lock position? I tried adjusting the linkage with no success on my Special only to find later when I swapped out the transmission for a total rebuilt unit the the transmission mount had separated not allowing the linkage enough adjustment to engage properly. Let us know when you get into it please.
  3. Another supposed friend sent me this. (with an LOL) I must be getting better as it doesn't hurt as much when I laugh...
  4. Thanks Joe! I will plan on that as soon as I'm able man! 😁 Maybe by that time if the weather co-operates I can take you to lunch in the Special that day...
  5. Yes Lance it is true what you say but like Old Tank said, "Too soon old, too late smart", the lesson I learned that day about procedure and safety first, went out the door last weekend... I managed a crew at times as high as 9 seasonally for most of those 43 years hiring, training, firing and have been over the side of about 80% of the buildings here with no issues anything like that afterwards so thinking I let my anger over that raccoon get the better of me and now paying that price for the mind slip. I'll get back to it soon enough so going to get better which helps motiva
  6. Sad to say yes to the question but... still here to tell about it. High Rise work then was still being done with rope stages and unlike the Oliver & Hardy movies showing two of them pulling the rig up to the top while on it, ours was pulled up standing on the ground till the stage reached the top. One man could hold both ropes keeping the stage in place while the other took the elevator to the roof. Once there he put on a safety belt (not the full body type harness mandatory today), lowered himself onto the stage (now at the top of the roof edge) to tie off that side. Sign
  7. Thanks everyone for checking in and concerns! As to taking time off, Hell... I was just able Friday night to sit at the table for supper before having to get back in bed to find that comfortable spot so NOT taking time off, I have NO choice!~🛏️ I survived this starting out in business and have continued till this day so imagine with a bit of time, I will be back to normal and can continue with getting the Limited on the road. And to 95Cardinal's statement, "I should have known better", Can't argue with that now can I...? (Fortu
  8. Dad and his 1920 Overland with some of the neighbourhood kids. Giving rides were one of his favourite things!
  9. Sunday was eventful... The Good: I brought 8 panels to the paint shop to get things started. I figure this will be the test if I will continue with the rest of them and the front fenders once those are blasted. The Bad: Having accomplished the drop off I went on over to the Special with hopes of assessing tools needed and a plan of attack on removing the dash top to access the speedo, radio, dash pad and light switch. Before I pulled off the blanket on the roof I notice some pieces of foam insulation thinking, Now What??? Just then
  10. Snow storm blew in over night as predicted and dumped about 6 inches total by noon but as the temperature climbed above freezing it turned to light rain making the snow HEAVY! With 5 driveways to clean it was a five hour day before getting to the garage with the Special. The old Craftsman was able to handle it but glad I changed the oil last week.
  11. Larry & his helper came by this morning to assess what I have going on and need to be done. He felt the car was very presentable in it's present condition but the panels could use work stating if it was his car (think body shop owner here) it might need a lot of work but would be willing to do what I felt was going to be good for me. Also saying, Where do you start and stop? I trust Larry and we worked out a time and materials rate I can live with since I don't have facilities to paint in so Sunday will be stopping by his shop to get this ball rolling! Meantime,
  12. Another fine afternoon in the garage today. Called a fellow the other day that used to have a paint and body shop till last year when he retired. Said he bought another property that had a garage big enough to do small projects here and there because he just wasn't ready sit around doing nothing. Talked about the Limited and my goals to get it back to going on the road again as funds would permit. I then asked if he would consider painting some panels and possibly the fenders that need painting? Told me he would need to come around and see exactly where I was with the car and
  13. I know pot metal is expensive! At the National in Flint (way back then) a fellow came in with a Limited two door fresh from a restoration shop and over heard him talking about spending 45,000 on re-chroming alone... I can't afford anything like that so she will wear the best I have for now. Money for the engine and brakes plus some paint on the front end is going to be enough. Getting it back on the road driving it will be my reward.
  14. Yes I'll bet. Can't imagine the cost to have this little piece re-chromed...
  15. If you come across more things I should look at, let me know. 😁 (any excuse for a visit is good) I might swap out that chrome grill piece later as it shined up really well but like most pot metal, has a few pits in it but less than mine I think...
  16. Likely not after 9 years ago.... Way too nice for them not to have found a home by now.
  17. Made arrangements with 95Cardinal (Joe) to go over and meet for lunch on Tuesday. With his Caballero finished (and looking good!) he had some extra things he wasn't going to need and felt I should come and have a look. Found Joe in his garage hooking up a Sonomatic radio but after saying hello and talking said to come on into the house, Say hello to his wife and go downstairs to search through some boxes and shelves. One choice item was the small padded piece on the dash matching the padding on the glove box door. While the foam on his piece has crumbled (like on my Speci
  18. With winter set in and salt on the road for the next few months will have to see when I next start on the challenge this year. However, Just came back from 95Cardinal today who had this speedometer which appears to be in fine working order and plan on putting it in so this will be the official starting mileage.
  19. What does one do on a Monday after supper when one doesn't feel like going out into a cold garage and getting dirty? Grab an old T shirt, some clean rags, some chrome cleaner and a bumper guard from the front bumper of a 1958 Buick Limited, tune in the local Classic Rock (yes that is the appropriate saying for 60-70's Rock) and polish away! Keeping in time with the songs is a great motivator. While not show quality it is a great driver condition piece. It's not perfect and wears the marks of a 57,000 mile vehicle can have depending on
  20. How is the interior 36Special? Is she is running (or a quick tune up needed...)? With a bit of cleaning outside it looks to be a fine driver you could enjoy while figuring just how far you want to go on the restoration / refurbishment. You might want to start a thread further down in the "Me and My Buick" section keeping us posted of you progress. Lot's of good advise here to assist you. Congrats on your acquisition!
  21. Satisfied with having the front tires on I looked up on the shelf and noticed a hood trim I think is for the Limited. Having sat on the shelf for so long I thought I'd better get out the magic stuff and have at her. Good thing I did as it took quite a bit of scrubbing to get a few stubborn spots off. While not perfect it will do for a driver and against the black paint some might not even notice. Fortunately I put all the bolts in so I don't have to go searching those out. Not going to be another late night tonight...
  22. Put a few more hours in today. Located my big Johnson bar and correct impact socket for the wheel bolts and by turning the wheels as far a possible made short work of getting the tire and rim off. Next will be the back drivers side tire. Tomorrow I have to bring my truck in for service so will drop off this tire to be removed and then can clean and paint that rim.
  23. Things in the garage stalled till Saturday afternoon when I sneaked out to get something done. I plugged in the electric heater to take the slight chill off and decided to clean things away from the Limited to access the ceiling insulation (or lack of) and the plastic that had been destroyed by the raccoon. I should almost start a garage thread but since this is fixing up, not building, I'll leave that for later... I had to replace three sections of R 12 insulation near the corner before stapling new plastic up. Naturally my staple gun ran out so
  24. Between the sun and the other elements Mother Nature has to offer we end up replacing our flag at least yearly also. I don't require a ladder to get at mine though...
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