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  1. Im looking for a front axle assemble with spindles and other driveline items . Im aware of the ad in Calf for model AA parts for sale. Contact Mike West 585 738 1541 or mawest729@gmail.com. Thank you.
  2. Frank I'm sold out call doug hull in NJ he has several for sale
  3. Cleaning out some crap in my shop and found the brass square fitting that goes on a 32 or 33 intake manifold with the Columbia axle. This fitting is oversized and supplies the vacuum for the 2 speed axle. I'll post a picture. $35.00 Mike west 585 738 1541
  4. Sold I'll take it. Mike west 585 738 1541 do you take paypal?
  5. Close again..... smile.... Auburn had the 2 speed control on the dash and the lever on the floor is to engage or disengage the free wheeling. I removed a 12 Cyl Columbia axle a few summers ago because the man buying the car want the original Franklin rear end assembly . That Franklin the controls were on the floor like a second gear shift assembly but it had been crudely installed about 50 years ago. Also E L Cord may have owned Columbia axle.... I dont remember. But I think so...
  6. Bob , Ive never seen this image before. At first I didn't think it was your car because the spokes look like chrome but your car is the only one with a courtesy light in the left apron. Maybe if a previous owner did it was it Bill Longley?
  7. Well close..... Auburn 12 and Franklin 12 cars shared the same rear axle assembly made my Columbia Axle. I dont believe Auburn made any 2 speed axles .Ive had several of them in all 3 configurations. With some updates they are a great accessory. There is a big difference in the 12,8 and 6 cyl axles in size and weight.
  8. Yes I have a series 12 and several series 14 books. lots of parts also. Thank you for being a good customers.
  9. Here are the scripts from the factory. Made of manganese bronze. Easily detailed for plating. $50.00 shipping paid. ( I mailed out 3 this morning and lost money on all of them shipping cost. So Im asking for $50.00 total now instead of $48.00) Mike 585 738 1541
  10. Fresh from the foundry , copied from a original off my 31 . These have the tab for mounting per the originals.Made of manganese bronze, you detail .$48.00 includes shipping. Mike West 585 738 1541
  11. Don, Contact Don or Chris Mitchell from the Mitchell club. Its a very good chance he will know / He keeps good records and maintains the Mitchell roster. He also owns a few early mitchells. # is 309 314 5515 If you need motor jugs a friend of mine has some.
  12. I would prefer a aluminum non starter hogshead but others considered/. Whats out there for sale? Mike 585 738 1541 thank you.
  13. How much???? Mike 585 738 1541 text or call.
  14. I can help out on the side draft parts wanted. Have all on hand. Mike 585 738 1541 call or text.
  15. Here is a large Buick dealer script motometer. I've bounced these meters before on a inflated tire and returned the mercury to the bulb. $65.00 SHIPPED IN USA MIKE 585 738 1541
  16. I just read tag and its 1941. Here are the picture.s also a flashlight sterring column holder.
  17. Im going to shop now to look and get a picture, will post in a bit.
  18. Just ran across this old family photo. My dad had Uncle Chip install a new top on this Ford around 1958 . Im guessing he was done when this was taken. Dad was doing a lot of wheeling and dealing then and no idea where it ended up.
  19. I just uncovered a very nice original 1941 Buick script filler that fills in the dash for a radio delete car. Will post a few pictures if anyone is interested. $ 50.00 includes shipping Mike 585 738 1541
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