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  1. David , for anyone who cares that binder came from MAGEE MOTORS Mt Morris NY. My friend Russel Laidlaw was the service manager.
  2. I have A CLEAN CmM Hall tail lamp shown. Price is $250.00 includes shipping in USA mike 585 738 1541
  3. Having a 1929 engine is a big plus for your car! It's a handsome ride with great history! Good luck with the sale!
  4. 1931 Franklin Sport Salon. One of twelve listed in the Franklin club roster. Car has low roof line, blind rear quarters, 100 hp air cooled motor,4 speed transmission,and place for large trunk on the back between the fenders. This Franklin has large hydraulic brakes and good road gears for speed on the highway. The car ran fine 5 years ago when put in a storage building. I may get a battery and monkey with it. I have the sidemount wheels , correct 12 inch headlights,and the hood shutters plus much more included. Priced fairly at $6500.00 . Why fix model a ford when you can get a full CCCA cl
  5. When I was a young lad 12 or 13 dad bought me and my best friend a DB touring. We did a lot of work on it including the motor rebuild . It sold to a man that was a dealer . He went by SPEEDY GRECO. when he passed it was sold and went to Ohio I heard. I found the serial tag off the car and here it is . I was told it was a 1916. Does the club roster record serial numbers? I'd like to see the car again. Oh I forgot to mention . This all happened 50 years ag0
  6. Lastly a Franklin Service Station with a 1928 on the oil rack. Neat picture....
  7. This is a 1932 Franklin convertible I bought about 20 or so years ago and still own. The car was at one of the first Treks if not the first. It was owned by a past Franklin employee secretary and employee of Air Cooled Motors. Hank Manwell told me when he was a young man walking to school he would see the car parked in front of the ladys home. Its most interesting owner was Pat Ballard . He was a song writer and composer , a promotional man ..... His uncle said Pat was a gambler , drinker and a womanizer, His daddy owned 2 jewelry stores in Penn. Pat would use the car with the lady si
  8. My dad bought this Franklin in 1958 at the Watkins Glen Concurs D Elegance during the Grand Prix race week for $350.00 with 6 good tires and a new Duco Black Cherry paint job. He sold the car in 1968 to a local electrician in our home town. I was always after him to buy the car back but it was always NFS. I opened a beer joint in 1981 in Livonia and Buck was a good customer. Still not for sale even though the ca=r sat in a warehouse with flat tires and dirty. In March of 1983 he walked in , ordered a Bud and said "Michael- today is the day!" We agreed quickly on the price and it was all his
  9. If anyone can venture a guess to the chassis make Id like to know. Crosley??
  10. When I was a kid a neighbor was always working on a project. One winter he stripped the body off a rusted out car that he drove and had replaced . He built a plywood body that had no doors and a rumble seat. The dash had toggle switches for everything and no speedometer. It was painted bright red. Marty Brennan - Livonia NY (the owner) gave anyone that wanted a ride around the neighborhood in his new creation. I just found a picture of the car and thought someone might like to see it. I dont remember what the chassis make was but sure the tailights might be a clew.
  11. Here is a old invoice I came across in my roll top desk. This location is 30 miles from my home. I wish it was still there...
  12. I should of been more clear and less specific..... If that makes any sense . I need springs from any early Dodge Brothers as I need the 3/4 elliptic style rears like used maybe up into the early 1920s. I should of done more homework before I posted . So I would say all years should work as long as they are the style I mentioned. They are not going on a DB car. If you have some contact me.Thank you, Mike
  13. Im looking for a complete set of DB springs from the teens. The rear set must be 3/4 elliptic style. I want the shackles and any clamps . Thank you, Mike 585 738 1541 mawest729@gmail.com
  14. Who has a set of springs front and rear for a early style Dodge Brothers? I also want the shackles and clamps. Please respond to mawest729@gmail.com 585 738 1541 Mike . Thank you!
  15. Mike, you should mate the axles and housing with the center section in your other ad and ask $3500!
  16. If you are selling a 1931 Hudson , please reply to this message. Mike 585 738 1541
  17. Hats OFF to everyone involved in the new FRANKLIN SERVICE STATION. Im going to make a wager that this publication really takes off and will be a "Cant wait to get the next one " publication. I received 2 hits today alone for Franklin parts needed . Great job guys!
  18. There is a barn not far from my house that has a Hanley Knight touring car. (Maybe Handley Knight) I don't remember .
  19. PRICE LOWERED- This is a bargain if you only make one set for your own car . $350.00$ Can ship to the PA shows free. Or in the spring to any of the PA shows. Mike
  20. Nice looking job. Everyone is entitled to fix a car to their own taste.
  21. Alex, What made you think it was Franklin/ Try it on a known Franklin spline and see if it is correct. What is the OD measure? Don't threw it away...
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