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  1. I need turnkey, so if the car needs more than a month of fettling, it ain’t for me at this point. I known the 37-75 for close to 20 years, belongs to a friend. That one and my old one are one chassis number apart. A nice car, for sure. Yeah, that ‘40 convertible. I know the car, saw it where it was stored in a damp barn in New York, July 2001. I have lots of pix and correspondence. This is the only pic I could find without digging. The interior of the car looked like the center for disease control, back then - mold everywhere and on everything. There was also a ‘35 cream an
  2. That’s my guess. Well, I did try to make an offer on the car before it went to the Indy auction. The PO’s heirs apparently had big ideas as to value, looks like they still do. If they’re wise about it, they would have accepted the $35K this time, paíd the commission and moved on. Next go around, I’d be surprised if it gets to the current bid. In other news, there are a few cars I’ve looked at, paid for remote inspections and appraisals. I’m picky and if the car has stories or other accompanying BS, I am not interested. I’ve expanded my search to include: ‘37 to '38 Ca
  3. @Cadillac Fan I had my eye on it. I had called the dealer that previously had the cars on consignment for over a year. He had that car priced at $70K, which was crazy. He contacted the owner's heirs and expressed my interest. They didn't want to talk with me - I guess they figured they could do better at auction. With the fees they had to incur for transport and commission, apparently not. The dash color didn't look right to me, and the suspension is sitting way high in the rear. I figured that the right number was $35-40K. Still looking. I have leads on a few cars. None that I am over-th
  4. @Cadillac Fan, nice scout work! 👍 About 20 years ago, Dick Bury had a ‘38-75 convertible sedan when I was in the hunt for one. He didn’t want to sell it. This coupe is a nice lookin’ car. The Buicks, too.
  5. @Cadillac Fan, good eye. I saw that one, as well. Decent tour car with known history. Been for sale a long time. Fifteen years ago, the seller’s price would have been realistic. In today’s market, the expectation is unrealistic, hence the inability to sell it. An over-the-top ‘47 would sell for $15k+/- more than asking price on this one. It’d take $150k to get this car to that level. That said, tip-top money on this car is $50k, IMO.
  6. Yup. I bought the car in 2001 from a guy in Joliet, IL. Super nice car, drove like a dream. It was originally a show car at the ‘37 NY auto show, bought off the show floor. I did a ton of work on it, and sold around 2007. Shoulda kept it. 🙄 I have a friend that has (had?) the consecutive serial number car to this one. At the Cad-LaSalle Detroit National Meet we took lots of photos of the two cars parked next to each other.
  7. Thanks @Cadillac Fan. I saw those listed prior to the auction. The green one that sold wasn't in quite the condition that I'd want. I'd consider the yellow one, but have had a few too many expensive and time surprises buying at auction. If I know the car, or motorcycle, then I'm +in+ at an auction. Else, I prefer to deal with a private seller where I can learn about the vehicle and not be under pressure to make a snap decision. =Adam=
  8. Hi Folks: After a 14 year detour into antique motorcycles, I'm looking for a super nice, no-BS, original or correctly restored '41 to '47 Cad 62-coupe or convertible coupe. Needs to be turnkey or 98% there - I already have 317 years worth of projects on my plate and I want a car that I can enjoy while I'm still alive. If you have one, or know of one that could be for sale, please message me, or call/text 978.three-oh-oh.24four2. Thanks! =Adam=
  9. @bullrun - I just came across this posting from way back. By some chance is your car still for sale? I tried to call, twice - you answered... and hung up. 🤨 Thanks.
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