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  1. If you own a 1931 Franklin with this style hubcap than you need this style wrench. It has a jaw that rotates around the cap as the outside of the cap is larger than the hex. The other end is for removing the front wheel bearing jam nuts.This wrench came from a 31 sedan I owned 25 years ago. Its in perfect original condition and looks unused. The cap looks New Old Stock as well. The only fault with the cap is a small crack in the threaded area where it was machined thin. Where would you find another one?? Both items for $55.00 . Plus postage Mike West Livonia NY 5857381541
  2. Here is a nice ignition switch from a car took apart for parts. Its a Clum ignition switch. Ive checked the switch for continuity and it works fine. Notice in the picture the HF xxxx key code. Nothing looks worse than a common parts store switch with the nut on the dash side. $110.0 includes shipping in USA. Mike West585 738 1541
  3. Ive decided all month in Dec Im going to list old car things I don't need. Here is Senior Trippe light that needs to be restored .Its not dented and the glass and reflector are nice. It is missing a small cap on the top tat holds the level and locks the rim in place . The bracket on the bottom has lots of value as well. They are not hard to find. $50.00 plus shipping Mike 585 738 1541
  4. Here is dandy brass explosion whistle that screws into the priming cup hole. This is a period antique, not a cheap modern piece from the mail order catalog. This was on my 1911 Stoddard Dayton when I bought it 35 years ago. It has a brass valve, cast aluminum base and brass barrel. The barrel nickel plated at one time but that has been mostly polished off. The thread is 1/8 inch pipe. Price is $100.00 and add shipping ... like $10.00. Satisfaction guaranteed . Mike West Livonia NY 585 738 1541
  5. Cleaning out parts from previous projects long gone. 2 - 48 spoke Auburn 17 " drop center rims. These are in good original condition. Price is $35.00 each, you pay the shipping. Also have a headlight switch I took apart to look at the contacts. I found the problem was the insulation board on the back was warped. Replace the mater and have a good switch. $32.00 include shipping. Mike West 585 738 1541
  6. This is a scarce item to find for the long wheelbase cars if its missing .Its the light that illuminates the running board when the passenger door opens. The casting , bezel , lenses, threads are all very good condition. Price is $150.00 Firm -includes shipping The Packard boys charge twice what I want and they are not correct for a Franklin... They are different. Mike West 585 738 1541
  7. A Model T Ford will parallel park in a spot only 1 ft longer than the car!
  8. Id like to have these cars in Livonia and have a chance to scrub them up a bit and sell them. I also don't agree these are parts cars. Priced accordingly ,every one of these cars would find a new home with someone that has a vision to fix them up. Whether it would actually happen is another story. I could see at least half or more of them going on a ship... Good stuff these old cars... Plus my granddaughter likes helping "Poppy" tinker with them.
  9. I always have a good selection of 1929 - 33 parts for sale from cars that I have knocked in the head. Mike West Livonia NY 585 738 1541 Don't wait for BLACK FRIDAY.... our Holiday sale starts tomorrow!
  10. I would think if they were mounted anywhere it would of been on the faceplate. The chrome bands have a radius and the badge wouldn't look right not laying flat. Also those stove bolts don't look right to me. I would think the badge would have a stud on the back.. But not sure as Ive never seen one before.
  11. Wes, I have Lyons Covers on my Franklin roadster that has the mirrors that you mentioned. So if this is the case , these emblems would not have been used?
  12. Joe, Im on the edge of my seat waiting for the demonstration of the pump "PUMPING" I hope you rig it up with a supply and a drill motor and show off your work! Its great!
  13. Paul, A point well taken! I should of said fits a 4 door sedan. Thank you, Mike
  14. Supergirl , Ill make you a cash offer . $35,000.00. Best regards, Michael West
  15. I have rear fenders from a 80 series P/A . They look NOS or early takeoff. Old black paint or primer is all that's on them. Ill post a few pictures tomorrow. $150.00 each. Mike 585 738 1541
  16. If you find more than one , Ill buy them all. Good three legged pullers sell for $75-100 . I was at a sale this spring and there were two of them in nice condition . (Clean threads nt not all banged up.) The auctioneer sold them so much high bidder gets choice. The bidding at $80.00 . The guy took both of them... I have a extra , a nice clean one and Ill sell for $100.00 plus shipping.
  17. Get it out in the open ,Start in low or reverse, hold the clutch in, hit the throttle let off brake and repeat. Get it rocking-gas, brake, gas, etc..It will come loose. Then for the future when you store the car for a long period, prop a stick of wood from the depressed clutch pedal to under the gas tank so the clutch is disengaged during storage. No more stuck clutches........
  18. Selling 2 - 17 inch drop center 48 spoke drop center rims only in good condition. They have been bead blasted. $50.00 each plus postage . Can send digital pictures if interested. Mike Livonia NY 585 738 1541
  19. Im selling 4 clean wire wheels for LaSalle. Look at the pictures and if you need more information drop me a note. $125.00 each You pay the shipping. Mike 585 738 1541 Livonia NY
  20. Walter, Thank you for the history ! I am quite pleased to get this plaque. I am going to install on my 1910 Mitchell. Did the Franklin poster sell at Hershey?? If not you would be a better man to sell it to a friend that still collects Franklins! Think it over! Mike