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  1. Alex, I sent pictures and your man said pack it up. Im cleaning out a old garage now full of Franklin leftovers ... Call or email your needs. Mike mawest729@gmail.com 585 738 1541
  2. Anyone have any idea what this oil pan would fit? The flange where it bolts to the crankcase measures 23-3/4 x 9 inches. Thank you, Mike
  3. There is a guy advertising for that exact carburetor and fuel pump here on aaca Id ask like 300-400 for the two items if not cracked .
  4. What would be a good product to treat some bare steel parts that I don't want to paint but I want to protect from rust and maintain a color like black? Gun bluing comes to mind but wonder what else is available. Mike
  5. I don't know what it fits. What is the price? It may work for a speedster my grandson is collecting parts for. Mike
  6. The guy is a newbie, give him a break! He isn't an old seasoned critic like most of the responses here. It's a great picture, thanks for posting it!
  7. I haven't been in Pats Coffee mug in a while...wast to impressed with the chow. I was working on Jefferson Ave (West side and used to wander off for breakfast) This Auburn sat in Churchville up to a few years ago at a Early V8 Ford repair shop. It was tan and supercharged and Tommy said it had a broken crankshaft. I don't know if its still there or not.
  8. Bernie, Are you talking about the Rochester car that was supercharged and had sat a long time with a broken crankshaft?
  9. Send Richie a PM . He is a good seller / honest guy. Most likely got busy.
  10. Whatever it is I want to sell it. is it worth $50 to anyone plus shipping?
  11. Joe It looks great! I really like the whole family! Mike
  12. The short handles are 40 inches long. The jaws are spring loaded. I'm thinking for lock rings but do not see how it would work. What vintage is it?
  13. The motor would SEIZE SOLID before brass would melt on a manifold.
  14. Jim what should it tell him? Ive done plenty of deals with Kean and he is a good guy to deal with.
  15. Sounds good, Maybe I can get what you need copied here at my shop . My cost will be yours !
  16. Yes I did after nor speaking with each other 30 plus years. I have my original 1902 Model B with the pull recoil system .If it was/is the same Id be glade to help if I can,. Mike
  17. I have early style Auburn 12 Columbia in excellent condition for sale at $3500.. Its located in Livonia NY 5857381541
  18. Keiser31, Its a LN series Ford. There are plenty of them on the road around here in NY . They were a very popular series truck.
  19. Is anyone planning on going to this sale next Sat? If so please contact me. Thank you, Mike Gervais Family Farm Wheels Museum Lifetime Collection Antique Auction in Alida Saskatchewan, Canada
  20. I use these on the Franklins if it has 2- 1/4 pipe inch connections.