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  1. Jeff, I dont remember if I every sent you a picture of the 32 I restored. I painted the car Studebaker Black cherry. This car sat in a barn with a 27 Peerless 6 cyl sedan also thats now in the Norwich NY museum. When I restored the 32 , I went to Sanford Florida and bought a 31 Master 8 sedan for the fenders. They were cherry and mine were hammered. The remains of the 31 is still here in town rebuilt as a rest-o-rod.
  2. Amazing how the gas has gone up since the new administration....
  3. Here is a Autocar I I bought for $600.00 , a 1919 2 cyl model. It was part of a fleet of trucks at Dispatch Coal and Produce Co Rochester NY . Tis truck serviced the furnaces in East Rochester at the "Car Shops" where rail road cars were built and repaired. If you look close the name on the side can still be seen. It had a high lift coal body on it that 2 compartments. I rebuilt it to good running and driving condition before I was 20 years old. (Im 63 today) The body was power up and gravity down with a hand brake on a drum. It was 3 speeds forward . It had a real jack rabbit clutch that
  4. I took a Franklin for a drive tonight. Hoping its going to be warm threw the weekend.
  5. Hi everyone, curious if there is a Kelsey Motorette group or a person that keeps a roster of cars known. There was one here in Livonia where I live until the 1940s. I recently ran across a article of where it went to. I have a video of it being driven around town in a parade. Mike West
  6. You need to call him as I just remembered its only advertised on the club Service station mailer. He is a great guy , give hinm a call.
  7. Yes Get new wheels made. We had a guy in town who had a teens Federal truck and he soaked his hard rubber tires/ wheels in the pond for a few days every year until he tried soaking them in oil. I think that solved the problem longer that soaking in water.
  8. On the H H Franklin web site is a very cool 1930 Franklin pickup for sale . The seller is Gordon Howard. 860 871 6442 Make sure if you call him his friend Mike West sent you.
  9. Im cleaning out some odd tools from my tool chest Ive never used and one item is a K-D 339 Valve spring lifter. Its a neat little jack with a ratchet action to raise and lower the valve spring to remove the locks . Google says its correct for 1935 1936 1937 1938 and 1939 motors. Its in perfect condition . Im pricing it at half of what others are asking on Ebay and the net. $65.00 plus $5.00 shipping. Mike 585 738 1541
  10. Here is the 1932 Peerless Master 8 sedan I restored in the early 1990s. It is a funny story how I came by it. I had just come home from Carlisle PA fall flea market and had a pocket full of money. I sold a car and a truck load of parts. My brother had told me weeks ago about a guy he worked with had some cars for sale as he was moving soon. Rick knew two of the cars were Nash Metropolitan's but no idea what the others were... So it was Sunday ,I made the call and was invited to come look. The seller "Earl " let us in a oversized garage pole barn and said everything is for sale. There was the
  11. Actually those #s are pretty nice.... Try striping off all the paint and use a sharp ice pick and clean out the numbers.
  12. What is the outside diameter?
  13. They ate some of their own lunch posting that first start. It sounded like a worn out Franklin. Was there oil in the motor?
  14. Remove wash # 2. No idea why it would be there. The gasket is supposed to be thin. Lock it down with the #1 washer and gasket. See if you can feel lash between the gears.
  15. It sounds like a COUPE that has had a BRUSHCUT. Stay away from it.
  16. For 55K they would have to threw in a airplane ride. It does look good though....
  17. Do you want some pictures of one??
  18. Clean left front with old repair over the rear brace. The bead on the side is excellant , no cracks or dents. Also fits a Reo. $200.00 Mike 585 738 1541 Will send pictures if any interest.
  19. I still have it. I mislabeled it. The tag says its a 1941 Mike call 585 738 1541 Other Buick goodies in the same box see pictures.
  20. Use some DILUTED mereatic acid and a acid brush in all the nooks and crannies, hard to get places. It cleans it up fast. Then polish. Make sure you flush it well with water after acid treating.
  21. My goal is to drive my oldest car when its 150 years old. I think I'll make it! In fact I'm betting on it.
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