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  1. Great info guys? What wood did they use? I need a new for my 10 Mitchell.
  2. Anyone had a new wood wheel made to fit their spider? Mike
  3. Ive owned several super rare cars and our area (Rochester NY ) has yielded some great brass and classics but this one beats most of them. The Julian air-cooled radial rear engine car was only 30 miles from my house when it was for sale in the 1960s and Bill Harrah bought it. The price wasnt that bad even back then. My dad and his partner at the "Shell Station" had a dozen antique cars all the time and upwards of 20 at times . Here is a article from the local paper when it was being scrubbed up to be resold. I wish I was older at the time..... Maybe it would still be in our area.
  4. Ive dropped the fluid my bouncing the end of the motometer on a inflated tire. Hold the gauge in your hand and repletely tap the tire wit the radiator end. It will return te fluid to the bottom.
  5. He says a PAIR.... isnt that 2?
  6. What is the aprox diameter of the steel uprights at the base where they bolt to the frame. Im trying to get a idea how heavy the construction is for a different use other that the original intention. Mike
  7. When you get all done the car isnt woudnt be worth the cost of a great paint job. Sad ...
  8. Looks like a clean installation and it wouldn't bother anyone I know that likes Franklins. Like John says, it would make a great tour car. And anyone other that a Franklin man wouldn't know the difference.
  9. About 15 years ago I owned a Rick touring with a Calf. top that came out of Harrahs. It still had its brass number ID tag bolted to the firewall. My dad told me that "Back in the day" before Ford and General Motors had front brakes , they started propaganda that id a driver of a Rick hit the brakes hard the car would tip over FORWARD. Maybe it worked!
  10. Order some firm felt from McMaster Carr and cut one yourself with your gasket cutter.
  11. One would have to be real brave or braindead to ride in car at 80mph.
  12. Joe , Heat the base of the arm up red hot and cool it quickly with lots of water. It will come off with a rubber band.
  13. I see many owners install nice trunks but they dont fit the rack EXACTLY... If the rack is 32 inches wide and 18 deep ,the trunk has to match. I had a friend that wanted a LOW BOY POTTER trunk on his Cadillac. I had the trunk he wanted but it was too long. My metal man gave the trunk 2 cuts taking the middle out/ welded it back together and after metal finishing it looked great.
  14. Joe, I was given a new gal. can of "Zink Enriched Primer" that came from a Railroad Car restoration shop that was used on all new chassis castings. It has excellent filling quality's as the consistently is heavier that most primers. When you sand blast that axle you'll find its full of pin size holes if its like my 1910 Mitchell.It brushes out like satin and drys very fast!! In warm climate its dry to the touch in 20 mins or less! It sands well if you get a sag. I loved it for chassis parts like springs, axles, ect as its drys fast and applies smooth .Of coarse its claim to fame is excellant rust protection and filling qualities. Google it! Mike
  15. Sounds like GREAT opportunity here!
  16. I think the 28 LaSalle is a better looker than a 28 Caddy.
  17. Exactly, Put your big boy pants on and post a price. He is most likely fishing..Its a neat car but not a huge dollar car.
  18. Looks like a old brown shoe to me with a generous application of mink oil applied.
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