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  1. Wouldn't that be a treat if you owned the car...
  2. When I was a kid , I was always looking over the Hemmings Motor news and Old cars weekly swap sheets ect ect. for rare and affordable cars. I remember telling my dad "Its a RARE CAR" he alsmost always would respond "So are DODO BIRDS, But who cares" Ive had a few really rare cars . One was the only one known.. It was a 1913 Walh touring. It had a Rochester NY made Hazard motor and the car was built in Detroit. Yes it was rare but not very valuable.
  3. Johnny - Are you looking for post or pre 1916?
  4. Here is a dead original 1929 Ford I am going to sell in the spring. Its original Brewster Green paint, original interior and all lights , wiper, even popout switch with Hurd keys. The last plate was 1952 in NY.
  5. Is it a 60 hp or 85?? Either way Great looking car . Always loved the 37 style.
  6. My survivor car is a 1929 Franklin. Ive done plenty to it mechanically but just polished and maintained the outside. I have the remains of the Duco paint from 1958 Tacoma Cream.
  7. SOLD to my friend in Winchester! Now if I can get him to upholster my roadster.
  8. I bought a model A and with it came extra wheels. There is 2 17 ich bent spoke Kelsey Hayes wire wheels in the group. If anyone is interested I can post pictures. $100.00 each plus shipping. Mike West Livonia NY 5857381541
  9. HERE is my "ORIGINAL 1920s" Buick thermometer . Its wood and only hing in my house before that it was wrapped up in a linen closet for at least 7 decades. Mike West Livonia NY
  10. It was wrapped up in a linen closet most of its like It was new as far as I can tell in mid 1920s . Id sell it but not for chump change. Any idea what it would bring. Its guaranteed old and original. Just like NOS PERFECT. Throw a number out there what ypou would think. Thanks Mike
  11. Here is a perfect original made of wood. It was given to me my a man that his daddy worked there. Its never been hung outside . Its from Rochester NY , and Ive seen where the dealership was.
  12. Rochester NY dealer service . This is a perfect original piece
  13. John, There aren't many Ford LTD cars on the road anymore..... smile...
  14. I want a price on moving a mid sized 1966 car that runs and drives with brakes . Please respond here or email to mawest729@gmail.com Thanks Mike
  15. When I bought my Auburn Phaeton the old man gave me news letters from way back. Is there any interest in them . I think these were printed by Bill Kinsman in Buffalo. Very affordable. Mike 585 738 1541
  16. I really like the split windshield! It must of been home brew made?
  17. This is a 6 cyl 1928 I sold about 5 years ago. It wasn't a big car like the one shown.
  18. OFFER $500.00 That's plenty for that mess.
  19. Thanks for this info. Ill be looking for them. Mike
  20. OK Buddy ... I was shaving some fun with you. Mike (smiling)
  21. My thoughts are you overthink too many things. Its a old car... not heart surgery. Ive had several tanks (model T ford speedsters ) with pressurized tanks . I put some pipe dope on the threads and tighten it up. Done and fine.....
  22. I have a plumbing house next door to me that has beeni business since the 1950s. They have old stuff . What sizes are you thinking 3/8 pipe? Ill find out what he has in brass I used 1/2 inch pipe on my Mitchell. For the fuel out of the tank and 1/4 inch pipe to pressurize the tank . Ill send pics ofmy tank. Mike
  23. Al go to a plumbing supply co an buy a flange plate with the pipe thread size you need . I drill 4 holes in them and rivot/ sweat them in place. They look great and are authentic. Make sure to get in brass and you shape the flange part to fit the radius of your tank.