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  1. brasscarguy

    Speedster Builds.............

    Hi Mike, Just a bit of Harrah's history, having worked there back in the late '60's doing research, I was often down on the shop floor checking our progress on my restoration projects. The thought that they never started a motor until the car was finished simply not factual. Most if not all engines were started long before the cars were in their completed stages. For example the Bugatti Royal under restoration had a severely cracked block. After welding as much as was accessible, the engine was assembled and set on a running stand. Then the engine was hooked up to a tank of KW block seal and the engine was started and ran for several months off and on to get the tiny cracks and crevasses sealed. This particular car actually used a block from a rail car which was the same as used in the Royals. To this day I'm sure the present owner has no idea how badly cracked and broken that block was. I never had heard that particular story of not starting the engines until finished. The cars were mechanically finished and the cars then started and driven around the parking lot checking all adjustments and drivability. Where this thought may have started was, once a car was totally finished it received a red star designation. Then all cars had to complete a 500 mile road test. Once the 500 miles was obtained and the car had all the adjustments and issues corrected, Mr. Harrah then drove the car and it had to meet or exceed all original specifications. Once he gave his approval the car then received its "gold star" which was the best of the best. I remember one particular SJ Duesenberg Murphy roadster that had its "red star" and the required 500 miles. Mr. Harrah came out to the collection to take it for its final road test and it blew a seal inside the super charger. He limped it back smoking like a train. The guys jumped in and redid the seal and got it back running. A few days later Mr. Harrah came back to test drive it . 1st you would need to know Bill Harrah had a need for speed, a very heavy foot and love loud and very fast cars. For example he drove a Ferrari V-12 powered Jeep Wagoneer daily. A super charged Mk 2 Continental, amongst many others. So he jumps on the throttle of the Duesenberg and again the super charger blows the same seal. Seems none of the mechanics and shop people had the kahuna's to put their foot in it!!!!!. After yet another rebuild they got it right and Bill Harrah could not "blow the seal" and the car got its "gold star" designation. Those days were incredible and for a 24 year kid, it was the ultimate place to work. just remembering, brasscarguy
  2. brasscarguy

    1913 REO Roadster Seattle WA craigslist

    PRICE REDUCTION!!!!!! I am moving and really don't want to move and store this Reo. So I will take $20,000.00 otherwise is goes into deep storage and forgotten. It is a really good brass era car and will offer some one a very nice car to tour with. I can store it until spring at no charge. It's up to you now if you want a great running brass era automobile. I can email a video of the motor running if you would like it. brasscarguy 206-919-1949.
  3. brasscarguy

    speedster project

    I have a teens Haynes frame. Has been dipped and phosphate. It has front to back trusses and is quite well built. I think the wheelbase is 125" . Here is the best part it free!!!!! I am moving and no longer going to pursue this project. I also have a large early brass era right hand drive steering unit, and an incredible early large VEE brass radiator for sale as well. I have several interesting larger early gas and oil tanks, and a lot of misc bits I have collected for this project for sale which as I said is not going to happen. If interested email me at
  4. brasscarguy

    What car is Mom posing with?

    The heck with the car, your moms hot!!!!! just sayin' brasscarguy
  5. brasscarguy

    What year and model of the Reo in Picture

    It is a 1907-08 Reo 2 cylinder. It has metal fenders and a tubular axle. In 1909 the axles were I beam. 1906 Reo used wood fenders with no lips around the underside. My 1908 2 cylinder barn fresh Reo has a tubular axle, metal lip fenders. just sayin' brasscarguy
  6. brasscarguy

    1913 Reo Roadster(barn fresh)

    Selling our 1913 Reo Roadster runs and drives well. this is an original barn fresh car with a rebuilt motor. It is listed Ebay #132870282500 thnx brasscarguy
  7. brasscarguy

    1960s Seattle Pontiac dealer?

    The address for Bud Meadows at 4724 Roosevelt way was the original home of Wockner Pontiac that I referenced above. just sayin' brasscarguy
  8. brasscarguy

    1960s Seattle Pontiac dealer?

    There was another Pontiac dealer in Seattle in the university district. Wockner Pontiac. This dealer was at the time the only non union dealer and the local auto machinists union had to hire pickets to walk the sidewalks in front of the dealership for a number of years. To finally beat the union Wockner sold to Bud Meadows who moved the dealership to 125th and Aurora. This dealership had a round showroom which still stands now selling used cars. just saying, brasscarguy
  9. brasscarguy

    Donation to honor Herb Oakes & Dave Zimmerman

    Let me chime in here as a past National President of the HCCA. With ALL of the incredible past presidents that have served the AACA over many years through good and bad times, why would you pick 2 out of this esteemed group of past presidents and want members to cough up money to honor just 2? This my friends is an terrible insult to the many that have served in the position and offered, nurtured and guided this fine organization through the many years of its existence. I think a "Presidents" room is a fine and proper reward for their service. To establish a special room to honor just 2 is a terrible insult to those that came before and after. This amounts to make some sort of honor to a very exclusive and personally selected pair of men. I would offer a donation if the room became an all encompassing room honoring ALL past presidents. I personally know of the costs of being a national president and honoring all would be a far more fitting tribute to their efforts on behalf of the AACA. After your museum debacle maybe this will be yet another mess the board and its employees will get us into. Members, don't write the check until this is solved to the satisfaction of the members, this proposal ain't right and has a peculiar odor to it. just sayin' Howard Musolf National HCCA President 2001 I
  10. brasscarguy


    Back in the days when I was restoring cars regularly I always planned my trips to Hershey to purchase his exceptional leather. The show prices were great as well as the quality and service. It was a pleasure to chat with Bill and he was always outgoing and helpful. Sadly once again we have lost one of the really fine "old time" antique car guys. Rest in peace Bill, and wait for the rest of us to join you!!!!!! just sayin' brasscarguy
  11. brasscarguy

    1902-05 Race Car

    Based on the photo, the engine is a 2 cylinder Reo. There are some modifications such as the exhaust exiting out the left hand side. It appears they have changed or modified the engine oiler which originally was mounted on the top of the crankcase centered between the cylinders. Reo used 2 pet cocks on the bottom of each cylinder as shown in this photo. One was to drain the water from the cylinder and the other was to drain the excess oil from the cylinder. In the photo, construction they used a Reo radiator and tilted it backwards. They used different gas and water tanks to lower the profile. The steering wheel spyder appears to be Reo as well. I copied the photo and used my 1907 2 cylinder Reo for comparison. Reo did not start production until 1904 so the 1902 date is incorrect for what ever reason. just sayin' brasscarguy
  12. brasscarguy

    film of 1960 HCCA Reno Tour?

    I was lucky enough to actually be on that Reno Tour. My folks and I drove down from Seattle in our 1913 Model T Ford. Reno tours were the absolute best bar non. We had a picnic in a small town city park, Harrah's were never to be out classed. At that "picnic" we had checkered table cloths, crystal drinking glasses, china plates and silver ware just for a picnic. One of the banquets was held in the old Riverside casino. One of the old time Seattle HCCA members was sitting next to me for dinner. The food was being served and some got steak and some got chicken. Both Marion Deitricks and I were served chicken, which we decided we would rather have steak. we took the chicken dinners and placed them on our laps under the table and asked for steak. They brought us more chicken. Marion said lets put these chicken dinners on the floor next to our feet and request steak again, finally we got out steak dinners. I participated in several Reno tours and each one had its special memories. They were held every 2 years on the even years. The next Reno tour was headquartered at Lake Tahoe. This was before Harrah's had built their hotel. We were housed in many different motels both in California and Nevada as Stateline is just that the town is on both sides of the state lines. That year for the final banquet the headliner was Rosemary Clooney. It also happened to be my parents 30th anniversary. I as a brash teenager got ahold of Sam Debolt Harrah's VP. I asked him if he could provide a small cake for their table. Everyone was getting their deserts and my mother was getting more and more irritated because she was not being served. Then the lights dimmed and Rosemary came out on the stage and asked the audience to help her sing to and celebrate my parents 30th anniversary. She sang the anniversary song as a huge tiered cake ablaze with sparklers was wheeled to my parents table. Like I said earlier Harrah's knew how to put on a show. just sayin' brasscargyuy
  13. brasscarguy

    1903 Ford A

    I believe all of Sandy's patterns were sold to Whalen Henry in Oregon. Sandy purchased 2 open valve T motors from my father many years ago and then used them for patterns to cast new blocks. I happened to purchase one of his blocks at Hershey a few years back. Whalen has manufactured an early 4 cylinder model B Ford for a car he had with missing motor. Whalen has a complete selection of "letter" Fords including 2 B's, a K and everything in between. He is a very creative machinist and has done some incredible work. I suggest you enjoy your Ford with the Brennen engine. It is an outstanding survivor. Most people that would see your car touring around would not know the difference and really who cares . The experts will but who cares, your car runs and drives which is a lot more that some experts can say about their cars. just sayin brasscarguy
  14. brasscarguy


    Having been in the automotive business for nearly 50 years I have a bit of an insite, you know the old adage if its to good to be true it prolly is.. However the most telling signs are as follows. Tesla has no dealers they are all company stores, therefore all personnel are company employees. As advertised on line their techs are abandoning the sinking ship . Hardly a day goes by that we don't get an on line listing for Tesla techs looking for work. That is a very basic premise of financial troubles. Next the Federal government is now involved in a congressional investigation regarding stock manipulation. In fact check it out there are 2 investigations regarding financial practices on going. So adding all those things together plus the constant delays in production plus the fact that the "trades" are chattering about vendors being forced to negotiate lower prices or not get paid for the monies already owed, just adds yet another nail in the coffin. Not an investment I would be making in this climate. Oh just another thought the stock has dropped damn near thru the floor from its overinflated highs a while back. just an old mans opinion, brasscarguy
  15. brasscarguy


    Mercedes just announced the availability of their Tesla Killer. You get a real Mercedes 100% electric beginning at $54k. You get the backing of a real world wide automotive company with over 100 years of service. Unlike Tesla who is running out of money and is on a path to being broke in 6 months. Mercedes will be around long after Tesla is a distant bad memory.. Remember how many millions Obama poured into Fisker and how long did they last. The poor duped customers that bought Fiskers are now holding a bag of no value, the same will be true with Tesla after they go belly up. Jaguar has just offered a full electric in the same price range as the Mercedes, yet another Tesla killer. Just try and get you deposit refunded for non produced and unavailable Tesla cars, fat chance!!! Want a quality electric with decent resale value, buy it from a reliable well financed manufacture, Mercedes, Jaguar and Ford has one almost ready for market. Don't waste you money on a company like Tesla with non existent future financing. just sayin' brasscarguy