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  1. Standard Magneto in Chicago is the Wico mag manufacturer now. They have all the parts plus they manufacture new Wico mags. brasscarguy
  2. My family visited that museum in 1955. I remember only 1 particular car, a late 20's Rolls Royce roadster supposed to have belonged to Greer Garson so the little sign stated. Don't remember any other cars. We also visited the LA county museum and I only remember 1 car that Knox 1 cylinder air cooled truck. just sayin' brasscarguy
  3. I prefer my 1941 Cadillac 4 door convertible sedan to the look of this Packard. Its sad that Packard dropped the ball along the way and just did not stay with the times from around 1935 and newer. While GM cars were updating and streamlining their designs, Packard, Chrysler and other auto makers of that era just fell behind. just sayin' brasscarguy
  4. Back in the late 60's, it was still an auto repair shop run by the owner when it was a Ford dealership. His name was Bill Hose. I purchased a lot of NOS model T and model A parts from there over the years. I found a lot of parts stuffed in the attic including a new pair of square brass 1911 side lights. just sayin' brasscarguy
  5. When I worked at Harrah's Automobile Collection, the detailers just used waterless hand cleaner. That brought the shine back and gave the running boards and floor board a very nice luster. just sayin' brasscarguy
  6. First of all, when looking for a car hauler, CHECK ALL REFERENCES!!!!! There are good haulers, and not so good carriers, and some really bad haulers. The late Harold Sharons 1910 Buick was contracted to ship the car from Glastonbury Conn to My home near Seattle Washington for his daughter. After many delays and just as many excuses, the Buick was dropped off at a guys yard in Sacramento. After many stories and lies, finally another uninsured carrier and back yard hauler took it to near Portland Ore. He dropped the Buick off at a friends house. The police later figured these 2 were going to hide the car and sell it later. The Glastonbury Police had got involved due to a car theft report by Harold's family. They traced it to a garage near Portland. I had friend do some sleuthing he actually saw the car in the garage. The local police then recovered the Buick and it finally got to my shop some 6 months later. Some simple rules to follow BEFORE hiring a hauler, Get their current insurance information, then call the company and make sure the policy is still in force. Then get current clients names and contact information and contact them for references. Keep in mind price is not the issue, good care and on time delivery is!!!!! I know the above original hauler will read this and hopefully think twice before scamming anyone else. just sayin' brasscarguy
  7. My Gallivan powered '15 T roadster has 2 Winfield SR big bore up drafts. There is very little room along side the T engine with the steering unit. Winfields were designed to change the direction of mounting I have 1 SR pointing with the air intake forward and the other pointing rearward. My Gallivan has been dynoed over 100 plus horse power. The Gallivan head has 2-1/2 inch intake and exhaust valves, and very hi dome pistons now rated at 8 to 1 compression. The original pistons were 12 to1. With counter balanced crank it runs smooth and quick. This engine/car combination was certified by the Washington State Patrol on an airport runway at 113 miles per hour, NOT BY ME!! Once a Winfield is adjusted correctly, they perform very well. Once set up, leave them alone and enjoy the ride. I run a low pressure fuel pump about 3 pounds and with the ball shaped float you get positive shut off even using the electric fuel pump. just sayin' brasscarguy
  8. My family has owned an original Springfield, S205pr St Regin Sedanca since 1956. Bought from the late great Sam Adleman in My Vernon New York. We actually drove it across the country to our home in Seattle Wa. My father showed the Rolls for some 20 years off and on then it went into a deep sleep. After my father passed my brother decided he wanted the car as we were dividing the cars up. He still has the P1 and it is again in a deep sleep as he is nearly 90 now. brasscarguy
  9. Used to own a 1 cylinder Reo 8 passenger bus. cute to lok at byt utterly useless on the road. Why Reo made a 1 cylinder truck with a little more effort on their part they could have installed one of their 2 cylinder engines and made a very nice drivable truck. As for the ease of driving, My late wife climbed up and in the seat and told me to start the engine as she wanted to take it for a spin. I did as told and away she went. She was out and around the neighborhood. When she returned to our place she had 8 neighborhood children in the bus all screaming and carrying on. just sayin' brasscarguy
  10. Years back we painted black tires with grey tire paint. Go back to the rubber bumper ear of GM cars. When you repainted a rubber bumper you added rubber additive from the paint store. It kept the paint flexible and pliable. Not sure the additive is still available. We just used regular single stage paint and the additive. It lasted very well and one car we did about 20 years ago the tires still look good. just sayin' brasscarguy
  11. Contact Dave Longstreth near Pheonix he is a member of the HCCA. He can manufacture early brass era fasteners. brasscarguy
  12. 1915 Oakland right hand drive speedster. 40 hp Northway motor, this car was delivered new to New Zeeland hence the right hand drive option. Electric start, monocle windshield. Outside shift and brake. Factory vee radiator, have carbide headlights bail handle brass side lights and tail lamp. When I purchased the car it needed a refresh , so The chassis was stripped and is done with new paint deep maroon.. The Baker wheels are in prime and the demountable rims are powder coated. 4 new tires and tubes are ready to be mounted. All sheet metal fenders, hood and cowl have been blasted and primed. The 40 hp Northway motor has new babbit work, The engine is now ready for assembly. The water pump has been rebuilt with new shaft and seals. The brakes have been relined and ready for installation. . This was a complete running and driving car, and is now ready for reassembly. I have lots of photos when I took delivery and photos as we disassembled the car for restoration. This car looks very much like a Mercer of the same ira. Long sweeping fenders, right hand drive with outside shift and brake levers. Sadly I'm too old to finish this project and need to move it on to the next collector. Included is 2 gallons of expensive paint deep maroon and a brighter red for contrast, plus thinners and hardener. to finish the car, 4 new 25" tires and tubes the tires and tubes alone were $2000.00 I am only selling due to age and health. It is a project . I am asking $10,500.00 the car is located in the Seattle area. I have both photos as I got the car and as it took it apart, and as we reassembled the chassis as it is now. I can answer any questions and can send you any of the photos I have plus can take any photos you would like. No scammers, no phony cashiers checks, no b/s. thank you brasscarguy@comcast.net(Seattle) test or phone 2ho6-919-1949
  13. My all original 1929 dual cowl phaeton does not have anything that looked like that. It does have 2 Cadillac script side mount mirrors with Cadillac script small padlock's to keep them from being stolen. brasscarguy
  14. Mine is obvious. I've owned and collected brass cars since I was 14, I'm now 80. However since I have recently purchased another brass t with a very unusual racing engine I am going to change my name here. When I purchased this car it came with a gold guilt framed sign, which fit in with the car, "Dr Gallivan" My new 1915 T roadster has a Gallivan dual overhead cam model t racing engine with magneto ignition and 2 very large Winfields. This car has been clocked by the Washington State Patrol at 113 miles per hour, no not by me, but the original restorer back in the late 50's. One of 7 made in the mid 20's. brasscarguy/Dr Gallivan!!
  15. Did you ever see the twin six limousine in the museum in Ft Lauderdale? I restored that car.. I sold it to Authur Stone, he owned the museum. My wife and I shipped it to Warren Ohio for the 100th anniversary of the founding of Packard. Out of 1200 Packards, from all over the world, We took first place in class and won 1st place in Peoples choice! Not bad for a back yard restoration. I might have a few pieces around not sure. Might even have some literature. Will check it out and let you know. brasscarguy
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