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  1. I need a 4 ft brass piano hinge with a 3/8 inch pin. I can order one from a vender in England but would just soon buy in the states. Im worried it may not come from the UK quick enough. Does anyone know of a US co that sells these? Im going to use it for a hood hinge. Mike
  2. Ive got a NOS 26inch Firestone rim, 2 side rings and the lock ring. $500.00 plus shipping . I can send good digital pictures if interested . You pay the shipping or can take to the Penn shows this fall free. Mike West 585 738 1541
  3. Looking for 2 or 4 usable knobby tires. Must be 21 inch. Call Mike 585 738 1541
  4. These are the old snow/dirt tires that looked like corks were cast in the rubber. They were used on ground driven horse drawn sickle bar mowers also. Please contact Mike at 585 738 1541 Thanks
  5. I took a tow bar with us on our honeymoon 36 years ago to Florida from NY . About 60 miles from home the tow car cast its withers (timing chain jumped) on interstate 17. I convinced the new Mrs West to steer the lead car and I shoved us home with the back car . Yes it bent the bumper on the car pushing and pissed her off to the point she considered leaving me, but after bragging what a great job she did, she got over it. I was pushing a 71 Ford LTD "BILL BLASS EDITION" hardtop with a then perfect original 1968 Ford Fairlane fastback red on red. I was quite proud of myself until I had to buy a new bumper for the Fairlane. Since then she has pulled, shoved and winched well over 100 cars. My dad used to say she must really love you...
  6. John , You said you were visiting me in July ... what year? You have 2 days left.
  7. Flackmaster- when you get the pictures and more info please forward to my email. I have a friend that may be real interested. Thank you. Mike mawest729@gmail.com
  8. Joe a heat lamp will do the same thing he oven does.
  9. This guy looks like a winner to me. Ill order tomorrow! Thank you , Mike West
  10. Great info guys? What wood did they use? I need a new for my 10 Mitchell.
  11. Anyone had a new wood wheel made to fit their spider? Mike
  12. Ive owned several super rare cars and our area (Rochester NY ) has yielded some great brass and classics but this one beats most of them. The Julian air-cooled radial rear engine car was only 30 miles from my house when it was for sale in the 1960s and Bill Harrah bought it. The price wasnt that bad even back then. My dad and his partner at the "Shell Station" had a dozen antique cars all the time and upwards of 20 at times . Here is a article from the local paper when it was being scrubbed up to be resold. I wish I was older at the time..... Maybe it would still be in our area.
  13. Ive dropped the fluid my bouncing the end of the motometer on a inflated tire. Hold the gauge in your hand and repletely tap the tire wit the radiator end. It will return te fluid to the bottom.
  14. He says a PAIR.... isnt that 2?
  15. What is the aprox diameter of the steel uprights at the base where they bolt to the frame. Im trying to get a idea how heavy the construction is for a different use other that the original intention. Mike
  16. When you get all done the car isnt woudnt be worth the cost of a great paint job. Sad ...
  17. Looks like a clean installation and it wouldn't bother anyone I know that likes Franklins. Like John says, it would make a great tour car. And anyone other that a Franklin man wouldn't know the difference.
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