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  1. Al, Its not a early Loco. Its 1926 or 27 if I remember correctly. Its a good parts car.
  2. Mich, Ive had many conversations with the seller and hired a local that "Has been around old cars" to go look at it. The car was in a building fire many years ago and has sat outside since. It melted the radiator and aluminum water jacket. The seller is a nice guy and I believe a trustworthy man. The problem is he is hung up on the name LOCOMOBILE and Google's prices that aren't realistic for these remains. My offer was 6000 and I think he said he has turned down$ 9000. Im now glad I DIDNT get it. Mike
  3. I agree that this is a super nice original car and it should find a new home soon . I see its missing the shutter thermostat for the hood front, the pop-out ignition switch, the headlight switch and handle, correct clock and the Oakes lock for the fender spare. NAPA doesn't have these parts but I do all at reasonable prices. Thank you, Mike
  4. Henry I have a 1931 Ford deluxe roadster old restored, rund and drives good I'd swap you even up. Mike 5857381541
  5. Hi Joe, Are you related to GLEN SCANLON that restored a 1928 Ford sport coupe in the lake 1950s? My dad traded a unrestored roadster for his restored car. He had a cottage on the north end of Conesus Lake NY . Just curious. He was a great guy.... Mike West
  6. Your car is not period. Its a 1960s replica. The motor in it is most likely correct. I was at WalT Disney world a few years ago and they have one that is a dead ringer for yours. Its not 120 +/- years old.
  7. John, I was thinking the same thing... but I was careful not to make that claim in fear one of the Franklin internet policemen would correct me. If a small piece of spring steel was soldiered to the back side of the bigger one it would make a dandy crank hole cover. Ive used a small piece of banding iron cut to size . Have a great day. Mike
  8. They are straight . The smaller one has decent plating and enamel for a driver quality car. The bigger one needs chrome.
  9. jillHere are 2 badges. The smaller on the right measured 2 inches of and is marked 1929 on the back . The larger one on the left measures 2.250 od . There are no clips on the back. I'm asking $ 100 each. Postage included. Mike 5857381541
  10. I was told a HCCA member copies these early fans. Does anyone have any information on this? Mine is tired but works yet. Mike west 585 738 1541
  11. Joe what size gasket do you need >? Restoration specialties in Escondido calf has all the sizes.g
  12. Ed, I had several of Walters cars at my shop last summer for work. I can give you more info on it if you are interested. The second trunk came with the car but wasn't on it when Walter bought it. I had a new exhaust system installed , cleaned out the fuel tank and other assembly for him. When it left here last July (2019) it went to a trim shop in Syracuse for new interior. It had its original cloth interior when it left. Its a very sold car, good wood but needs more work to make it a driver. It will make a super driver with some more effort spent on it. The motor runs very well. Walter lik
  13. Its NOT attractive...but it's odd enough that it makes me admire it. The car screams WEALTH. I'd like to own it for a great price.
  14. Matt, Really??? Its a custom car not a cookie cutter Mustang or plain Jane Packard sedan. Its unique and interesting.... well preserved and running. What would you really say about it if it was in your white room for sale ?? Broaden your horizons ! Its a cool, old car in my opinion.
  15. ED , Unless Ive missed the posting of the price the family will sell it for , telling us HOW MUCH they will accept will help sell this car. They have tested the waters long enough for offers. Id be interested in it myself , but want to know how much money it is. Its a very simply concept....... but a lot of sellers cant figure it out.
  16. Good condition . 3.3 inches across the flats +/- a few .0001s. $100.00 includes shipping ! In USA. Mike West 585 738 1541
  17. I never thought to even ask NAPA if they stocked these items. I agree the ends are usually pretty common.
  18. ED, well said. About 30 years ago I discovered the remains of a 1913 Wahl touring car. The motor was made in Rochester NY by the Hazard Engine Works. It was a small displacement motor with a Detroit Gear transmission. After researching it , and speaking with Beverly Ray Kimes and other noted historians it was concluded it was the ONLY ONE KNOWN. My own dad said when I told him how rare it was "So are Dodo birds, but who cares" The car went to Australia where its been repaired (Ive been told) . This Ford is different- Its a real jewel.... Hopefully it will be driven.
  19. Ed when we get back to NY I'll take a few pics and send them to you. Mike
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