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  1. Just ran across this old family photo. My dad had Uncle Chip install a new top on this Ford around 1958 . Im guessing he was done when this was taken. Dad was doing a lot of wheeling and dealing then and no idea where it ended up.
  2. I just uncovered a very nice original 1941 Buick script filler that fills in the dash for a radio delete car. Will post a few pictures if anyone is interested. $ 50.00 includes shipping Mike 585 738 1541
  3. Im just guessing ,and I measured it ...... but my memory was like 158 inches. Mechanically it looked complete and not bad. The wood is COMPLETLY gone.
  4. The OTHER buyer was his cousin Wallace.... It was a setup deal and your dad was smarter than they were. He recognized the rat in the room.
  5. I was selling a Auburn sedan that had been around the block a few times around here. A buyer came to look at it and after a short visit said " I know what you paid for it!" I responded " My dad gave me the farm where I live , does that mean its worth nothing?" I told him," Get the hell out of here, Ive got work to do!" It was easy to see he was a heckler.....
  6. If brought home on a open trailer it would literally blow away. Someone has used pine 2x4 material trying to glue it together. It looks a lot better in the pictures that up front and personal. Is parts only , period.
  7. This Buick is in my backyard . Maybe 2 months ago I went with a truck and trailer to look. I left it there with no regrets. This is strictly a parts car . The wood is all gone and its missing a lot. The extra long wheelbase would be only good for a commercial car. .The price is right if you have a need for these parts. The seller is motivated waiting for a offer.
  8. Don The tires I have turned out to be 23 inch sorry
  9. Unrestored pump , cant hurt the paint. anyone moving in these directions Id love to get it home. Call me with a quote . Mike 585 738 1541
  10. The auction was all online for 7 days. If you want to see what sold go to MASON AUCTIONS FILLMORE NY and click on past auctions. The inventory was pretty well picked over with nothing very exciting and a lot of junk.
  11. Konstantios, Thats a fine looking Franklin! Im Curious, How many Franklins are in your area? Ive shipped 2 Franklins overseas... one to Germany and one to England. As I remember they were a 1930 147 sedan and a 1931 153 sedan. If you have problems getting the plugs , I can post them to you. Mike
  12. Why did you have them sleeved in brass?
  13. The wire wheels and hubs are good merchandise if any good. Those wheels were made my MOTORWHEEL and have many other applications.
  14. Neat old car but will never get restored in these times. Sad...Looks like its a great old survivor.
  15. Al, These clutches came out pre 1910 . These were many sizes made all geared towards HP and loads. The one Im using has 16 plates. They are around, keep poking around.
  16. I think Ebay gets like 300 bucks and it isnt even a correct script.
  17. Roger, It depends if I machine, detail and polish. If I sell as - is from the foundry I would think $40-50 dollars each. They will be advertised well and will be plenty to go around. Mike
  18. I sent me original Franklin script to the foundry and have ordered 12 in manganese bronze. When I get them back Ill post them for sale. After some detailing they will need to be chrome plated. I can pass along a few great sources for that work. Stay tuned. Mike
  19. David , for anyone who cares that binder came from MAGEE MOTORS Mt Morris NY. My friend Russel Laidlaw was the service manager.
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