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  1. Joe- when you get caught up with the thread linked, there was a 'Part 1' that is... I forget- 400,xxx posts. An internet jewel. I'm over there uploading in Part 2; some mega cool pics. I was born too late I think (mid '60s).
  2. Hold on to your fedora : https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/vintage-shots-from-days-gone-by-part-2.1154030/
  3. ^ But the chassis number isn't a 'part number', it's always a serial (sequential) number, no?
  4. I reacted to the video, where he called it the "fastest car of the 1950s" and "the Bugatti Veyron of the 1950s". Not sure why you're limiting the criteria to a 3 year span only (and there; only going earlier than this car). I'm seeing online specs stating the XK-120 was good for 112 MPH. Dozens and dozens of cars in the '50s were faster than that.
  5. While we're ignoring the "172 MPH", let's also ignore the "fastest car of the 1950s" claim.
  6. Dragon - I'm in NJ (Middlesex County) and have an Atlas split rim tool available if you're interested. I've used a tire outfit that readily handled my Budd 20" split ring tires from my '40 Ford, they do a lot of farm/truck stuff... tho your rims might be beyond them. Champion Tire in Ringoes NJ.
  7. If I recall correctly, I believe there was also a compartment in the side of the 'console' to secret a firearm for the driver.
  8. • Wockner was at 4724 Roosevelt at least as early as 1950. • Bud Meadows was at the same address at least as early as 1965. • Meadows's other showroom at Sandy & 31st was built/opened in 1967.
  9. Looks like a circa '49 Cadillac Series 75; 3-piece rear glass, skirts, heavy chrome rocker trim...
  10. I have a copy of 1959 Buick production totals by plant & series, for the month of August '58. It doesn't really show anything out of the ordinary from Linden : LeSabres: 717, Invictas: 323, Electras: 283, Electra 225s: 105. Even if we combine 'E's and 'E 225's it's 717, 323 and 388- not quite 'preloading' the top tier models. BTW- Linden was the highest volume of all plants for Buick that month. One thing's for certain- there's not much that's both consistent AND logical when it comes to the inner workings of General Motors.
  11. Interesting question. 30% is too high, and it's not like it might have been split with a (non-existent) Star Chief 2-dr hardtop (would have been the same body shell). However as we know, PMD didn't assemble cars in the same order Fisher built the shells. The '67 Firebirds VIN# 1001 & 1002 that recently were restored/auctioned? Their data plates read 'show body 1' and 'show body 4'. I remember reading something about the frame numbers & body numbers on the first batch of Corvettes being mixed. You'd think they'd start the process at 1/1. I saw a pic somewhere of '66-67 A-Body Pontiacs in the 'overhead bridge' between Fisher and one of the assembly plants, in 2 rows if I remember, waiting. And any of the assembly line pics circa '59 from Buick or Chevy I just looked at- they all were mixed body styles in Assembly. So while the Linden Fisher plant may have cranked out a run of 2837s, I'd bet money many were stockpiled to allow for ordered cars and a general 'shuffling' of different styles as desired. Did folk lean heavy on the flashier models at the start of new year, like they commonly do today?
  12. I believe this is a common misconception and that VINs did not tally sequentially for every model. Given that models came down the line mixed, this seems like it would be a logistical nightmare to keep track of. • I had a '64 Catalina 4-dr sedan, built in August of '64. Pontiac built 257K Series 23s in '64 in TOTAL, yet my car had a VIN sequential number of 88280. Doesn't seem logical that Linden alone built 78,280 Series 23s, even by August of '64 production. • I have a '64 GP built in the last week of October '63 in Pontiac; it's VIN sequential is 36,xxx. With 63K '64 GPs built, there's no way 35K (36,xxx - 1001) were done by Oct '63 from one plant alone. Further - this car's GP-specific body number is 24xx, a huge difference from the VIN. and I believe supports that '36,xxx' was ALL MODEL '64s out of that plant, not just Series 29s. I am certain '1455' was the 455th '59 Pontiac off the Linden (mixed brand) plant, not merely the 455th Series 28 car.