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  1. Around 1985, my buddy & I stumbled upon an abandoned junkyard in eastern PA somewhere. I say 'abandoned' because there was no fence, no gate, no border, no buildings, no signage, no evidence of scrapping or moving them around & it was all overgrown. Looked like occasionally they'd tow a car in there and just leave it in the patch of trees. We wandered thru it, and there was a double-sided porcelain dealership sign there; DeSoto-Plymouth, about 4 feet in diameter and 8 or 10 inches thick, circular, and some of the neon lettering was still on it. I suppose if one of us had access to a truck, it would've followed us home. At some point in the '90s the whole area was cleaned out & I have to believe it was all crushed/scrapped. Man, I wanted that sign.
  2. Of course, one can ask whatever one wants. I'm sure prices overall have gone up, but asking prices have far outstripped selling prices.
  3. I've never seen one with an asking price over $500, nevermind a grand. It's just not an in-demand piece. I paid $0 for it- owned it since the mid '80s.
  4. I sold a Star Cars double-sided porcelain dealership sign this year for a little over $400. It was in very nice original tho not perfect.
  5. Joe is correct about the rest of the exhaust (or at least the mating to the new headers). But T/A engineers their products on actual cars, so there won't be any relocation of brake lines or wiring or replacing the starter. I have a set of the T/A 'shortie' Riviera headers for their 455 Stage 2 heads, but the motor is in a non-Riv Buick with the steering box behind the crossmember; a specific combination I believe no one has built before. I have to 're-flow' the driver's side header to clear the box, not fun but the 'price to be paid' to go fast.
  6. I have a couple of plates I am eager to look up. I perused the WHS's site but did not see any link suggesting plate info- do you have any more specific info on this? I would also be greatly interested in a 40's plate from MN's info.
  7. Might want to check your references. Also, that linked article is loaded with factual errors.
  8. Ann Arbor Buick, torn down in 1966 ~
  9. Source? Because 'Chevy originally planned to sell the car at $80K' certainly does not mean they originally planned not to make any money at $80K.
  10. Really like some of the circa WWII American concept cars, like this port-festooned Buick : Or whatever this un-built concept design was (GM) :