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  1. Union Park Pontiac, 1700 Pennsylvania Ave & Dupont, Wilmington DE. Started in '55, spire came down in '06-07. Big time Pontiac performance dealer.
  2. Price Pontiac-Cadillac, 911 S Cumberland St, Morristown TN
  3. Delta Pontiac [64-80], Stockton CA.
  4. I believe that's merely a shadow from the top edge of the windows.
  5. ^ Google around- there is an online 'registry' of Studebaker buildings listing locations/status.
  6. WQ59B

    Old gas station in downtown Detroit.

    Just a quick grab off of google maps street view- is this it Bob? I've passed it about a year ago- was still in business then.
  7. WQ59B

    Old gas station in downtown Detroit.

    I'm right down the road near New Brunswick; I'll shoot a few pics if you want/supply an address.
  8. WQ59B

    1886 Mercedes

    Maybach the man worked for Daimler, but Maybach the automobile was a competitor. I'd have been fine had Daimler touted the history of Maybach the man's work for their company. But they had nothing to do, as a company, with the vehicles Maybach built from '21-40. Haven't checked back since I saw the website some years ago, but there was a complete vehicle timeline with a very proprietary air to it.