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  1. Another beauty- no reason I can see NOT to build a dealership like this today: 1132 Connecticut Ave, Washington DC. Nothing remotely of this vintage on that stretch today ~
  2. This one in CA is long gone (street is high rises now) but couldn't resist posting it- would still be a true beauty today :
  3. Peters Pontiac Village, 860 Commonwealth Ave, Boston MA. Some of the current buildings details are just discernible in the neon glow of the old pic.
  4. ^ That's the 'Strang Buick Company Inc'. They opened in 1925 (building was built in 1924) & were still going at least thru 1973 (not sure if always at the same address).
  5. Union Park Pontiac, 1700 Pennsylvania Ave & Dupont, Wilmington DE. Started in '55, spire came down in '06-07. Big time Pontiac performance dealer.
  6. Price Pontiac-Cadillac, 911 S Cumberland St, Morristown TN
  7. Delta Pontiac [64-80], Stockton CA.
  8. I believe that's merely a shadow from the top edge of the windows.
  9. ^ Google around- there is an online 'registry' of Studebaker buildings listing locations/status.