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  1. Circa '82, I had to pass on a black '59 Biarritz with a white top and white buckets. It was very solid & I believe it ran. $1000 (or $1200). Didn't have anywhere near the coin then (I was 16).
  2. I agree... but practically no OEMs actually do these. Random example : MB E-class : 1 red, 1 blue, 2 whites, 2 blacks, 5 grays. Tesla Model S : white, black, gray, blue, red.
  3. In the early '90s I was daily driving a '64 389 Catalina. When I got it then, it was a 69K mile car. I put 25K miles on it in 2 years, and never had to add oil in between. Changed the oil/filter I believe around the 3000-mile mark.
  4. Sealed the building. 2 years now- zero mice.
  5. Bumping for any new eyes ... Circa 2005 isn't that long ago. I still find it surprising the fate of this concept is unknown.
  6. Data plate has a 'D' in the style number for a CdV : '6237DX'.
  7. Nothing carrying over from '59 electrically or carb-wise. Have looked at switches online for a half hour or so- seems the only way to be sure is to hold one in hand and see if it works in the dash panel.
  8. Buick went to key start in '61. A '61-62 Buick switch/bezel may be the closest... tho I still may have an issue fitting in behind the B-59 dash.
  9. I have to upgrade my B-59's ignition. Thru '60, Buick had the gas pedal-activated starter, so the ignition key only has 3-positions (LOCK-ON-OFF) and the switch is a 3-prong piece. The switch is proprietary to B-59; the way it mounts to the dash panel & the fact that it fits in a narrow nacelle behind the dash. As I have changed the engine & no longer have that feature, I need at least a 4-position key... but I still want to put it in the same location on the factory dash. I have a used '60 Pontiac cylinder/switch on hand. Cylinders are the same on a long range of GMs b
  10. I'm getting the general idea here, but going to ask this specifically, based on my hazy memory. Is there any way that what's outlined below weighs ONLY 316 lbs? I am 85% sure I didn't disassemble it, all I probably did was pop the tires off to weigh it.
  11. Specifically: 1959, but any in that era that didn't feature major changes. Was interested in the torque tube itself and the internals/driveshaft. Not including the rear axle. Looking thru my notes this morning, I see I recorded a weight for the rear axle/ Panhard bar out of my car; 316 lbs. 1. I swear I never separated the TorqueTube from the axle. Sold it and the buyer put it on a small 'lawn tractor' trailer whole- axle, TT and control arms. This would've been over 20 years ago. That's my recollection. However; 2. I have no scale on site that clears 300 lbs, so maybe I DID separa
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