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  1. Check out the coverage from the 63rd Annual Meet in the AACA “Speedster” at the link below. We are the first official group of visitors to the new building. This gives the PAS great PR and will be seen by thousands of old car families in the US and beyond. It is the 6th article down the page. Karl http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?m=1102261497032&ca=c4906a53-2790-4780-bfa0-a0883af0959d
  2. Thanks a bunch!! I will keep my eyes open for the goodies!! Pierce bicycles are addictive for sure. Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. Does anyone have a preferred bicycle stand for the old Pierce bicycles? I am looking for something that works well on the show field and in the house. Yes, I'm keeping my Pierce bicycle in my house, not the dining room, but the house none the less. I believe I have just crossed an imaginary line into a new obsession.
  4. I sure wish this was my car!! What a beauty of an unrestored Pierce-Arrow Phaeton. Lucky man to own this one!!
  5. If you are a member of PAS, it is on the website in the Member's Only Pages, then Publications, then at the bottom you will see the 1929-31 Judging Standards Video. Easiest to us the link above and login to the website if you are not already logged into the website. Jane
  6. The Pierce-Arrow Society has a new Technical Video Available for Members on our website. To see the "Trailer-Sample" for the video, click here: https://player.vimeo.com/video/470715952 If you are a PAS Member, click the link below. This will take you to the PAS website. You will need to login to the website to allow the video page to be shown. Click the white triangle button to play the video. REMEMBER, You must be logged in as a PAS Member to have the video shown, once you get linked to the PAS Website. The link below takes you to the PAS Website. If you are not a PAS Members, our dues are only $45 a year. This will allow you to watch this Technical Video in addition to accessing our Technical Library. Join US! Benefits of Membership! Website - Access to our online technical information, library and vehicle data base Award Winning Publications - The Arrow, Service Bulletin, The Emporium and Member Roster Live Message Board-Forum Activities - Annual Meet and Winter Mini-Meet and additional regional activities and tours Extensive Searchable Library of Owner's Manuals, Service Bulletins and Repair Articles Parts & Services Information
  7. My husband just received his birthday gift early, a 1901 Pan American Men's Racer. It was supposed to be a surprise on his big day, but I was caught in the act of reassembly, so the surprise was yesterday. We know so little about the Pierce bicycles, but what fun it will be to learn more. Trimacar pointed me in the right direction to find and purchase this Pierce Bicycle, Thanks. The purchase was in August, but with the fires in WA, it took a while to arrive. It needs some mechanical work, but in wonderful shape otherwise. We plan to take it to the 2021 PAS National Meet in Hershey, PA. We hope that we can get a little more help on the mechanical repairs and history. The great photos posted above in this thread, the oil can, pics, ads and postcards are very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
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