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  1. Someone is going to get one heck of a deal!
  2. Very nice car! As a suggestion, you may want to consider posting your ad on v8buuck.com as well. There are a number Riviera guys who frequent the site.
  3. Straight up car for sale by a straight up guy. Congrats Adam!
  4. I’ll be attending a friend’s retirement party on January 31st at this location and would be more than happy to check out the car if anyone’s interested.
  5. Appears to be a very nice car! Good price point for someone to get into the hobby.
  6. Nice looking car with a good price!
  7. Beautiful car. Don’t restore it! Drive it and keep it as original as possible.
  8. Very nice car, Adam. I’m sure the new owner will be extremely pleased.
  9. You may want to check out www.v8buick .com
  10. I can't believe this car is still for sale. Great price on a great looking car!
  11. You may want to post on www.v8buick.com also. A lot of GS guys hang out there.
  12. Looking for the following in good/excellent condition: Owner's manual Maintenance schedule Goodyear tire booklet Warranty and owners assistance information booklet Service signals checklist booklet Delco radio booklet Extended warranty booklet
  13. I'm assuming that is not the original motors since it is a 400. Beautiful car!
  14. I have been looking for one as well. Be patient. They're out there.
  15. Still looking if you know of one for sale.
  16. Saw three Roadmaster wagons at the Power Tour when they visited Saint Louis. All of the owners said they are great road cars!
  17. Step up Adam. You know you want it!
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