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  1. Saw this parked at a nearby restaurant. 48 Super 4 door odometer showed 55,000. Didn't see engine, not sure if it is original, or a resto-mod . Grey interior looks very nice. Later incorrect Buick wire wheels on it. The paint looks a little chalky in spots. They are asking an ambitious $30,000 or best.
  2. Is that ever nice! Congratulations-this proves there are still well preserved cars left to find!
  3. It has a guidematic unit on the hood- looks the one on my '68-don't think those were still used in '76. By then, there was an auto dimming/twilight sentinel option that was incorporated into the headlight switch.
  4. Looking for a replacement passenger side exhaust manifold 1968 430 engine-mine is cracked. Any leads are appreciated.
  5. You might want to check the heat riser valve on the exhaust manifold. These can get stuck in the closed position and cause overheating problems.
  6. How much are you asking for the front bumper?
  7. Given the quality of GM paint jobs in the early '80's, it doesn't seem that unusual.
  8. Ok since we are thinking outside the box here....how about having one meet feature or highlight the pre-war cars and the other feature or highlight the postwar cars? Not to be exclusionary, by any means-still keep both meets open to all Buicks from throughout the company's history. Encourage all Buick owners to attend -whichever meet works best for them, or even both meets if they are able to do so. But if some members could only attend one meet, it may be easier to choose which one to attend if the era of Buicks they are most interested in would likely be in attendance in greater numbers at one versus the other. Just an idea.
  9. Looking to find a set of four 1964 Buick Electra 225 hubcaps in excellent condition.
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