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  1. Ok since we are thinking outside the box here....how about having one meet feature or highlight the pre-war cars and the other feature or highlight the postwar cars? Not to be exclusionary, by any means-still keep both meets open to all Buicks from throughout the company's history. Encourage all Buick owners to attend -whichever meet works best for them, or even both meets if they are able to do so. But if some members could only attend one meet, it may be easier to choose which one to attend if the era of Buicks they are most interested in would likely be in attendance in greater numbers at one versus the other. Just an idea.
  2. Looking to find a set of four 1964 Buick Electra 225 hubcaps in excellent condition.
  3. Here's an idea- if the National ends up getting cancelled, maybe we could have a "virtual" National meet? A thread could be started for people to share pictures and stories about the cars they intended to bring to the BCA National this year.
  4. No one knows exactly what will happen in the upcoming months given the current pandemic crisis, but what do you think? Could the BCA National end up being postponed or cancelled?
  5. So now what are you going to buy to replace it?
  6. At a BCA National, I attended a talk that Denny Manner gave regarding the Buick engines. He said that unless you were putting extreme stress on a engine, say from heavy towing or racing, then lead additives are not necessary.
  7. Very sad to hear this news. Joe was a fixture and a legend in the Buick community. My condolences to his family and his many friends.
  8. Hmmm....both of these cars were for sale awhile back-I remember the red one on eBay for sure. Not sure if these are still available or not. These pictures were copied from the ads I remembered- time to do some investigating. Thanks for the leads I appreciate it! Yes, I am a member of the BCA and there's maybe one or two of these cars listed in the last roster....I've already put a plug in for myself with one of the owners!
  9. Thanks for the encouragement! The full size Buick's have a large following in Europe, and that is where many of these cars have ended up. I haven't even come across a #3 example. The only cars I've found so far are parts cars- ones that are so far gone they wouldn't make sense to restore. I know there have to be a least a few nice examples left of what I'm looking for somewhere in this country. One day I will find the right car!
  10. Yes those should be present. '69 was the first year for the air cleaner decal, should be 430-especially on a supposed low mileage original.
  11. Nice car-but what's up with the 455 decal on the air cleaner lid? '69 was still the 430 engine.
  12. It sure is-a '59 LeSabre 2 door with the rare manual trans!