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  1. Free to good home $8.00 shipping. Bob 510 474-2533
  2. Do you have any casting numbers or dimensions that I can confirm that this is correct? I will be in your area in a couple of days. Bob 510 474-2533
  3. I have found that adjustment is most successful with the carburetor off of the engine. I start by using a hack saw to put a slot in the mixture adjusting shaft (to avoid using pliers on the delicate splines on the shaft). Remove the bell crank to cut the slot, even better remove the shaft assembly to to do so. Reinstall the shaft. slide the bell crank over the shaft of a screw driver that fits the slot you cut. Using the screw driver to rotate the shaft you will feel the metering pin meet (and lift) the dashpot. This is a matter of "feel". Once you are confident that the pin is just meeting the dashpot, back the shaft off so it just clears the dashpot. slide the bell crank onto the adjusting shaft such that the stop meets the end of the stop screw on the bottom cover. Tighten the clamp screw on the bell crank. The idle adjustment on the throttle shaft is the only other adjustment.
  4. there should be two bolts with square ends on them at the rear of the sump. They unscrew counter clockwise.
  5. I have several horns and I would like to know the application. They include N/E XM6120, XM6120 A, XM6120 C, and XM 6128.
  6. You are in luck, Roger "Dodger" Hartley lives in Tacoma. He is the person to see about your starter generator. rah3601.wa@netzero.net
  7. I have heard that if one were to fill the tank with water and pressurize the tank with compressed air at 10#, tap around the dent with a flat rubber mallet the dent will work out.
  8. Where are you located? I have all of the running gear. Bob 510 474-2533
  9. This cap and the touring car top saddles are the hardest parts to find for 1924-1925 DB's
  10. it looks like the wheel failed. the metal looks very thin.
  11. make you green with envy... ebay 274282130649
  12. I have a few in the SF bay area. give me a call 510 474-2533
  13. It looks like the boss is there but not drilled for the speedo drive.
  14. Hi Dave, the 22-23 has roller bearings on the cluster gear, there is a bulge on the idler mount to accommodate the larger gears? The shifting shaft detents are horizontal instead of vertical, the speedo gear drive is reversed and a different ratio. This transmission is unusual in that it doesn't appear to have a speedo drive.
  15. I have a nice radiator shell. It has been chromed. It is about 33" tall by about 22" wide. I might have a radiator as well. email dbracer26@aol.com
  16. Here is what mine looks like with the bumper mounted. The tire hangs behind the bumper. Photo of makers emblem, made in San Francisco.
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