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  1. Hi I have a 31 cm6 I am thinking about buying some spare parts fenders bumpers running boards I would like to get 1 of the speedometers do you have anything left 804 296 8729 Kenny
  2. Ok thanks I'll try an see if it helps. It might be a few days might get some ice an snow here in virginia where I'm at tonight
  3. Hi I got some pics today of the interior where the windsheild wiper motor may be behind
  4. I'm sorry I have not been able to post a pic of the interior yet but I did get to have a look an I did not see any screws an there is no covers on the a pillars. I gave the cover a tug but not sure if it would break so I left it alone. There is 1 screw cap screw with like a knurl on it almost directly behind the wiper but inside on that panel. I may be able to get a pic tomorrow
  5. Hi Mr keiser I am not sure how to get at the wiper motor. I do not wanna start taking things apart until I at least try to find some info on how to get at it. I looked at the panel but could not see how to remove it on the inside. Have any ideas
  6. I have a good 1929 chevy coupe frame. I was told it was a coupe frame any offers kenny
  7. Looking to buy information on how to get at an how to get working the windsheild wiper on the 31 cm6 or parts some1 may have or where I can look for info thanks
  8. WTB Hi people its Kenny I am looking for windsheild wiper information how they work like a book or parts to figure out how it works there is only 1 wiper on the drivers side
  9. I am looking for a dash for a 1931 chrysler cm6 coupe also is there any caps for the spring bolts that come thru the splash aprons I think they are called looking for them also
  10. Hi Mr. Yergin. Kenny Singleton here. I have a 31 chrysler cm6 an I am trying to figure out a heating system for the 31. I know nothing about your dual heater set up. I am living near montross va not to far from you. I would like to possibly come an have a look at the heater you have. Do you think it would work in the 31 with a clean look. Also I am looking for a dash for the 31. You may know there is a lot of room behind the dash. Any way thank you. Kenny
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