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  1. Very cool car. I like how narrow it is, real sporty. The price seems high for a car that has paint issues. Just curious about the chrome unit above the foot pedals, is that a heater vent or intake?
  2. For the money that's a great car. Its not your average roadster. Working brakes, living room comfort rear seating, plenty of power, 50 ponies is sure enough. I like it. The front seats are a little high but a seat could be made to fit the enclosure easily enough. Someone wouldn't be stuck with a paint color that they dont like on this one, bummer it's a little too far from me.
  3. Pretty obvious the engine wasn't rebuilt. The heater isn't hooked up, no air filter. Battery disconnected.
  4. The bumper looks like its bent on the left side. A 70 bumper has 3 vertical lights. I like the 68 Impalas.
  5. I have a can of starting fluid we can try to fire it up if we can get that rock off the hood.
  6. I had a gold one with a tan roof, 2 door. It had a 350. Was a good car, paid $300 for it in 1985.
  7. He owned it for 52 years, brought it in the prime of his life at 20 yrs old. That's a story easy enough to buy into. Never dated, never travelled. Only drove it 30k miles. Less than 600 miles a year, to church and his factory job 2 miles from home.
  8. Thsts a good close-up of the sticker. The body is real wavy. There is a big hole in the right front rocker. The big rubber looking thing on the fender, is that a patch?
  9. Bidding is up to $2700 with 34 minutes left. The front section doesnt look like it belongs to the rear, it's just placed that way in the pic. Just a random detached vin plate, who knows what it came off of. Could be a junkyard sale and the owner has a dealer's license, he can easily register it. His ebay account looks like a scam. He has a feedback score over 800 but when you search his completed listings, nothing shows up. 126 positive feedbacks but none show.
  10. I just saw this on craigslist, wondering if it was an actual police car or staged as one. The rear window crank is missing which tells me maybe, but the back seat isn't worn out as it would be, or maybe the police are lenient on VT?
  11. It's not a car that I could just take a joyride in. The front seats look uncomfortable and it would be like having a hearse as family station wagon. Someday one would have to sell this rejuvenated car that they paid close to the same as a running car of the same type. It will be a hard sell.
  12. Good thing the tires hold air, free air is getting harder to find.
  13. Looks pretty cherry, only 20k miles. I like the ribbing on the front bumper. It has a nice roofline, especially in the rear. It looks like it has tinted glass, but that could be the grass in the background. The console behind the steering wheel is neat. Must hold the heater controls. Seats look to be covered, but from years ago to protect the originals.
  14. Someone will put it on an S10 frame. Fiberglass is cheap and easy to work with.
  15. Very unique body style, and interior, except for the seat covers. Maybe the original underneath is better. In usually not big on creamy beige colors but the color tone is pretty good for this car.
  16. Pictures say Bling. Looks like it was parked outside for a long time. I like the shape of the hood.
  17. I always thought these cars should have the body reversed. The long tail section and wrap around slanted rear glass would look great for the front of the car, kind of aeronautic.
  18. Same here. There is a reason why the air filter is off, the plug wires aren't in place. The hands that were on it may be dirty ones.
  19. Pretty ugly for an Alpha. The angle of the shifter makes for an awkward shift ergonomically.
  20. How loud are engines at cruising speed compared to a similar vintage water cooled model? Is the square feature on the front floorboard a passage for heat?
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