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  1. Looks pretty good condition wise but the front is kind of doggy looking. Kind of an odd place for the rear view mirror.
  2. The wax would hard to remove and it probably ruined the look of the car if someone wanted to use it as an untouched runner.
  3. Kind of fun to sit outside of the little tavern at the fork in the road and have a beer, choke on exhaust and dust fumes, like it was 1925. I havent been in about 3 years. I went as a guest in my stepfather's just restored Model T at the time. This time he is entering his just restored Model A Cabrolet. I missed the timeframe for riding in as a guest but still coming, maybe meet some people on the forum. Maybe some day I'll have a 20's dirt track racer that I can enter.
  4. Interesting car but alot of money for a non runner. Looks like a trashy used car lot in a residential neighborhood.
  5. With so many real estate transaction going on, the old cars are coming out of the barns and the scavengers are bankrolling. Looks like someone tried to cover the dash with vinyl. The interior red is pretty hard on the eyes.
  6. Very cool! It was a design challenge to make the top retract for sure. The interior is great, engine looks clean.
  7. Looks like they maximized the wheelbase and saloon space on this one, sacrificed the trunk.
  8. Parts availability will be the difficult thing on fixing this car, not as popular as a Chevy or Buick, Kanter may have alot of stuff. Rebuilding the major components is the way to go, but not as bad I'm sure compared to fixing up a 55 Hudson Wasp. Never fails to be a few returns until the correct part is obtained, or a failed promise of delivery from someone with the last known hoarding of NOS that doesnt answer their phone or reply to email messages. Just part of the game. Could be the first Hydramatic version before the design was ironed out. Lucky for the seller that it's a desirable body style, the funky green would be attractive to someone that wants a hip car to drive to beach parties, and the interior looks decent, that it could be cleaned to be acceptable. Reality pricing will set in at some point, or someone will arrive with a trailer in tow and 30 freshly minted Benjis and the flipster will be happy to see green in another form.
  9. A little more reserved in styling than the 59 Dodge Coronet posted here that is about the same vintage. I can imagine the little slanty would be growling while pushing this beast, I can hear the infamous tappets in the back of my head. Looks like an early version of the cupped web shape of the 70s Plymouth Fury steering wheel.
  10. I missed it Steve. It must have came and went quick as I'm always browsing CL. I like the Sedanette alot. I've seen them for the same price on hemmings but in rough shape. When I make a change in a few years I will go for a straight 8 Buick, 3 speed.
  11. Pretty neat car. Seeing the plugs were removed is a little unsettling though. For how long were they left out, was someone making an attempt to free up the engine at some time? How would the Hydramatic age with such a long period of nonuse? It would be neat to see it cleaned up and roadworthy. The price for doing so would be hard to guess, could be with odds in favor, $3,000.00, but running similar cars of this vintage have come up for sale at about the same asking price with less unknowns.
  12. Thanks but I found the hole after cleaning the area really good.
  13. On the plus side, you get a bunch of parts that the seller has scavenged that might fit! The radio might fit, even work!
  14. https://www.mysticseaport.org/events/by-land-and-by-sea-antique-vehicle-show-2/ Mystic, CT Sept.25th, 11-4pm This is a fun day event at the Seaport, where pre 30s ? Cars drive around the village and take passengers for rides. The car owners take you for a ride and share their car and stories, good conversation, interesting people. Check the site for exact details. Within asking distance to downtown Mystic for eats and drinks.
  15. Yes, since the Tesla truck has been delayed for a year, and there isn't anything as ridiculous to choose from.
  16. Is the price based on pre-fire value?Engine is pretty simple, How durable are the webbed castings and carb, maybe a head resurface and gasket changeout, carb rebuild?
  17. https://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/cto/d/effingham-1940-packard-120/7376567373.html Here's the same car with photos of the interior. In better condition.
  18. FSM says on the left side axle tube near the spring mount but not to be found.
  19. Probably not too expensive asking price considering the style and straight 8. The interior is another question, could be a tattered smelly mess. It's a project car for sure, a little dented up, rusty chrome but if it was cleaned up it would turn heads. Good enough to drive down to the local pub?
  20. Straight 8 and 3 on the tree, 3rd window, I wonder if he would sweeten the deal by throwing in those old style gas containers that one could actually pour the gas out of, without spilling it everywhere.
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