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  1. Looks like a pretty good car, but how would the original engine hold up to 86K, maybe it needs a new water diffuser and valve job at this point? Would be nice to see the dash and front seat condition.
  2. Wow nice car. What was a good cruising speed in it?
  3. It looks small, that's what's nice about it. A sleek vintage country road racer to be driven like hell, with some long hair flying out of the cockpit from the shotgun side. Kind of 20 Indy dirt track racer size. Thats probably what the guy was after. Easy enough to disassemble the whole thing and sort it out. The engine could be a standard Dodge or Plymouth that could be swapped if needed, but chances are this engine can be brought back to life. This type of car seems ideally like a local deal that would be few hours drive away for way way less than the asking price for me anyway. Maybe a collector would want it to restore to perfection for cost of 30K and get over his head but he may not care because it will be restored in the goodly proper way, and the money spent, well, he cant take it with him.
  4. It is attractive and it doesnt have to be restored as original to be a fun car, just go through it and make it roadworthy, keeping with the vintage hot rod style that the PE was going after. Hopefully the PE has a pile of parts that came off of it, like the radiator. I like the black interior work that was done, it lends to the British styling that it has. I think this car beats an MG TD in looks and probably performance also.
  5. I see someone offered 15k for it on the site. It's probably still sitting in the same spot.
  6. https://car-from-uk.com/sale.php?id=46319&country=us Here is one that was for sale in NJ in 2017. Looks original but in poor condition. From searching around, most of them had been made into hot rods.
  7. Nice score, the car has alot of personality, the front especially. I like the scaled down size, it should be a nimble car for around town.
  8. Im sure this car has been kept alive and been customized through the years with the abundance of used parts from junkyards and parts cars that were everywhere back in the day. Surely the car would be a big project to make roadworthy but all the while, the coolness of the looks would carry one through until the magic moment comes and she is put in motion. If the windshield hinges down that would be neat.
  9. I had a great widowed aunt that lived up the street from us, early 70s, she had one, and all of her lady friends drove the same iteration of the car. They used to gather to play cards at her house, sometimes there would be a half dozen of these granny rods parked outside of her house. To add, in the 80s, I dated a woman that had a wagon of the same bloodlines, I was always looking for excuses to drive it, being a rare bird and like the ones that I remembered growing up.
  10. These were the ultimate old lady cars, typical widowed 70 to 80 yrs old sharp-tounged, rounded curly white hairstyle, tweed dress, large pearl necklace and handbag, small ankle biter doggie riding shotgun, off to the canasta club.
  11. I saw a sweet 65 Mustang yesterday at the Tue night car gathering, it was dark red and in mint condition.
  12. https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/desoto/unspecified/2508722.html Not mine, found in Hemmings: A 1932 Desoto Roadster, 22,500, not running, but very neat style and good appearance. Very overpriced but for kicks, it would be a fun car to own and drive. Someone has primed over the original black paint and wire wheel cleaned the running gear. If this were more reasonably priced, say under 10K, it would make a fun hobby car to bang around in.
  13. Well that's a good selling point, it's still illegal in most states.
  14. A 2 door at a good price. The seat fabric is cool also. Late 30s Buicks are my favorite old cars.
  15. Wow I like this car. I'm not sure what the color is front to back but it may have blue front fenders with rest of the car green? The steering wheel looks like it is from a newer model.
  16. ...and the remaining 10% of the car that he gave up on.
  17. How long will the flowers last in this August heat? I wouldn't suggest that they are artificial, not in a Packard this grand!
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