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  1. What a hack job. How about 3 wheeler BBQ grill in the background?
  2. I saw this on craigslist, and was wondering the same. Loss of interest in the old girl? Perhaps a pending divorce forces the sale?
  3. The front styling isn't that attractive.
  4. Well it looks like it could be a package deal, hehe.
  5. The body has a nice shape, a real looker! The headlights are neat, low on the body. Like a 39 Ford but a simpler style.
  6. Pretty neat car. It needs a good cleaning. Could be a quick sale if it was more presentable and the pics were better.
  7. Could of been a hearse or ambulance at one time. Usually delivery vehicles were bare bones vehicles, would have been a manual and single color unless they were company colors.
  8. Looks sportier than the suitcase rear ones of the era. I bet the inside and engine bay could be cleaned up real nicely.
  9. The seller must have the Bloomberg car trader app., changing the price to the stock ticker margin. Must be a pita changing the price on the for sale sign though. Nice thing about a digital sign is that you can adjust the price on the fly, and even better, link it to the Bloomberg app.
  10. Would this car have fluid drive by chance? I've never driven one but I bet it would make a nice drive. Zooming in on the int pic, it has a safety clutch. The interior paint is pretty rough, as well as the steering wheel.
  11. This car is a moving target price wise! It does look pretty good to me, I mean, I wouldn't kick it out of my garage. For a green, the shade is ok.
  12. Zero miles on the rebuilt engine, great selling point! The engine was turned over every few months since then to prevent ring set I'm sure. Jokes aside, I like the shape of the body.
  13. Love to a State Trooper's face when this car drives by him.
  14. Original, meaning he didnt copy someone else's car.
  15. The saddle interior goes well the blue. I can't imagine how loud the horns must be, I'll never try to cut off a 41 Plymouth if I see one on the road.
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