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  1. Might look decent if the goofy chrome stuff was deleted. The V flair that they gave them really was too much. Probabably why they sank.
  2. That's great how the PO's all know each other but will the new owner still have the warm and fuzzies as he finds he needs a radiator recore, fuel line, water pump, etc, etc...
  3. I saw this parked in front of a Deep River pub last weekend.
  4. There are alot of car collectors in Essex. You can see alot of them prowling around. On Sun afternoons there were car meets at the Scotch Plains Tavern. On Tue nights there is a pretty large gathering at Tomys Package store in Haddam.
  5. Not mine, I spotted it on the side of the road for sale on RT153 in Essex, CT. 48 Mercury Eight for $20K, with a recent paint job. The painter could have done more fine filling to cover the pits and grind Mark's before spraying but it does look to have some bondo work along the rockers. The interior is a light green, looks ok but not detailed.
  6. That's a serious motor that he is pulling. Love those old working dudes and their rigs.
  7. I like the rounded rear end. I agree, too much guarding on the bumper but I get the rails can be removed.
  8. If that car fell into my hands, it would end up like that.
  9. With the price of wood so high nowadays, maybe it's better to replace the wood with sheetmetal.
  10. The valve cover is bent for sure. It looks like a head job was done recently. The engine bay is pretty cruddy. The color is pretty cool for a green. No pics of the inside, it could be pretty trashed.
  11. Real nice car, the sedanette is very sleek. The dynaflow is basically a torque converter with a low gear that you can shift into for engine braking.
  12. It looks nice, maybe the engine can be salvaged. I would love to have a Buick straight 8 with 3 speed.
  13. It has the magic barn dust on it. Only good for restoration parts as you couldn't put another drivetrain in it to make a silly rat rod out of it.
  14. Looks pretty good, has heat. Must have ran in the last 30 years as it has s plastic fuel filter.
  15. If I was to ride it I would always be looking out for a green 50s pickup following me.
  16. Pretty good car for the price, reline the tank to start with. Just curious about what the adapter is in the middle of the radiator hose, the orange can on the side of the engine and the distributor mounted on the head?
  17. Wow that would be a landslide flip for the inheritor of this car, place a $5 ad in craigslist and not even have to wash it!
  18. Bring it VT on the way home and get it plated, they are a non title state. You can then get it registered in a title state, and in the meantime you have a plate for proving it out.
  19. If it ran when parked, why the extra drivetrain stockpile? I saw this on CL, it looks good- neat style, good bones, but wouldn't it be more sellable without the extra parts? If I was seriously interested, I would wonder how to haul them, where to store them and think maybe I really need to use them to get it on the road. The seller could sell those separately after he sells the car and make out better in my opinion. It kind of limits the sale to someone that has the space, owns equipment to deal with it and has a crew willing to help move the stuff.
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