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  1. I always took a pile to Carlisle and Hershey. Put a free sign on them and "take as many as you want". Always had repeat customers whom took them back to their motels and campers to read at night. Worked for me ! Bob
  2. I was always under the impression that he cap on the water pump fitting was to prevent the pump from pushing water from the pump out thru the grease port. I know I had an fancy all brass one on my 1911 car. -Bob.
  3. One of my most highly regarded literary authors Mark Twain spoke of " If you don't read the newspaper's you are uniformed, but if you do read them you are misinformed." I've always admired him since I was old enough to read. And I'll continue to read the published word until my eyes fail. I do not condemn the person that wishes to look at his/hers screen, however my preference is to sit in my recliner laid back with a book or newspaper. Probably just getting old and set in my ways.--Bob
  4. Thank you Spinneyhill !!!
  5. I am not sure of the complete process of "electroless nickle". I do know that I had 5 - 36" steel rims redone with "electroless nickle" and found the cost was very favorable. Less than 2/3 s the cost of regular nickle plating. The end result on the car was outstanding.
  6. A " Butler" finish is a very fine scratching of the original plating.
  7. I have been saving early automotive post cards for years. One of my favorites is a hand painted old car with an elegantly dressed woman behind the wheel that was sent to a quite young man, his age younger than 12, was marked on the card. The postmark was 1909. Another is a photo card of Glenn Curtiss the aircraft pioneer, standing beside the Airocar he built powered by one of his famous motorcycle engines. --Bob--
  8. I am not an upholster, but I always thought the back of the animal was the thickest. And was always used for the seat bottoms. The rest was for door panels, seat backs, kick panels and misc. Is this not the case? --Bob
  9. Rod, I suspect it is for a exhaust cutout. Quite common on brass and other old cars. --Bob
  10. I have seen the letter of intent work many times during my association buying old cars. Once with a close friend whom had a very rare early car made in Buffalo. He passed away and when the family went thru his papers settling up his estate they found a 8 year old letter from a collector admiring his Buffalo built car. His closing sentence was "If it ever becomes available for sale I would be interested". The family contacted him and he got the car. It was a win- win situation for both parties. -Bob
  11. Thanks to all. They are going to a collector in Vermont. --Bob
  12. II have always thought that the costs of the wood to the manufacturer were an important factor. I have read that Henry Ford owned his own forests just to get the wood he deemed necessary for his production purposes. I sense the cheaper the car, the cheaper the wood. But I also must add I have re-wooded expensive cars that engineered the wood for the service it was giving, if it needed strength it got oak or ash. Body sills where strength and endurance were needed seemed to be white oak. Another car that needed a spreader bar just behind the front seat used a 2 inch thick piece of soft maple from side to side. I am also sure there were many factors that entered into production practice through the years. Bob's thoughts.
  13. Sorry, but my traveling to old car related activities has been curtailed, haven't been to Hershey in 4 years and after 50 plus years of going I miss it ! --Bob--
  14. I most certainly will donate them to the AACA library for all to enjoy. Can I assume that because of your interest you are personally coming or arranging for someone to pick them up? Or do you wish to have me figure the USPS flat rate costs for you? Please advise, thank you. --Bob--
  15. Greg, regarding the panel board, it will form itself to the firewall. Just be sure it is put on during a humid day. --Bob--