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  1. My question is did Ford make a retractable hardtop in 1956 called a Skyliner prior to the 1957 - 59 models. I am sure they made a "glass" (Plexiglas) roof insert, but wonder about a end of the year run of a disappearing top other than a convertible. Thanks for up grading my memory base. Bob
  2. Mike, I don't know how big a glass you need. I have an adjustable one with a flip lever on/off on top. My old model ten Buicks both had a really neat visual glass about the size of a small lemon, as I recall. If you want to look at it I'll bring it over on my next trip. Bob
  3. Who is re-manufacturing Top Irons?

    Terry- I just got back here to the forum, I know it's not politically correct to be watching football when old car things are being discussed but I do have many interests. Looking back, yes I should have made my illustration a little clearer . Thanks to David for clearing up my lack of communication. That said, my collecting interest started in the year 1900 and ending at 1942 . Early cars have always been my interest and have owned many brass cars. Also I must be an "old fogey " for real as I bought my first brass car with my lawn mowing money 70 years ago. And have enjoyed every minute of the hobby. --Bob
  4. Who is re-manufacturing Top Irons?

    One of my early cars was "ironed" for a top but never had one installed. When shown a judge questioned me about the top, I explained it was the original owners option, but it fell on deaf ears. I got a deduction, but learned to carry my documentation. Bob

    Terry --I tried to contact you for your Email address , but was informed you can not take messages ? Seldenguy.

    Bob, that has to be the envy of all spark plug collectors worldwide. I have many friends that are collectors and none have that "feminine" one like yours. Please, put me on the list of potential buyers.
  7. 36 Buick generator

    Copperjohn: If you have not yet found one I think I may be able to help out. I owned a '36 Roadmaster which I believe is the same as the Century. Also a complete distributor is on my shelf. --Bob Mahoney
  8. WTB - 1953 Buick Frame

    I would suggest you post the model of your Buick. Some one can correct me if I'm mistaken, but I seem to recall there were at least two different frames perhaps three depending on the model in 1953. --Bob
  9. Mirror re silvering

    I have had very good luck with my local glass shops. They of course send them out and usually come back in 2 to 3 weeks. Try them and good luck.--- Bob
  10. Thanks Rick. I have been looking at several top of the line upholsterers but none seemed to have the kits for a '61. '62 and up seems like everybody has them. Lebaron Bonney are a top notch company to work with. Thanks again ! --Bob--
  11. Looking for a supplier for an original kit including door panels. Thanks everyone, Bob
  12. What was here in my F32

    Looks like a socket for a cigarette lighter. Bob
  13. Hubcaps-1936-stainless?

    RL- It was several years ago and was done in Toronto, Ontario. At the time it was about 1/2 the US dollar cost. Unfortunately the plater is deceased., BE. Your solution is very ingenious. The '36 cap is the same type of design/construction, the skin is about 8" in diameter. If I have to do another set I will use your method, thanks for the info. Bob
  14. Hubcaps-1936-stainless?

    When I had mine for my '36 restored, they had to be separated, restored, and then silver soldered all around the cap. The plating chemicals can not be allowed to get under the skin, or you will have to start looking for more to replace them, after they are "eaten" up by the chemicals trapped in between layers. --Bob--
  15. The Otto was manufactured in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I would suggest contacting the automotive section of the Free Public Library in Philadelphia. -Bob.