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  1. Model 20 Electric Starter?

    I had to fabricate a tension idler to get the required surface of a 2" start/gen pulley to function properly, It was a few years ago but as I remember the wrap was approximately around 200-250 degrees on the generator . I have since sold the car, but it has popped up on several tours, I assume still functioning. Phil, it was also a poly serpentine belt. Bob
  2. Early brass era car?

    I am not going to be much help with the car identification, but the license plate is a 1911 dealer ( M is for manufacturer ) . The color is maroon with white letters. With 1911 plates the car can't be newer, and obviously looks older. Bob
  3. Locomobile Model L engine in rebuild

    Al, you mentioned you need a parabolic mirror, but failed to mention the size you needed ? I have a few of them surplus to my needs, I may be able to help. Bob
  4. 1915 c-25 chassis serial number

    I doubt it, most serial numbers were stamped in the frame or attached to the frame.
  5. Large Flywheel ring gear supplier needed.

    Any good machine shop can make a segment ring gear to fit any size flywheel.
  6. My error, it looks Washington Blue, it's hell to be getting old!
  7. There is a very nice looking 1936 4 Door convertible sedan coming up for auction at Cottones Auction House in Geneseo NY soon. I have no connection or interest in this car, but it does look good. Yellow w/tan top. It will make someone a nice driver and appears complete. phone 585-243-1000 .
  8. My question is did Ford make a retractable hardtop in 1956 called a Skyliner prior to the 1957 - 59 models. I am sure they made a "glass" (Plexiglas) roof insert, but wonder about a end of the year run of a disappearing top other than a convertible. Thanks for up grading my memory base. Bob
  9. Mike, I don't know how big a glass you need. I have an adjustable one with a flip lever on/off on top. My old model ten Buicks both had a really neat visual glass about the size of a small lemon, as I recall. If you want to look at it I'll bring it over on my next trip. Bob
  10. Who is re-manufacturing Top Irons?

    Terry- I just got back here to the forum, I know it's not politically correct to be watching football when old car things are being discussed but I do have many interests. Looking back, yes I should have made my illustration a little clearer . Thanks to David for clearing up my lack of communication. That said, my collecting interest started in the year 1900 and ending at 1942 . Early cars have always been my interest and have owned many brass cars. Also I must be an "old fogey " for real as I bought my first brass car with my lawn mowing money 70 years ago. And have enjoyed every minute of the hobby. --Bob
  11. Who is re-manufacturing Top Irons?

    One of my early cars was "ironed" for a top but never had one installed. When shown a judge questioned me about the top, I explained it was the original owners option, but it fell on deaf ears. I got a deduction, but learned to carry my documentation. Bob

    Terry --I tried to contact you for your Email address , but was informed you can not take messages ? Seldenguy.

    Bob, that has to be the envy of all spark plug collectors worldwide. I have many friends that are collectors and none have that "feminine" one like yours. Please, put me on the list of potential buyers.
  14. 36 Buick generator

    Copperjohn: If you have not yet found one I think I may be able to help out. I owned a '36 Roadmaster which I believe is the same as the Century. Also a complete distributor is on my shelf. --Bob Mahoney
  15. WTB - 1953 Buick Frame

    I would suggest you post the model of your Buick. Some one can correct me if I'm mistaken, but I seem to recall there were at least two different frames perhaps three depending on the model in 1953. --Bob