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  1. My brother Chris has a complete 8 cylinder Packard engine w/ 44,000 miles. Complete as running with all components when removed from car. Has bell housing, and transmission. You may reach him at 1-585-259-0170.
  2. $um Fun, Check with Fred Hoch in New Jersey, He is a top Mercer authority and restorer. Bob
  3. Bill, I have had one of those gadgets that tells you stay on the center line for years, it's called a "wife". Sometimes I leave her home. Bob
  4. You are on the right track now Paul, that is utilizing your skills. Seldenguy
  5. There were two (2) radios available for the 1936 Buick. The one you show above is the deluxe model of the two. The standard lower level is vertical with no overlapping of trim panel and completely differently from the deluxe. Both are shown in the 1936 accessory catalog, which also shows the standard and deluxe hot water heaters.
  6. I had to fabricate a tension idler to get the required surface of a 2" start/gen pulley to function properly, It was a few years ago but as I remember the wrap was approximately around 200-250 degrees on the generator . I have since sold the car, but it has popped up on several tours, I assume still functioning. Phil, it was also a poly serpentine belt. Bob
  7. I am not going to be much help with the car identification, but the license plate is a 1911 dealer ( M is for manufacturer ) . The color is maroon with white letters. With 1911 plates the car can't be newer, and obviously looks older. Bob
  8. Al, you mentioned you need a parabolic mirror, but failed to mention the size you needed ? I have a few of them surplus to my needs, I may be able to help. Bob
  9. I doubt it, most serial numbers were stamped in the frame or attached to the frame.
  10. Any good machine shop can make a segment ring gear to fit any size flywheel.
  11. My error, it looks Washington Blue, it's hell to be getting old!
  12. There is a very nice looking 1936 4 Door convertible sedan coming up for auction at Cottones Auction House in Geneseo NY soon. I have no connection or interest in this car, but it does look good. Yellow w/tan top. It will make someone a nice driver and appears complete. phone 585-243-1000 .
  13. My question is did Ford make a retractable hardtop in 1956 called a Skyliner prior to the 1957 - 59 models. I am sure they made a "glass" (Plexiglas) roof insert, but wonder about a end of the year run of a disappearing top other than a convertible. Thanks for up grading my memory base. Bob
  14. Mike, I don't know how big a glass you need. I have an adjustable one with a flip lever on/off on top. My old model ten Buicks both had a really neat visual glass about the size of a small lemon, as I recall. If you want to look at it I'll bring it over on my next trip. Bob
  15. Terry- I just got back here to the forum, I know it's not politically correct to be watching football when old car things are being discussed but I do have many interests. Looking back, yes I should have made my illustration a little clearer . Thanks to David for clearing up my lack of communication. That said, my collecting interest started in the year 1900 and ending at 1942 . Early cars have always been my interest and have owned many brass cars. Also I must be an "old fogey " for real as I bought my first brass car with my lawn mowing money 70 years ago. And have enjoyed every minute of the hobby. --Bob