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  1. Having had two Cartercars, I can tell you the perceived negatives are false. I have run in driving rains on New London to Brighton with no lose of drive mechanism traction. The paper wheel holds up well and I never wore out a driven wheel. The drive wheel can wear, but if you wish to sacrifice some of the grip, a tougher drive wheel can be had. New roads allow for easily maintaining a friction drive for touring. While in theory the pressure of the friction drive does not put force on the engine, many cars have had the thrust bearing area wear, indicating that it happens. Poor friction drive units usually have had the thrust bearings compromised, and usually in the engine, which makes the fix more costly. So assuming the friction drive unit is working properly, I would say take the car for a drive. If you are happy with how it handles at a speed you are okay with, call it good.
  2. I see a good original woodgrain in the car, which I would advice keeping. I have a woodgrain business( Woodgrain by Estes ) and would be glad to offer advice on it’s preservation.
  3. gossjh

    1913 Hupp 32

    I have not tried to shift without the clutch, but do remember that being the trick on some Whites. I do not normally leave a car in neutral while sitting, so I do not often experience the spinning / clashing that has been described. It is natural for us to match engine speed and ground speed. We had the car for sale at Hershey and drove it around, thinking it might be our last chance to play with it. We still have it and my son and I both improved our skills driving it. We also at Hershey fired up the gas lamps and were surprised at how few people had seen gas lamps in use. It starts easily since we retimed the cam.
  4. C2E 39-42 will have a few seats. Be polite and we might even stand up while you sit a while.
  5. gossjh

    1913 Hupp 32

    Back to original request for shifting help, now that I have the car out driving it more. I have gotten better at tapping the clutch brake at the bottom of the stroke of clutch and then putting in gear. Your welcome to call if talking thru it helps. Seven 65- four27- seven 0 seven 8
  6. gossjh

    1913 Hupp 32

    Another finding: the Bosch book said to set spark plug gap at .5 mm(0.015”). I re-gapped and raised my speed 5 mph. Previously was 0.025”.
  7. Yes October 10, 2019 at 1:00 at HCCA tent in red field.
  8. The time has been reserved at 1:00 Thursday October 10 at the HCCA tent in Red Field for this year’s gathering of all those interested in Maxwell.
  9. gossjh

    1913 Hupp 32

    Hurray, the cam to crankshaft timing was out. With some car buddy help, it is now fixed and the car is running way better. Hopefully tomorrow, a road test will prove our work a great success .
  10. gossjh

    1913 Hupp 32

    A little update on my car. I found a used original carb. It ends up the idle needle is a syphon tube. It improved the carbureation a little, but not as much as I had hoped. It runs smooth enough, and starts ok, but is too slow. It would be fine for puttering around town, but I go on tours and it needs more road speed for that. I have opened up the timing parts and am slowly getting it all checked out to see that it is set up properly. It is hard to do when working alone. The books all tell how to take the chain loose and reset it, but leave it up to you to figure what to look for on the assembled car.
  11. If not sold before, I may bring my 1913 model 32 to Hershey to sell. You would be welcome to take measurements from it Spaces C2E 39-42.
  12. gossjh

    1913 Hupp 32

    The others are 1908 Maxwell NC 2 cylinder roadster. 1911 Ford torpedo roadster, 1930 Ford woody station wagon, 1964 Studebaker Daytona. My kids have a 1950 Willys Jeepster and a 1910 Maxwell G toy tonneau touring.
  13. gossjh

    1913 Hupp 32

    Practice will not only improve your skills, but likely will work some kinks out of the car. They seem to like to be used and repay us by running better. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Yes, I believe it was made in thirteen as a fourteen model, but did not get any of the optional electric starting or lighting. I just listed it on HCCA.org for sale. Maybe I can get me a newer tow vehicle. Or at least not get distracted by working on this, when I have four finished cars sitting here getting jealous. Are you using the original carburetor? Mine has a broken off idle needle. Others in the Hupmobile club have switched to other carburetors , so I have not fixed it, figuring the next owner can make his choice.
  14. A new link likely should have been started as now the ‘show your Hupmobile ‘ is not continuous.
  15. Gleaner, if yours has these features I am interested.