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  1. I have a model 32 and while I do not have any of the parts you were asking for I might be able to offer measurements or such if needed. Also we have been talking about switching out tires from another car ina couple of months, so there may be tires available in the future. I could actually get two available with the effort of changing. They would be in Indiana.
  2. I took this car in trade and am by no means a Hupmobile expert. But here is what I know. The title reads 1913. The numbers appear to follow 1914 as follows engine 40541, Dash 44448, rear outside frame rail H44448. Here is what I surmise. Early hobbies wanted an earlier car and someways cheated reality, so possibly the one year earlier is from this, but maybe the records are not January to January, so while Hupmobile club says the numbers are for 1914, maybe build date Was earlier and registration followed the Sell date pre 1914. As for the rear ident plate. These were steel and exposed to rear damage. This one looks pretty good and has the H in front. Does that mean it is a replacement in it’s past ???. I often just call it a 1913 as people seem to less expect an electric starter in 13, but do in 1914. It was an option, so I believe is okay either way. This car does not have the electric system, but does have a couple of indications of parts being there to accommodate one. It has an electric wire and horn button at the steering column. It has a plug in the body where the wires from the left running board battery box would have been. It has a blanked off battery box under the drivers seat. It runs gas head lights via a Prestolite tank and kerosene cowl and rear lights. I did not know about the steering wheel, so I looked up and found a short run 1915 K model that still appeared to be right hand , while the next model, also starting in 1915 appears to be left drive, this being judged by some images that I found. I have some literature somewhere abouts that likely would tell better about the changes. The time I have invested in this car has been things like cleaning out the gas tank, properly timing, and putting back the choke cable system that rotates a rotating cylinder on the carburetor. It is actually a good quality designed car that needs someone to give it a proper going over. I have it dependably running for some enjoyment using as is.
  3. Greg, Thanks for asking, but I am mostly into prewar cars.
  4. This one came out of PA. It is still available. Still making ice cream runs.
  5. Statute of limitations vary. Do you mean parental or governmental?
  6. One of those dishes belongs to the in between generation that is doing the finger pointing!
  7. I taught you to respect old cars, and you learned the joy of eating on a running board. I taught them that Grampa could be as much of a pushover as Gramma.
  8. Reduced price. This 1913 Hupmobile is a cheap ticket to brass era touring at $15,000. It is easy cranking, starting, running, drives and stops. Trades modern and vintage will be considered, but no junk. Joe Goss, Indiana
  9. Reduced price on easy stating hand crank running, driving, stopping HCCA eligible touring car. It is an old restoration with some more recent work to pretty up and make go better. A dependable, but not overly robust driver. I would like more room in my garage. Some trades considered, so feel free to try me on modern or vintage. $15,000 Joe Goss Indiana
  10. gossjh

    1912 gas tank

    FYI, most shops do not have insurance to make gas tanks.
  11. gossjh

    1912 gas tank

    If you have good end caps, a good sheetmetal shop can make you a water tank that looks just like your gas tank.
  12. I think I saw a Brush muffler on HCCA
  13. I have a 7x14’ enclosed trailer in central Florida that I need towed North to or closer to Lafayette, IN