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  1. This is Joe Goss. Rich Anderson has asked me to host the meeting at my vendor spaces rather than the HCCA tent. His thoughts are that it will be quieter and not rushed at my spaces. I will later confirm my space numbers and we will likely set up a time for Thursday, which I believe is the usual day. My spaces are C2E38-41. It is the row when you get off the bridge from Green field Angie South . Known as the Royce Royce row ,but also has Universal tire and Car Buddy lifts. My space will list in the directory as my business ‘Woodgrain by Estes’. I will furnish some seating, but if you can easily do so, you might bring a chair along.
  2. Joe, I hope you are still monitoring this link. I just purchased a slightly different earlier model 14. It has a rear bustle trunk. I believe the cowl is also different. The car is not home yet, but I picked up a little on it’s operation from your Video. The gentleman who last ran it has passed, so I will have to figure out where gears are and such. Joe Goss 766-four two seven- 7078
  3. Hugh, I replied in an email. You are welcome to contact me for any questions as this is one of my old cars.
  4. The ones I have made up already are 6”x24”. I appear to not have metal on hand to make up another size, so I would need to place an order, unless your radiator man has it on hand. These that I already have would be $125 each. Make sure that you need that extra height and inform me. The price would be dependent on cost of material. Joe Goss
  5. That would be my son Patrick and I. Naturally we make them for the brass cars, so there is the possibility of a size difference. Measure height and length and add a bit to flange to marry to the adjoining parts. Joe Goss
  6. Vern Campbell restored the carb and I readjusted it after use. Joe I do have images of an aftermarket Zenith carb that worked on a friend H, if that could help you.
  7. I have a friend that I will forward the link to, but first I will ask about the base that the distributor mounts into. I could not see past the distributor to see if your car had this item. It is pot metal and we glued together his broken one and I have an image that I will attempt to send to you.
  8. I had a local screen printer do some that matched the rest perfectly. He had no antique vehicle expertise, but took it in his stride. It was just a small basement side business.
  9. In case it helps we had this one off to repair the ‘u’ shaped broken out portion. So at least you and observers can see what it looks like. The distributor mounts in the big bore.
  10. Good advice. He has been around the block a few times and enjoys his cars. Listen to your Elders
  11. I do not know the details, but I remember that our 20 DB was faster than some newer/mid twenties DBs. It was relayed to me once that the two unit( starter / generator ) cars were slower. I doubt it actually had to do with the electrical part, so maybe it had to do with the tire diameter. The car designs generally plateaued around 1917, so some cars after were engineered to make available to more purchasers instead of engineered to improve the car’s performance. Road speed was not a big deal then. Some early nickel cars may have been dumbed down both by poor gas around WWI time frame and plain making cheaper cars. That being said, it was not the case with all. Just don’t assume later date means better car for today’s needs. Also, modern gasoline goes to gas state easier and causes vapor lock in some old cars more than others.
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    Howard, thank you for the link correction. FYI, to all. Bill is no longer with us, but his son Dan continues with the business.
  13. First off I like your enthusiasm for the older cars. I have had multiple orphan cars Franklin , Empire, Cartercar. I have a model A station wagon and a 64 Studebaker. My favorite car is a 1908 Maxwell NC, which is a big roadster that can tour a bit with bigger cars. The most used of the older cars is a 1911 Ford torpedo. Of cars I once owned that I would suggest is a Dodge Brothers. We had a 1920 and used it a lot. As to what I might have to sell at your high end, it would be a 1913 Hupmobile touring. Have fun with the search.
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    That does not seem to work, so try the phone 1 (309) 645-0606
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