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  1. My 1908 NC has similar tools and a poch. If you do not have a tool pouch, let me know and I can get you some info, so that you can duplicate.
  2. Mel Draper at 7 W Main Jeromesville, OH 44840 can get you set up with top iron, bows and top.
  3. As for the latch pulls: If they do not show up at Chickasha, I have already talked to Mel Draper about posibly casting them, using my best original as a pattern.
  4. Here is an image of the latch pull that I am looking to replace on my model 32 Hupmobile. I need two.
  5. While the Hup was awaiting better weather I had some nickle redone. Starting to put it back together, so I got a coyple if images.
  6. I previously had an EC6 and I had to clear the ball check area and the flow was small. It started to flow less right as I was delivering to the new owner, so I told him about it. He tore in to it and found the end of something close to a gun cleaning swab. This was not done on my watch, so who knows how long it was in the line. Just saying, check out everything that you can while inspecting.
  7. Phil, I have sent you an email message giving measurememnts. Joe
  8. Unfortunately, due to storage situation, good images will not be available for quite some time. I will strive to remember to get it done.
  9. All, my tech advisor recommended leaving the mag alone as getting it back in phase might be a bit difficult. He let me know that the steering column does need to come out . Then the cowl body section has four bolts and with other linkage disassembly , it could be removed and the tank removed. I chose to clean in place.
  10. I need two door latch pulls that are on top of touring doors to pull rhe latch to open the door. Might also consider someone to do aluminum casting from a good front one.
  11. I have decided to remove the under the cowl gas tank in a model 32 for cleaning. I have the center control rods out, the strap fasteners both on inside of dash and fire wall. Looks like mag and steering column need removed. Any hints on how to not make extra work for my self, as I procede.
  12. The Maxwell meeting will be the Thursday of the Hershey Fall meet event in Red Field in HCCA tent at 1:00 pm
  13. I am needing a clutch for a 1910 Maxwell. While not likely to be it, it might convert to be one. What are you asking for it?
  14. I used thick round extension cord sectioned instead of rope and put in the groove to mount and then ran with no issues. Another car upon inspection, I found that the rings were reversible and simply mounted them to the flat side. Remember that straightwall tires have a reinforcement in the inner portion, so they will not deform so much when the air pressure is applied.