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  1. I had a local screen printer do some that matched the rest perfectly. He had no antique vehicle expertise, but took it in his stride. It was just a small basement side business.
  2. In case it helps we had this one off to repair the ‘u’ shaped broken out portion. So at least you and observers can see what it looks like. The distributor mounts in the big bore.
  3. Good advice. He has been around the block a few times and enjoys his cars. Listen to your Elders
  4. I do not know the details, but I remember that our 20 DB was faster than some newer/mid twenties DBs. It was relayed to me once that the two unit( starter / generator ) cars were slower. I doubt it actually had to do with the electrical part, so maybe it had to do with the tire diameter. The car designs generally plateaued around 1917, so some cars after were engineered to make available to more purchasers instead of engineered to improve the car’s performance. Road speed was not a big deal then. Some early nickel cars may have been dumbed down both by poor gas around WWI time frame and plain
  5. gossjh


    Howard, thank you for the link correction. FYI, to all. Bill is no longer with us, but his son Dan continues with the business.
  6. First off I like your enthusiasm for the older cars. I have had multiple orphan cars Franklin , Empire, Cartercar. I have a model A station wagon and a 64 Studebaker. My favorite car is a 1908 Maxwell NC, which is a big roadster that can tour a bit with bigger cars. The most used of the older cars is a 1911 Ford torpedo. Of cars I once owned that I would suggest is a Dodge Brothers. We had a 1920 and used it a lot. As to what I might have to sell at your high end, it would be a 1913 Hupmobile touring. Have fun with the search.
  7. gossjh


    That does not seem to work, so try the phone 1 (309) 645-0606
  8. gossjh


    http://www.billsantiqueradiatorrestorations.com Bill’s radiator repair in Chillicothe, IL
  9. I am and my son informed me that he just turned his in.
  10. Joe West, I am sorry that some on the forum proved to be out of line picking on the storage situation. The owners obviously started out with very good intentions. I sent a personal message, it was not certain that you received it. I am interested in the Dodge truck. Joe Goss life AACA member and owner of Woodgrain by Estes.
  11. I have a model 32 and while I do not have any of the parts you were asking for I might be able to offer measurements or such if needed. Also we have been talking about switching out tires from another car ina couple of months, so there may be tires available in the future. I could actually get two available with the effort of changing. They would be in Indiana.
  12. Statute of limitations vary. Do you mean parental or governmental?
  13. One of those dishes belongs to the in between generation that is doing the finger pointing!
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