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  1. In my humble opinion there is nothing to question. The Jones is far superior to the Stewart, in quality and dial beauty. A excellent choice for your Speedster, I presume.? Bob Mahoney
  2. It will be on it's way in the near future as a Christmas gift, enjoy some good reading. Also included is a little info on the '09 AA that Jeff also purchased. Bob
  3. Get a photo of one you like and have it remade from current steel. Or fabricate yourself, much easier and (a bonus) much safer.
  4. Nice to hear from you Phil. I recognize the slow moving assembly line, mine stopped when I got into my high eightys. I still have the '05 paperwork mentioned above send me a PM if you think any of it or all would be helpful to you. Bob
  5. That is my Maxwell model L that Jeff has for sale. I researched the Maxwell company for many months and kept a very large record of the car's restoration and history. Also have a copy of the original parts catalog that Maxwell supplied in the day. All of this served me well in the restoration as it was a challenge when I purchased the car from the man that bought it from the original owners son. It had set outdoors for 70 plus years occasionally driven for parades. The son used to stop at my shop on occasion to check on " Dad's car " he was in his 90's at the last visit. I promised him a ride
  6. Greg, did you find the ferrule installation tool you were looking for ? If not PM me I think I can help you. Bob
  7. Hi Bernie, yes a lot of fun, but couldn't put it in storage and drive and show the Selden. All the cream 80C s had the green door saddles like Lucy's. - Bob
  8. The '36 80C had a black Dash per factory specs. The shade is listed in my factory brochure. Also the instrument panel and glove box door was marbelized with a light gray woodgrain. I have many fond memories of traveling to Texas and purchasing a complete rustfree old restoration for $5000. And spending a 1/2 hour visit with B B King at a rest stop in Oklahoma. This was in 1982. - Bob
  9. My brother Chris has a complete 8 cylinder Packard engine w/ 44,000 miles. Complete as running with all components when removed from car. Has bell housing, and transmission. You may reach him at 1-585-259-0170.
  10. $um Fun, Check with Fred Hoch in New Jersey, He is a top Mercer authority and restorer. Bob
  11. Bill, I have had one of those gadgets that tells you stay on the center line for years, it's called a "wife". Sometimes I leave her home. Bob
  12. You are on the right track now Paul, that is utilizing your skills. Seldenguy
  13. There were two (2) radios available for the 1936 Buick. The one you show above is the deluxe model of the two. The standard lower level is vertical with no overlapping of trim panel and completely differently from the deluxe. Both are shown in the 1936 accessory catalog, which also shows the standard and deluxe hot water heaters.
  14. I had to fabricate a tension idler to get the required surface of a 2" start/gen pulley to function properly, It was a few years ago but as I remember the wrap was approximately around 200-250 degrees on the generator . I have since sold the car, but it has popped up on several tours, I assume still functioning. Phil, it was also a poly serpentine belt. Bob
  15. I am not going to be much help with the car identification, but the license plate is a 1911 dealer ( M is for manufacturer ) . The color is maroon with white letters. With 1911 plates the car can't be newer, and obviously looks older. Bob
  16. Al, you mentioned you need a parabolic mirror, but failed to mention the size you needed ? I have a few of them surplus to my needs, I may be able to help. Bob
  17. I doubt it, most serial numbers were stamped in the frame or attached to the frame.
  18. Any good machine shop can make a segment ring gear to fit any size flywheel.
  19. My error, it looks Washington Blue, it's hell to be getting old!
  20. There is a very nice looking 1936 4 Door convertible sedan coming up for auction at Cottones Auction House in Geneseo NY soon. I have no connection or interest in this car, but it does look good. Yellow w/tan top. It will make someone a nice driver and appears complete. phone 585-243-1000 .
  21. Copperjohn: If you have not yet found one I think I may be able to help out. I owned a '36 Roadmaster which I believe is the same as the Century. Also a complete distributor is on my shelf. --Bob Mahoney
  22. RL- It was several years ago and was done in Toronto, Ontario. At the time it was about 1/2 the US dollar cost. Unfortunately the plater is deceased., BE. Your solution is very ingenious. The '36 cap is the same type of design/construction, the skin is about 8" in diameter. If I have to do another set I will use your method, thanks for the info. Bob
  23. When I had mine for my '36 restored, they had to be separated, restored, and then silver soldered all around the cap. The plating chemicals can not be allowed to get under the skin, or you will have to start looking for more to replace them, after they are "eaten" up by the chemicals trapped in between layers. --Bob--
  24. I didn't consider it rough. It was a complete car that needed everything restored. However not being an authority on the marque I am unable to comment on the "jewelry". But to view the car as it sat outside it appeared complete and needing restoration. Probably as good a one you could find on this side of the pond, but I did not look under the hood. I had seen one on the Autobahn outside Munich in the early '50's and was more impressed than with the Mercedes of the same era. May have been the rarity? ---Bob
  25. Roccodart446--I just dug out my Olds book and what I found is that they only made two models of coupes in '31. The standard business coupe(2 passenger) and the sport coupe (2+2 in rumble seat).The picture shows yours to be the standard business coupe. The standard coupe came in two wheel options 5 wooden wheels as yours or 5 wire wheels. Production for your car was 1059 units built, the base price was $845. The five wire wheel car production was 1364. As mentioned by Paul the bumper/spare wheel was an option but "not mandatory", this option was listed as an additional $ 20, but did not include
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