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Help! Do you have a GREAT picture of cars on the road Touring?

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So what I am looking for is a hi-res picture of multiple cars in a nice setting driving down a road, not parked.  We have lots and lots of pictures of tours but not many showing the cars actually being driven.  Handsome reward, a picture of me! :)   No seriously if someone has something I can use I will be happy to pay for its use or give you some kind of AACA gift!  

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I can offer a few.  Small roads in Pennsylvania

may have covered bridges, so our most scenic

pictures often have those historical features.

These are candid pictures, not posed, so someone

else on the forum may have some more beautiful

pictures from their own events.


Spring Tour 2013 (21).JPG

1957 Cadillac--mine Fall Tour 2020.jpg

Car club Summer Tour 2012-14.JPG

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Do they need to be AACA? These are actually HCCA.

The modern interloper (Goldbug) is there because the fellow's 1914 Kissel touring car blew out the water pump the day before the tour was to start! And I am kidding calling it an "interloper". The Goldbug is gorgeous! A few weeks later and the 1914 was back on the road.


The resolution may actually not be high enough. But these photos are fond memories for me.





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"Yes, it's nice to see those old gentlemen get out their antique cars, but sometimes they get in the way of traffic."




"I always can recognize those old cars by their grille. And as soon as I catch up I'm going to pass him so I can see what it is."

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2 hours ago, 60FlatTop said:

Here is my 1960 Electra inside and passing out of the only culvert under the Erie Canal in Medina, NY.

Only 7-1/2 feet of clearance?  That culvert would be fatal to anyone driving a big brass car!

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