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AACA Library & Research Center

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I never got to stop by the Research Center back in October while attending the Hershey Show, but out of curiosity, what vehicles are currently on display there ? I know that the 1908 Olds is there, but would enjoy seeing pictures of the other vehicles.  I'm sure that the other members would enjoy seeing them as well.


Thanks !



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Here are some when the new building just opened and they were still setting up.. This was August 2021 Everyone was very nice and let us explore when they were in the middle of still moving in. All it took was a phone call asking if we could come and visit after finishing up our touring of the covered bridges in Lancaster. They do change the cars  as you can see from the previous post.








































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Clever folks there with that anti-gravity job where car and viewer are suspended upside down from the ceiling!

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I was there at Hershey in Oct. 23 but was in fast forward overdrive with the activities of the AACA paper sale and the SAH book signing not to mention everyone who wanted to have a few words ( which turned into many) I am still not sure how everyone figured out who I was.  I hope to visit again in the Spring and then tour the inside and maybe even contribute a few words...................more on that possibility later.  It is a well run tight ship by Captain Moskowitz .🧐

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8 hours ago, STEVE POLLARD said:



Just amazing !! I can't believe how large this vehicle is..... what is the size of those tires ?





That is what makes Limiteds so imposing!  43 X 5 Firestone Gum Dipped and not available anymore.  Everyone who has them on their car lives in fear of a failure.  The ones we installed on the GM's Limited I found in a building in 1971 under a pile of rubble and wrapped in heavy paper.  Ship date was in the 50's.  Found them a second time in the same place 24 years later!

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27 minutes ago, dalef62 said:

Steve, how long will the Limited be there???

My guess is……forever. 

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On 1/17/2024 at 6:40 PM, Steve Moskowitz said:

I'll be "on the job" all weekend again so I will snap some pics for you guys.  One of our cars, the 1926 Pontiac Race Car is now on display at the Philadelphia auto show.

You might get snowed in and have to spend even more time there....


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22 hours ago, TAKerry said:

Seeing that race car in person really is amazing. Its crazy how small it is and how small the 'cockpit' is. I couldnt get into that thing if my life depended on it.

I have a friend who had a football-player sized son who wanted to drive race cars.  They went to a race where he knew one of the owners and got to visit him in the Pits.  My friend explained his son's desire and the car owner gave him permission to get in.  The boy got one foot in and decided that driving race cars was not for him. ( Great parenting, by the way--rather than tell his son that his dream was a stupid idea, he went along with it and let the kid figure it out--Dad was the hero for supporting the dream. win win.)


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My brother had been on a 2 or 3 year quest to buy a model A. He joined the club, did tons of research (as he does with anything being a history major in college) etc. etc. The day came for the purchase. He went to a large model A show with check book in hand figuring there may be at least one or two for sale. As he was talking to the owners letting them know of his intentions several had him sit in their cars. He had never been in one before. Ah Ha moment, he didnt fit in any of them. He is not overweight but taller than average (and played his share of football, LOL). Dream squashed so he stuck with antique motorcycles.

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