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  1. Walt - I wonder if Frank H. Fisk, Jr. had anything to do with the tire company ?
  2. Probably riding in my Grandmother's 1964 Cadillac Coupe Deville Convertible...heading south on RT. 9D that runs parallel to the Hudson River.... top down. I was young, so it was the late sixties or early seventies....going thru Breakneck Tunnel that divides Dutchess County and Putnam County, my Grandmother hits that horn, that distinguish Cadillac horn..... and her smile on her face - I'll never forget it ! Steve
  3. It figures.... I have 8 fixtures in the garage, well I'll just add it to my "to do" list around the house......Thanks for the info !
  4. Great subject.... I have a 24x24 detached and my original fluorescents are starting to fail ( structure was built in 2008 ) They are 4' in length, so do the LED's need an adaptor to fit in the current fixture ? Steve
  5. Looking great Martin.... once completed and on the road, ever think of taking your 8 years of restoration and turn it into a restoration book / guide ? Your detail pictures and your explanation of work is top notch, just like some other restoration threads here on the forum ! Steve
  6. The last picture is a 1969......... first picture could be '74 thru '76
  7. What a beautiful car ! My Uncle had a '73 Lincoln Continental...... 2 door, light blue, white top & interior.... the interior reminds me of his Lincoln ! Steve
  8. My Grandfather special order a 1977 Chevrolet Nova with the three speed on the column - he was replacing his 1963 Chevy II. I think it took 6 months for that Nova to come in.
  9. My '69 Bel Air.... picked it last year, just replaced the original 14" rims with 15" with new rubber yesterday. This has the 6 cylinder with the three speed manual on the column. I'm getting a lot of input from a few friends to upgrade to a date coded big block engine, but on the other side of the coin, a few have been telling me to leave as is... It looks great in the pictures, but the paint is shot - sat out in the hot N.C. sun, it's faded and chalky like. Steve
  10. Chris - I ended up ordering the entire kit from Inline Tube.... just came in last Friday - now to find the time to install it. I asked a question over in the Technical Section regarding DOT 3 vs. DOT 5....... good information that I received, looks like I'm going to go with the DOT 5..... thanks for the heads up on Larry ! Steve
  11. Chris - that fender turned out excellent ! Your attention to detail will be rewarded at the end ! I understand where you are coming from with your comment about house and other car related task....I'm in he same boat, trying to put in some time on the SS project, but we have a lot of home updates going on ( siding garage, new deck, kitchen remodel etc...... ) but, it keeps me busy ! Looking forward to more of your updates ! Steve
  12. LOL....... I remember my Dad's close friend pulled into our driveway with a '73 Fury 440.....he was a NYS Trooper at the time.....I always like those cars !
  13. Thanks for the feedback....... I appreciate it ! Steve
  14. So the Master Cylinder has been rebuilt on my '69 Chevrolet, replaced the rear brake cylinders as well. I ordered a complete brake line system for the car, I'm at the point now trying to decide which type of fluid to use. I have two friends that have been restoring / repairing these classic cars for years and each has a different preference on fluid type. I'm only familiar with DOT3...but since it's a new system, I want to look at both types. Any suggestions are welcome. Steve
  15. I failed to mention that I had the original master cylinder rebuilt a few months ago and I just replaced the wheel cylinders ( the previous owner replaced the rear drum shoes and the front disk brakes) the wheel cylinders looked original - corroded and leaking fluid. The fluid was a rust color, so I hook up the brake bleed vacuum and I was unable to pull any fluid thru the line, so I'm guessing the lines are rusted as well. Any suggestions for brake line replacement ? Thanks
  16. I'm looking for someone / company that the membership would recommend in rebuilding my original Rochester Quadrajet 4 Barrel for my '69 Impala SS. I don't know if the carb was functioning prior to purchased since it was in a box with other miscellaneous parts from the car.... I believe it's complete, but I'm not an expert with carbs. Thanks
  17. Just an update..... went down to southern NJ and picked up my nos gas tank and the passenger door nos molding. This molding completed the entire set - been searching almost 5 years for this molding ! I have someone in mind that rebuilds the gas tank sending unit.... but still looking for someone to rebuild the carburetor ( Rochester Quadrajet 4 Barrel ) The carb was already off the car in a box when I purchased it, so I'm hoping that everything is there. If anyone can recommend someone / company, please let me know - Thanks ! Steve
  18. Very sorry to hear about Carl's passing......Condolences to his family. Steve
  19. Hi Ted....unfortunately I'll be working ( just had last week off for our 25th Wedding Anniversary ) but thanks for the invite ! Is this your first time to Saratoga ? Steve
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