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1908 Schacht Runabout

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I obtained this 1908 Schacht from the original owner's son about 12 years ago.  It was purchased by a doctor originally and used in his practice on the tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  Somewhere along the way, it lost its fenders!  I have replaced the tires since the photo was taken.




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Nice looking Schacht. We have a 1910 Schacht Model K. What are your plans for it? It would be a shame to restore it. Go through the mechanics and drive it. Thank you for posting. Bill Witmer

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Please do not restore that.    I don't think the fenders should be overwhelming to have fabricated. 


It is interesting to me there were still high wheelers as late as 1910.

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On 6/4/2023 at 5:12 PM, human-potato_hybrid said:

Amazing find. I would absolutely try to keep it as original as possible.


Have you taken it to the drag strip yet? Remember, you can't blow a solid rubber tire!

Actually you can. It was a major issue back in the days of early trucks and limited speed and payload. Essentially, the rubber - even though it’s solid, is displaced as the tire deforms under load and expands due to heat. The displaced rubber forms a wave (for lack of a better term)of displaced material and if that wave became too big the tire would blow out”. This lead to the development of “cushion” tires. These were still solid rubber but had holes and pockets formed in a variety of configurations to allow room for the displaced material and minimize the wave effect.


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