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  1. 1910 Schacht Model K. The most fun you will have at a shade under 20 miles per hour!
  2. Classic and Exotic services is now called Straight 8. Google straight8.com. The last I knew, they were still in business.
  3. Ed,Thank you for your reply. I talked to John some time ago,he said he didn’t have anything.
  4. Looking for original running boards,running board rubber mats and trim. Condition not important. Appreciate any help. Reply here or to wrwtobias@yahoo.com. Please use Pierce-Arrow in subject line.
  5. Contact: KM Lifestyle Mfg. 14 Clarendon Rd. Auburn,Ma. 01501.Their phone number is (508)792-9500. E-mail is kmlifestyle@hotmail.com. They rebuilt a sending unit for a 1932 Pierce-Arrow that we are working on. Nice job and fairly quick turnaround. Nice looking Oldsmobile.
  6. That is a beautiful Schacht. If memory serves, I think I made the friction disc pack for it many years ago. They are a lot of fun to drive.
  7. Contact: Peter Fawcett, Fawcett Motor Carriage Co. 106 Palmerston Ave. Whitney,Ontario,Canada L1N-3E5. Phone 905-668-4446 or 905-686-1412. Fax 905-668-3203. Email = office@fawcettmotors.com.
  8. I believe that is Art and Doris Twohy. There was a write up about him in the Horseless Carriage Gazette some time ago.
  9. For floats,try Otto Gas Engine works.What other parts do you need?
  10. The Schacht Model B Surry and Model R 2-cylinder engines are mounted longitudinal in the front of the car. The Schacht Model K 2-cylinder engine is mounted transverse in the rear of the car.
  11. The engine in our 1910 Schacht Model K looks very close .
  12. Try: Peter Fawcett, Fawcett Motor Carriage Co. 106 Palmerston Ave., Whiby, Ontario, Canada L1N-3E5 Phone: (905)668-4446 or (905)686-1412. Peter should be able to help you. Good luck with your search.
  13. Two places to try: www.fillingstation.com They supply parts for 1916-1964 Chevrolet cars & 1918-1987 trucks. Also: www.restorationspecialties.com . As stated previously, a picture if possible would help. Bill
  14. 61 polara, My mistake, the car is a 1972. Thanks again. Bill
  15. Wldavis, Thanks for your reply. As best I know, Dean was contacted. He is the President of the Charlotte region of the Plymouth owners club. 61polara, the car is a 1973 Plymouth Duster 340. Appreciate your help. Bill
  16. Spinneyhill, That was fast! Thank you very much.
  17. Thanks again. Any chance of posting a picture of the building as it exists today?
  18. 61 polara, Thank you for your reply. Do you have any contact with the salesman? Is there any chance he might have any items from the dealership?
  19. Looking for any information,pictures,advertising items,license plate frame,paper material etc. from Terry's Chrysler-Plymouth,4315 Independence Blvd.,Charlotte,North Carolina. Thought to be in business from mid 60s to mid 70s but not sure. Appreciate any help.
  20. Looking for side mount mirrors with Pierce-Arrow script, also shift knob with metal band. Appreciate any help. Reply here or to wrwtobias@yahoo.com Thank you.
  21. If you are interested,I have a very nice IHC high wheeler sales brochure. $125.00 includes shipping. Please reply to: wrwtobias@yahoo.com Thank you.
  22. Thanks for your reply. Engine is a 1910 Schacht 2 cylinder. I checked Comp Cams, nothing that would work.
  23. Looking for a sorce for bee-hive shaped valve springs. Any help appreciated.
  24. Nice find. I'am working on a 1910 Schacht Model K. I would be glad to help with any guestions you may have.
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