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  1. Two one ton wire wheels for the early 1928 Ford. One is much better than the other, and has the snap ring with it. $85.00 for the two. I can deliver them to Hershey.
  2. This is a very early bronze etching and it is titled "Back to Ancient Methods". It has an oak frame that certainly appears original. Price is $225.00.
  3. I have a complete set of Automobile Quarterly in very good condition. I would like $900 for the set. I can delivery to Hershey. SOLD
  4. These bronze gears and parts for the throttle and spark are from White Trucks. I believe them to be from the 1920's. Asking $45 for the lot, plus shipping. Zwhizzerman@aol.com
  5. What year was the first Hershey Fall Meet Souvenir License Plate issued? I have a 1993, but nothing earlier. I know that the Hershey Fall Meet Signs started in 1991. Thank you!
  6. Thanks CarFreak for the correction. Someone had told me that it was the Chocolate Field South.
  7. We had to leave fairly early Friday from the Chocolate Field. I was told that there was a meeting at 4:00 PM regarding the vendors in the Chocolate Field South. Can someone post what the meeting was about? Thanks!
  8. When was the first AACA Hershey Commemorative License Plate issued?
  9. Four different books for the Packard Truck - Two, Three and Five Ton, Models D, D and E, and Worm Drive. These books appear to be around 1915 or earlier. Asking $100.00 each.
  10. Thanks so much, Steve. I have located the oldest son of the restorer of my Model T and I will try to get more information as to the award that he has mentioned. He claims that he has some type of award from the Ford Motor Company, but has not yet located it in his parent's belongings. Thanks again for your time! Dean Zwicker
  11. Steve, thanks for your quick response! My 1925 Ford Model T was owned by John Mahon at the time that it was shown in 1964. Apparently it had won some type of award, as the owner's son has indicated that he had something from the Ford Motor Company that his father had received when the car was shown at Hershey. I do not know if the vehicle won an AACA award, or some type of special award.
  12. Is there a list of the winners of awards at the Hershey Fall meet dating back to 1964? I now own a Model T Ford that was driven from Cumberland, Rhode Island to Hershey in 1964, and I have been told that it had won a award that year.
  13. I am looking to complete my collection of the Hershey License Plates. I need all 1999 and older. Zwhizzerman@aol.com
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